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Amber  "I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" Vincent Van Gogh. 🖤Bend, OR

The children played for hours while us mamas talked our hearts out.



Dream team

Our drive home from the lake was miserable. One minute they're all cheerful playing kindly, the next they're bickering, whining and disobedient. If only there was a switch us mamas could flip to get it all back into order, but there's not. It takes patience and wisdom and unwavering love. It's hard freaking work! I was at peace, enjoying my rest, thankful for the sound of the water lapping on the beach and the laughter and the fresh air and the beautiful sight of the mountains and blue sky and then, AND THEN!! It all went to poo. Someone wouldn't share and someone got hurt and then came the tears and it didn't end for a very long time... and my job is to do the best that I can for them... knowing when to let them work through the issue together, or when it's my turn to step in and help... but sometimes I just can't. Sometimes my efforts don't work. Praise God for the passing of time and the natural shifting of moods because I'm over here holding on for dear life when it feels like there's nothing I can do. And then... what was is over. Life is still good. This is normal. It's really hard. Being a mom is great!! Why didn't you warn me it'd be so exhausting? I adore my children! #jesustakethewheel #holdingonfordearlife

#lifeisgood hanging out here today

Leaving the Demolition Derby on a high. Happy Fathers Day Shawn, we all love you a ton!

Picking out the most perfect rock to throw into the stream.

With my Dad & Cheryl! Blue skies, sunshine and SNOW!

Cute boys in funny moods. Not unhappy but a little off. Talkative. Inquisitive. Hungry. Slightly cold. Tired. Torn between staying outside or going home. Wanting to be alone. Needing extra snuggles. Pictures can only ever express so much... this one would say a lot.

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