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HappyYogiShop  This is the inspiration feed for @suburbangypsy's etsy shop! Feel good, crystal healing, chakra lovin goodies! use code SOLSTICE for 20% off✨❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✨

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YOU HAVE TO K E E P BREAKING YOUR HEART UNTIL IT OPENS-Rumi • • • • • • • • It can be challenging for me to feel my feelings, I’m prone to being emotionally numb in times of heartache- this behavior is a trick, it appears as strength on the surface. Through bodywork & yoga practice I’ve learned that emotions WILL manifest physically. This can show up in the form of anxiety, depression, body aches, discomfort, disease. Each of us harness the multifaceted power of self healing. We have the ability to identify the pain, explore where it came from and what it’s doing & then feel it until you can’t anymore. It isn’t a cure all, it’s a practice. Breath, movement, awareness, practice; relentless repetition. We cant expect that tomorrow will be easier or let the idea that yesterday was the easiest day we will ever have break us down...learning to navigate through life intentionally vs white knuckling the “steering wheel” is life.

Little Man!
#titomylove ❤️

Before the storm.
It sounds strange, but it’s hard to even remember the pictures or memories before October 10. .
Scrolling back before the damage and videos for family and insurance adjusters...there was just regular old life. And damn good girlfriends.
Promise I’ll get back to my table soon. Everything is just so messy right now. It’s hard to focus on making money when there’s so much life happening. ❤️ .
PLUS! We still don’t have WiFi so it’s very hard to restock the store on cellular ☹️☹️☹️
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Happy #Friday Everyone!
Don’t forget to chat with your little green friends this weekend! .
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Mini #gemstone #bracelets are coming soon to @happyyogishop on @etsy!! Link in bio!
What’s your favorite gemstone? Listed here from top to bottom is #jasper, #amethyst, #tigerseye, #amazonite, #watermelontourmaline, #turquoise, #pyrite and #carnelian! 🤩😍🤩

I think a turquoise & pyrite stack is gonna be my new jam! Fresh start, new beginning, energy protection and empath protection? Yassssss.

Succulent Color Inspiration from my garden 🌿 I always gravitate toward greens...matters of the heart. No surprise there 😉 Love and Gratitude are everything. ❤️

So excited to be featured in this beautiful photo shoot for @gypsylifewellness! She is a fellow yoga instructor, and amazing massage therapist and a mother too! Everybody say “heeeeey Rebecca!”
📸 by @chandlerandolivia

SOLD!!! ❤️❤️ I love mixing stones, finishes, textures, shapes...creating something with my hands that is totally unique and interesting in its own precise little details. ✨🙏🏻✨ swipe to see more! All 3 of these are for sale, message me for more info!

Hello Sunshine!
DAY 2: HIP OPENER POSE: I chose a laid-back #goddesspose for HYS!✨🙌🏼✨ Black, brown, blonde, red, long, short, curly straight or wavy! We all got it so let's flaunt it.
Whether yours makes you feel sultry, you hide behind it or even get tangled in it we want to see what your working with!
@stashscrunchie (in my hair!)
@happyyogishop (my bracelets!)
@radhabeauty (in my hair!)
@yogisurprise (jewelry & body oil!)
@omsoulshop (my top)
To play:
• Like and repost flyer, and tag friends to play
• Follow ALL hosts and sponsors
• Tag hosts in each pose
• Use #YogaHairAF in every post so we can find you! •It would be helpful to show what country you live in, as some prizes cannot ship to every country - if we know where you are, your chances of winning are GREATLY increased.
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