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FRANCESCA👸MARLEY & COCO 🐶🐶  🙌PMA advocate 🕉buddhist 🌍wanderluster 🐕crazy dog lady 💖#SelfLoveQuest 🍽slimming worlder 🎯23lbs to go 🏡notts, UK

to quote the beach boys, "wouldnt it be nice?" ...thoughts with all of those in the world affected negatively by and consumed with hatred. one day i hope to wake up and there not be terrorism, racism, homophobia, sexism, fascism, and everything else which divides us 💔

RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE! ive moved my 2 week china trip from november to march so ive got some annual leave to play with 😁🙆 looking for places with tonnes of culture, history, art... where you can go for a weekend or a few days, not ridiculously expensive, not the usual tourist spots (as ive been to them all!)... helpppppp 😊❤🌍

23lbs til target and 19 weeks til christmas. i can definitely start 2018 as a totally new woman, 5 stone lighter. heres to staying motivated for the rest of the year and proving to myself i can do it. this year has been SO challenging but definitely the best of my life. 2016 was the year everything fell apart... 2017 is the year i pulled it all back together again. its probably too early to say it but i cant wait to see what 2018 has in store... for all of us 🙆❤

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