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Barb Omberg  I am here to share my happy home and beautiful life. I am also a shop owner and love to create. DM for collaborations.

If you’ve seen my stories lately you know I’ve been busy with lots of personal and family challenges so I have little time or energy to post pretty photos. But with talented friends and customers like Bethany @blessedonbluefinch I’m not even going to attempt a scene as pretty as this !!! So I hope y’all can be content with seeing some inspiration on my feed that isn’t from my own home ! I do have a cute porch makeover to share but I’ll be darned if I can get a decent outdoor photo 🤨 any pointers ? The Sun is always at my back when I try take a pic 😂 a photographer I am not. Oh well it’s Friday and I may make it my goal to try get a porch photo taken this weekend. And clean my house, and work on orders, and feed my family............. so many things. Those cute garlands can be found in my shop and I would love to add you to the list of orders waiting to be made ! Happy Friday and have a great weekend !

Happy Saturday !!! Thanking and praising God for all life’s blessings today. So happy our little town is safe after the oil refinery explosion and subsequent fires that followed. It was a scary time. I promise my kitchen isn’t yellow 😂 but it sure takes on a yellow hue 🙄 (I call it rental beige) oh well I vow to remain cheerful and grateful today ! Have a great weekend friends ! #farmhousestyle #copper #bloom #plant #grow #boxwood #cottage #cottagestyle

I have been working on this area since I received these This Is Is words from Niki @carpenterfarmhouse from a sweet giveaway she held. I can’t thank you enough Niki, and I sure hope you’re all following this sweet, talented and genuine gal ! She is the best and I’m proud to be her Instagram buddy ! Of course the gift of these three little words prompted a whole domino affect to this wall 😂 but it needed a change anyway after remaining the same for 3 1/2 years. I’m loving the change 🙌 headed out for a walk as Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday ! #farmhousestyle #farmhousechic #farmhousevibes #thisisus #spring #springdecor #springdecorating #springishere

Lots of my product in two gorgeous photos from my sweet friend Bethany @blessedonbluefinch be sure to swipe left to see it all. Girl is mega talented !!! Be sure to follow her too ! We have Spring in Wisconsin today so I am off to enjoy the Sun and warm temps ! This Sun is melting that 14 inches of snow we got this past weekend. Hope it’s beautiful where were you are. Head to my shop (easy direct link in profile). Please use coupon code SPRING20 to save 20 % off everything in my shop ! Coupon code is good through the weekend. #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #handmade #handmadeisbetter #shop #save #spring #couponcode

Soooooooo we are in the midst of some of the worst Spring weather I have ever seen !!! The winds are howling, it’s cold and we are expecting snow ! I just have to ignore all that is going on outside and stay cozy inside with beautiful photos like these. I’ll just pretend for awhile mkay ? I felt like it was the perfect day to share my friend Bonnie’s @simple_and_lovely beautiful Spring decor !! Not only is Bonnie’s room gorgeous but she has been visiting some beautiful botanical gardens (See her stories) Bonnie is the sweetest friend and I would say this room passes as #swoonworthy #swoonworthysaturday and can I please just be where she is right now ? Please ??? If you’re in the mood for some shopping today head to my feed where you can purchase that neutral ticking garland shown top right. I just love how she layers it with different banners for the Seasons ! Head to her page and give a follow won’t you ? #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #garland #spring #decor #springdecor #whereisspring

So I fully intended to share for #whyiadoreyouwednesday and the day got away from me !! Today is equally busy as I prepare for the Market tonight but I had to share these two beautiful spaces from my sweetest friend Donna @gramsfarmhouse The other day when I shared another friend I talked about distinctive decorating styles and how we can spot someone in our feed and know who it is immediately. Well my talented friend Donna is the same way. Such a beautiful and distinct style. As much as I love black and white decor and use it in my home I just can never quite pull it off quite like Donna does. And I just adore her for so many other reasons. Be sure and swipe left to see both spaces !!! Give her a follow !!! You won’t regret it ! Also did you know I can do any color Pom Pom garland you would like ? Just let me know. Donna had this black and white one made and it’s a cutie !! See you at the Market tonight ! #blackandwhite #blackandwhitedecor #decor #homedecor #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #market #farmhousemarket #igmarket

