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Dear @maddiedrewly you just can not imagine how your comment touches me. To say the truth, I just did the buzzcut like this because I felt I wanted to do so. I did not had any purpose. It was just for fun and to try because my hair were already short enough so I said to myself, why not !?! Could be fun to do it, and it wont last forever anyway ! :)
When I did, I was feeling okey, but not feeling completly «WOUAHOU 😍» with it. A few days passed, I was feeling more and more confident but still. Was missing a little piece of «something» to completly be 100% agreed with what I did.
And then, you wrote your comment.
How to explain ?
You touched me so deeply. You, and your sister. I really hope she ll be well. I wish you were living close to visit you to do makeup or styling with her.
Anyway, mostly because of you, your sister, and other little girl that it could help (even though I never tought it could help anybody) I will definitly keep the buzzcut for a longer time that I tought I was going to.
I am planning to buy wing soon, because I love to play with colors and to do different things. Your sister could also do.that ?

Anyway, @maddiedrewly thank you a lot to have touched me for something so deep, and to make me feel a tiny tiny tiny bit helpfull for at least, one little girl somewhere.
Thank you ✨❤✨
I wish from the bottom of my heart that she ll get well soon. And I ll think a lot of you.

Take care
Delphine ✨❤🌺💫🙏🐦☀

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