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ABEL & DANIQUE 🇳🇱  ♡ We’ve got a crush on the world ⟴We love to share our #adventures with you ❈ Travel & Nature #photography ✎ Happytravelspots@hotmail.com

“Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak 💙” We visited this peaceful lake and it was so dreamy 💭 We could watch this view for hours! What do you think about this place? #happytravelspots 📍Viareggio, Italy ✨

Here you see a silhouette of Lanzarote! From there we took the ferry (for only 25 minutes) to explore Fuertaventura 🛥☀️🌊✨ It was a fun trip and very special, because along the way we could enjoy the view of different islands such as Lanzarote, Fuertaventura and Isla de Lobos! 🏝 #happytravelspots 📍Canary Islands 💛

This Vatican’t be better 🤭 If you travel to Rome we recommend you to visit Vatican City one day. We went to the Vatican Museum and the St. Peter’s square 💫⛪️ #happytravelspots 📍Vatican City ❤️

The monument of Victor Emanuel II is an impressive building in Rome 💙 #happytravelspots 📍Rome, Italy 🇮🇹

We took this photo in Rome! 🗝There is beauty in simplicity, don’t you think? 🌟 #happytravelspots 📍Rome, Italy 🇮🇹

In the Eifel there is this cute little town called Monschau ✨ If you walk through the city you will pass an old but cozy center, a water stream, little shops and nice foodspots 💕You can also see these special half-timbered houses. What do you think of these houses? 🏠 #happytravelspots 📍Monschau, Germany 🇩🇪

Golden hour at the Charles Bridges! This was such a magical moment ✨ We recommend it to take a 500 meter walk on this charming bridge that was built in 1357 🙌 It still is the most important connection between the old city and the Prague castle! 🏰 #happytravelspots 📍Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

We loved to walk all day through the colorful streets of Malá Strana 💛💙💚🧡 #happytravelspots 📍Prague, Czech Republic 💫

What do you think of this unique architecture with green and gold details?! 💚💫 #happytravelspots 📍Prague, Czech Republic ❣️

From the Old Town Hall Tower (almost 70 meters high😲) we saw all the highlights of our trip from a higher perspective ✨ Like the cozy old town square, different impressive churches, parks, bridges and buildings 🙌
Tip: Especially with Christmas you’ll have a lovely view from here, because of the market and the huge Christmas tree 🎄❤️ #happytravelspots 📍Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

We are in love with Prague ❤️ Look at this charming view of the swans swimming in front of the Charles Bridge 🕊 What do you love the most about this city? #happytravelspots 📍Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

This is Trdelnik, a traditional delicacy from the Czech Republic 😍 It’s made of dough with sugar, cinnamon and nuts and it’s baked on hot coals 🔥 We had to try it, so we chose a variant filled with vanilla ice cream, brownies, salted caramel and a chocolate topping 🍦🍫Would you like to taste it?! SWIPE —> to see how the Trdelniks get prepared 🤤 #happytravelspots 📍Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

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