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“1. Work-life balance is the key to happiness. 2. If you need help, ask.” -Kamali, med student (yr. 4) | #happydoctors 😀

“I always wanted to do residency in the U.S. and so I took the foreign medical graduate path to get in the system! Outside of the operating room, I love traveling, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends. Given the exhausting schedule of plastic surgery training, it is really important to have balance in your life, and make sure that you do things that give you joy outside of the hospital as well in order for a healthier mental state. Work hard, but make sure that you enjoy your life too! Self care is vitally important in these days of physician burnout! So take care, have fun, work hard and feel free to reach out with any questions.” -Dr. Ash Soni, plastic & reconstructive surgery chief resident | #happydoctors 😀

“Love this group of people! Thanks to social media, I have found like-minded individuals who inspire and remind me to keep wanting and working for more. Within this picture alone you see medical students and doctors—but I see journalists, PR experts, world travelers, influencers athletes, a new dad, and the warmest, funnest bunch of healthcare professionals in NYC.” -Dr. Nabeela Patail, internal medicine doctor | #happydoctors 😀

“Being a med student is very stressful, and I see a lot of fellow students break down before an exam. I’m not gonna lie—I have as well. But recently, I’ve started to think more about the big picture and life itself. Studying is in my life, it’s not my life. It’s important to find a balance. Talk to your med school friends about the stress your experiencing, but also do something fun! Don’t just talk about it, do something fun! Remember, studying is important, but it’s not the most important thing in life! The most important thing in life is being happy, and you need to find what that is. For me, it’s my family, friends and boyfriend.” -Amanda, med student (yr. 3), Sweden | #happydoctors 😀

“I always had passion for art and design, that’s why I went with facial plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is my favourite operation because every case is new adventure.” -Dr. Mehmet Nurettin, ENT resident, Turkey | #happydoctors 😀

“Helping people get back on their feet and start walking again pain free is the most rewarding feeling to me as a podiatric surgeon, and why I decided to go into this specialty. It makes me truly feel as though I’m making a difference and that makes it all worth it!” -Dr. Neda Mehmandoost, podiatric surgeon | #happydoctors 😀

“17 years of higher level education and training—4 year college, 4 years med school, 1 year research, 6 years plastic surgery training—and the day has finally come. Dr. Kriti Mohan (@drkritimohan) is officially a plastic surgeon! Couldn’t be more proud of this incredible woman! As a plastic surgery resident myself, it’s been so inspiring to see such a gifted surgeon excel at what she does. She’s been a true role model to me.” -Dr. Edward Chamata, plastic surgery resident | #happydoctors 😀

“If you can’t take care your of your own body and mind, you cannot take care of someone else’s—at least not for long before burnout and fatigue set in. I invest in my own physical and mental health through exercise, a healthy diet, and by spending time with loved ones. I try to avoid time-sucking activities and to use my time efficiently. I keep spectator sports to a minimum and would opt to work out. I do love watching F1 racing but the races are only once every other week. I also have something of an obsession with Brazilian Jui Jitsui which keeps my body in shape and mind stimulated.” -Dr. Todd Hanna, oral & maxillofacial surgeon, head & neck oncologic surgeon | #happydoctors 😀

“I have waited a long time to go to medical school. I was finally accepted and was going to start school in September 2017 in St. Maarten. I was all set to have my first day of the rest of my life and having my white coat ceremony, but instead, Hurricane Irma hit and I didn't even have formal orientation. Through it all, I had the most amazing and life changing experience and orientation to medical school. People go into medicine because they want to help people. I was a part of an amazing medical team of fellow medical students, physicians and faculty that created a clinic in the simulation lab that successfully treated over 100 patients. It was not the classic start to medical school I had dreamed about, but I am better because of it.” -Rachel, med student (yr. 2) | #happydoctors 😀

“It’s been a life changing journey to go from a young pre-med student at UCLA in 1995 to a general surgeon and wound care specialist today. I remember the days of shadowing physicians as an undergrad wondering what it would be like to be a physician. Fast forward 12 years, together with a team of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, we have built Skilled Wound Care surgery practice to help the underserved population of wound care patients in nursing homes. We have helped thousands of patients and continue to expand our reach to improve as many lives as possible using innovative practices to get the best outcomes for our patients and stakeholders. To those of you out there as a pre-med, med student or starting a practice, never give up on your journey as it only gets better.” -Dr. Bardia Anvar, general surgeon | #happydoctors 😀

“In terms of life management, no one has the right recipe. But for me, I know now that friends and family, and personal wellness are so important. I’m definitely a ‘type A’ personality, and I say yes to everything! But these days I try really really hard to say no when I’ve reached my limit. I manage stress not only with yoga, running and physical activity, but by seeing the world, and spending as much time as I can with loved ones! It’s so important to open up the conversation about wellness and self-awareness in the healthcare field. This world can really suck you in and drive you crazy if you don’t let it out!” -Ada, med student (yr. 4) | #happydoctors 😀

“‘He who has a why to live can endure almost any how.’ ... At the beginning of medical school I was diagnosed with stage IIA testicular cancer. I underwent two surgeries and am now in remission. I feel so privileged to have gone through this experience as a medical student as I’ve learned so much about myself and the patient experience. Balancing my life as a medical student and patient allowed me to constantly shift between these roles and view both from each perspective. I was often asked if I wanted to take leave from school until I was healed, but I realized pursuing my goal of becoming a physician gave me the purpose to endure any setback I faced. I realized that in large part we are not aware of our own resilience until we need it.” -Ian, med student (yr. 2) | #happydoctors 😀

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