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“It is brilliant to have someone to share the journey of medical school with. We met at school and have been together almost 10 years, we even got married a few weeks ago. We both knew from being 16 that medicine was in our futures and although we took different paths to get there the most important bit has been the support we have been able to give each other along the way. Our most recent adventure has been starting our own online store @medicolifestyle. We hand select and design beautiful products that all medical professionals will love. They are perfect as gifts for a loved one, valued colleague or a treat for yourself.” -Emily, med student, U.K. | #happydoctors 😀

“I went into Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation because I wanted to be on the side of medicine that most people don’t see. When I was a medical student I was on my Internal medicine rotation and always wondered what happened when patients were sent to ‘rehab’ or nursing homes. What I never saw in residency was Pelvic Rehab. There are only a handful of physiatrists who specializes in the pelvis which is why it’s so important more doctors know about it! As you can imagine this field is incredibly rewarding but can be consuming, so I make sure to practice what I preach. I work out regularly (3-4x per week) including yoga, as well as take regular baths when I am stressed out, and spend time with my kids and husband. We also try to vacation once or twice a year as a family to explore other parts of the world and truly decompress from the fast paced life of NYC!” -Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed, physical/rehabilitation medicine, pelvic pain | #happydoctors 😀

“With anything you want in life, it’s important to push yourself past what you think you’re capable of. You have to find the fears that limit you from doing what you want to do, and beat them. There is always a limit, find your limits, push your limits. This is how you practice to become who you are destined to be. Show up for yourself, and it’s okay if you haven’t reached your destination. You’re on your path, forever learning, forever breaking boundaries, forever practicing.” -Topher, med student, Cape Town | #happydoctors 😀

“I love the variability and complexity of the patients I see, that’s what I love the most about my specialty. I also love always being a student and seeing right before my eyes the advancements in medical therapy and technology. Oh and also being able to play video games (doing endoscopies) on almost a daily basis. Work-life balance: I spend a lot of time with family, they ground me and help me relax. I love exploring new towns and places with my husband. My friends also play a huge role especially since most of them are not in medicine so I really get to escape work for a little.” -Dr. Kristina Katz, gastroenterology fellow | #happydoctors 😀

“Since I was 8 years old, my father told me, ‘You gonna be the manager of Qasr Al-Ainy hospital.’ It’s the biggest hospital in my country; I don’t know if he meant it. I’m now at the end of my house-officers rotations at the same hospital. I wanna tell my father that you should be proud of your son because he is one of the best house-officers in town. May your soul rest in peace, father.” -Dr. Ehab Toutou, house officer (resident), Egypt | #happydoctors 😀

“I shadowed one surgeon in particular who was so enthusiastic in what he did and was eager to teach me all about what he was doing in the OR—he was a podiatric physician and surgeon. I admired his work ethic, intelligence, enthusiasm, and knew that was the kind of physician I aspired to be one day. I started to shadow within this field and realized how much you can impact someone’s quality of everyday living and build longterm relationships with patients. From preparing fractures, treating people with diabetes to wound care, being a part of this field allows you to be well rounded and involved in many different aspects of surgical and clinical medicine. Until then, I am a podiatric medical student who loves to listen to music, draw, read and play sports in my free time to relieve everyday stress. Having a balance can be challenging, but I’ve learned to prioritize loved ones, cherish free time and remembering why this journey all began in the first place.” -Alex, med student (yr. 2) | #happydoctors 😀

“Since I was a child, I knew that be a doctor was my biggest dream, my only option. I’m Belgian, so I started my medical studies in Belgium but fallen two times, which means that I hadn’t the possibility to pass in superior class. So, I had two choices: be another one in another job, or continue to try to be the doctor I always wanted to be despite everything. This is why I started studying medicine in Romania since last year. And fortunately for me after these hard nights without sleeping, I succeeded all my exams. Actually, I’m in my second year and I know that if I really want something, and if I focus on this idea, there isn’t excuses to fall! Everything can be possible. Never give up, believe in yourself and live your best life.” -Suleyman, med student (yr. 2), Belgium | #happydoctors 😀

“We met on the plastic surgery residency interview trail as fourth year medical students. After a couple of nervous mornings in different cities around the U.S., somewhere between the stale bagels and anxious small talk, his smile began to comfort me. We kept in touch after interviews were over and decided spontaneously to spend our vacation time at the end of fourth year traveling to Japan and Thailand together. It’s funny how quickly you can befriend someone with the same passions as you. Although we didn’t end up at the same program, we will be Plastic Surgery colleagues for life and more importantly, friends forever.” -Dr. Abby Threet, plastic surgery intern | #happydoctors 😀

“If you can take away one thing from this excerpt, please take this: patients will not be concerned with how much you know, until they see how much you care. I always thought it was my academic accomplishments that would get me through all of my professional hurdles. To a certain extent it has, but in reality its the simple things; such as the warmth of a smile, or displaying compassion that will separate you from your peers.” -Dr. Mohammad Rimawi, foot and ankle surgeon | #happydoctors 😀

“I was originally trained as a family physician but was growing frustrated about treating obesity-related conditions like diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problems daily without actually treating the condition of obesity itself. Because family doctors don’t typically counsel their patients about how to keep weight off – I was literally told It wasn’t in my job description to talk about nutrition! – I decided that wasn’t enough to stop me. So I chose to focus my area of practice on lifestyle medicine using psychotherapy and medical management of those with weight struggle. It’s been extremely rewarding work. Being a weight management doctor is not about throwing a diet at someone; rather it should be about focusing in helping patients achieve a sustainable lifestyle with areas beyond the scale like their mood, energy, sleep, etc.” -Dr. Sandy Van, weight management, family physician, Canada | #happydoctors 😀

“Growing up in Taiwan, I encountered many people who lacked access to foot and ankle treatment. Despite being one of the few countries in the world with universal healthcare, very few doctors were able to treat patients who suffered from lower extremity pathologies. My goal is to one day give back to my community by serving in a field that is under appreciated and underrepresented by becoming a Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeon. Though the road that a medical student takes is filled with many bumps and hurdles, the finish line is what drives me to keep pushing forward, knowing that I am within reach of fulfilling my dream.” - Andrew, med student (yr. 2) | #happydoctors 😀

“1. Work-life balance is the key to happiness. 2. If you need help, ask.” -Kamali, med student (yr. 4) | #happydoctors 😀

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