When you wake up in the morning and log into Insta and this is the first photo in your feed 🙌 We can usually tell who’s photo we are looking at before we see the name because we each have our own individual style on here. As much as we love to follow trends and styles we are each so unique which makes it all so much better. Yes, you guessed it. This is my friend Bethany’s @blessedonbluefinch gorgeous bedroom ! And talk about a perfect style.....this gal has it nailed. Head to her feed and stories and give a follow so you can see every detail of her kitchen makeover. You should see what she’s up to !!! Word has it that THE Joanna Gaines sent Bethany her very own Magnolia paint ! I am star struck. ✨ Jo doesn’t even know I’m alive 😂and well I sent Bethany this Pom Pom garland so I am practically related to Jo right ? Anywho check Bethany out and head to my shop for your very own Pom Pom garland. Use code SPRING20 at checkout to save 20% off your entire purchase. Easy direct link in my profile. #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomgoals #pompom #pompomgarland #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsydiscount #couponcode

When I saw that Erin @cottonstem was having a creep that was called #cottonstemheartsgreenery I got a little more excited than I should have ! And to find her cohosts were Julie @julie.thedesigntwins and Jodie @jodie.thedesigntwins I got even more geeked out and knew I had to play along ! I am so looking forward to creeping that hashtag all day today. Well, when I think of who does greenery best on Instagram I knew I could find something amazing to share over at my friend Jenn’s feed @downshilohroad I know you all know Jenn right ? Oh and every gal mentioned here needs to be followed. Feast your eyes on all this amazing greenery in my friends decor. Be sure and swipe so you don’t miss a thing and head to Jenn’s feed to see more. And be sure to check out the hashtag today and play along if you get a chance ! I am ready for all the greenery 🙌

Wishing this was my cozy bedroom this morning ! I always threaten Anne and Anna @shabbyandsewmuchmor that I’m going to come visit and stay in this guest bedroom but what they don’t know is I may never leave 😂 isn’t it just gorgeous ? Spend some time this morning while drinking your coffee and browse their feed. So much pretty !!! And sweet ? As sweet as they come. Can you believe Easter is a week away ? I can’t and hopefully Spring like weather will come with it. We can hope right? Well I’m wishing I had a lazy Sunday but I have to finish the cleaning I didn’t finish yesterday. But once that’s done it’s on ! Nothing but relaxing. Pom Pom garland and other sweet goodies in my shop. Easy direct link in my profile. #cozy #spring #springvibes #pink #bedroom ☕️#bedroomdecor #springdecor #pompom #pompomgarland #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller

Do y’all know my gal Bethany @blessedonbluefinch Well of course you do ! Duh ! But if not, you have got to check this sweet and talented gal out !!! Be careful if you don’t have a lot of time. You may get caught up in her feed for a couple hours. But I can think of worse ways to spend my time !!! Every photo, every post more beautiful than the last (if that’s possible) Bethany just works magic styling every corner of her gorgeous home. Be sure and hit that Follow button. I have a semi chill day going. Going to visit my elderly Mother and then headed shopping for a few supplies and make some returns. Hopefully a few items will miraculously jump into my cart. And maybe, just maybe I can hit a couple thrift shops as well ! Have a great Friday whatever you are doing. We made it folks !!! Oh and that garland hanging from Bethany’s shelf can be found in my Etsy shop (easy link in profile) or just DM me if you’d like one. #etsy #etsyshop #garland #spring #springdecor #followfriday #onetofollow #mustfollow #followmyfriend #supportsmallbusiness #supporteachother

Sunday morning post brought to you by my sweet and talented friend Donna @gramsfarmhouse This girl keeps amazing me every day with her posts ! She is the best at sharing my product that she has in her home too ! She has (I think) three Pom Pom garlands and a buffalo plaid garland. Check her and her gorgeous feed today while you’re getting used to this time change thing. A great day for browsing Insta and Etsy. Easy direct link to my shop in my profile. I had hoped to share some of my daughters home but it’s lightly snowing today and pretty dark out. But it’s sure pretty. I’ll try share some of her gorgeous home in my stories. I’m on granddog duty this weekend and next. My grandson is at a State basketball tourney this weekend and I got doggie duty. She’s the cutest too. Have a great Sunday everyone and just think. We all get to go to bed an hour earlier tonight. That’s how I’m choosing to look at it. Enjoy and have that extra cup of coffee !

Happy Friday everyone !!! Switched up my hutch to Spring and Easter and couldn’t be happier with it. We had lots of snow the past week but our temps are finally warming up around here. And by warm I mean mid 30’s 😂 that’s warm for us this time of year. We’ll get Spring around mid-May if we’re lucky. And if we’re really lucky maybe mid-April ? I live here because it’s where my people are I guess 😘 I hope the weather is great wherever you are ! I love hearing about what the weather is doing for you all. I hear the East is having a nor’easter. I love sitting and reading books about the east coast and the people hunkering down during the storm. They’re some of my favorite novels. Let me know in the comments what’s happening where you live. And when does Spring arrive for you ? I’ve been seeing some green grass in some of your posts. And I have to admit it makes me so envious !

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