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Berene  Patterns & tutes on my blog: HappySewLucky.wordpress.com or HappySewLucky.com Please no reposting without consent. CRAFTSY shop: happysewlucky


My little #omqgandvmqgswap make for @spiritnoodle . (Tea and @heatherrossinsta are her faves.) #vmqg

The awesome Chucks mini by @ambermitchener next to my sparky new Chucks. ✨ #omqgandvmqgswap

My (most unusually tidy!) sewing corner with the super awesome Chucks mini that @ambermitchener made for me in the #omqgandvmqgswap. Lucky me! And it's in excellent company with my other swap wins from over the years, which weirdly all seem to match! Thank you Amber. 😘
#roundpegsquareholequilt above designed and made by @poppyprint. Converse pattern designed by #quietplaypatterns

Doodley tea party cookies for workshop today.

#GRACEtattoopattern sample done and I'm super happy with it. (Thanks @lugi5000 for the idea of a swan😘) Need to make a few tweaks... (The water lilies weren't as zen to piece as one would think. 😜) then to draw up the sections & write instructions for my lovely testers. I'm behind my monthly #tattooquilt deadline for this one. It'll most likely be available early June. Let me know if you'd like notification when it's up. .
#happysewlucky #LOVEhearttattoopattern #HOPEtattoopattern #FURYtattoopattern #COURAGEtattoopattern .
#foundationpaperpiecing #paperpiecing #swanquilt #textquilt #birdquilt #gracequilt #cottonandsteel #sprinklefabric

Next up in my #tattooquilt series is GRACE. It takes a special kind of inner strength & emotional discipline to be gracious and graceful. Especially when faced with adversity. It's not one of my strong points. But I can always aspire, right? We all need to keep on working on ourselves to be better human beings during our lifetime. #GRACEtattoopattern

Made my boy a cake since he's home from uni. Clearly I need to practice my Yodas! 😬

Years ago when the kids were little we made a trip to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs. We spent a night camping in a teepee at Head-smashed-in Buffalo Jump. It was such a special night sitting by the fire, listening to the elders stories and staring at the stars. That Alberta sky so vast and beautiful, crept into my heart. This block is from @duringquiettime's #intentionalpiecingbook. I bought it just to make this block so that I could remember that awesome night. 💙

Some people are scared of FURY, and think of it as negative. And of course, at times this is valid. However FURY is an essential emotion - it is FURY that puts fire in our hearts when we feel a sense of injustice. And it’s FURY that, when channelled positively, makes us step out of complacency and calls us into action to right that injustice. Heavy stuff, I know. But nevertheless I felt it had an important place in this #tattooquilt series. it brings out the fight in us. It makes us stand up for what is right. And that is a good thing!! Let's embrace our inner FURY. Let's use it positively to get to work. There is lots to be done!
#FURYtattoopattern is available in both my Etsy & Craftsy stores. (Link in profile)
Shout out to my truly awesome testers: @wendybzquilting @chloe_iris @lugi5000 @jaxco @notqnot @shirlgirl55 😘 Thanks ladies! Check out their versions.
See other blocks in the series here:
#lovehearttattoopattern #hopetattoopattern #couragetattoopattern #happysewlucky #happysewluckyshop #putalittlefireinyourheart

I made this fun bag for @fabricspark's booth at #creativfestival2017 this weekend. It's made with these fab linen panels by @eloiserenouf & @cloud9fabrics Such a quick and satisfying project. I lined the inside with a yellow solid. 💛 And a added a bit of extra texture with some random stitchery a la my mama's style. It makes for quite a long bag but perfect for yoga gear. Awesome Japanese handles also available at FabricSpark. 👌🏼Swipe to see stitchy details and the other panel on the reverse side.

New silver #Chucks. ✨🖤

Come and play with me and hone your paper piecing skills. Reserve your spot at @fabricspark or @countryclothesline to make this #LoveHeartTattooPattern block. .
Check out all the other blocks so far here: #tattooquilt #happysewlucky #foundationpaperpiecing #paperpiecing

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