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HappyDAYA  Cute hand drawn girl + food + icons planner stickers ♥Ship worldwide from BKK ✈️ ❤️ Use code INSTAGRAM10 for 10% off (When items total $12.50)

New releases are up on both our Shopify website and Etsy shop 😊. However, please note that the Black Friday sale will be held on our website only (www.happydaya.com).
You can find the new releases on "new items" and "request sticker" page. ❤️
Thank you so much for requesting the stickers. I really had fun drawing them and I hope that you"ll like the stickers too 😆. I will try to draw more and releases on Nov 22 🤓. .
Have a nice day! 😊

These are the print out I use to test print the sticker size and colours ☺️ They're going to be released on Sunday! Once I get all the listings done, I will continue on the requested stickers 😆.

Hello! I apologised for the posting late 😔 I was supposed to post this yesterday but things weren't according to plan.
Anyway! We are going to have Black Friday sale!! 30% off😱!! The freebies are all newly designed in special Black Friday theme colour 😆
Sale duration: Sale starts on November 23, 9am EST until November 26, 11:59pm EST
Here are the condition:
🌞 Every order = gets a Happy Fairy sticker
🌞 Purchase 3 sticker sheets = A sampler sheet
🌞 Spend $20 usd* = A silver foiled sticker
🌞 Spend $35* = A house chores sticker sheet (black sheet)
🌞 Spend $50* = Work/study sticker sheet (pink sheet)
🌞 Spend $65* = Fashion sticker sheet (green sheet)
After spending $35 usd. Every $15 you spend, you will get a freebie! The maximum freebie stops at $155 usd.
For U.S.A. customers:
Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping season and the package have high chance of taking longer to arrived. Therefore, I highly recommended purchasing "USPS 7-10 days" shipping service (Only available when you spend at least $30). The shipping cost is $10 usd and has a tracking service. Even though 7-10 days meaning that the package will arrived in U.S.A. within 7-10 days. This hasn't included the time USPS will deliver the goods to your place. I still believe that it will be faster than usual $4.50 usd. You will get to choose 2 extra sticker sheets as well (Therefore, please remember to write down 😆).
The sale will be held on our Shopify website only 😊
❤️ New releases are comimg on NOV 11!❤️

Our shop calendar this month! 😆 We are working hard to list request stickers for the sale as many as possible 😵

Our mascots next to Maru 😂 Happymail from @paperandmilk ❤️❤️❤️ I love everything from her shop ☺️ I really like the Halloween stickers and couldnt believe it arrived 1 day before the Halloween 😱!

Our mascots' first job investigating our happymail from @mumistickers ❤️❤️ Thank you so much Pim! Your stickers are so cute and amazing 😊 I love the Mumi toast coz it's cute and toast and coffee are what I eat for breakfast every day ☺️

Thank you so much Mabel @mabelstory for 😢 making figures of our mascots!!! Look!! They are soo cute right!!?!?! 😆😆😆😆 From now on you gonna see them every where when I take photos 😂
Her crafts are amazing!! They look exactly like the drawings ❤️❤️❤️

I was hoping to get cute ceramics from house & garden fair. But what i bought was a chopping board 😅.

Thank you so much guys! I will do my best to draw them 😊 I will start going through the list now ❤️❤️❤️

Please remember 1 person per 1 request!
- 30 people on IG
- 20 people on FB group
You can request food, pet, icons, characters, scripts .... Except kit 😊
I'm so exciting to see what I get to draw 😘

I can't wait for the request sticker tomorrow 😊❤️❤️ 9am EST!

Thank you so much everyone for supporting our shop during @ultimateplannersale and after party ❤️ We are trying our best to ship orders as soon as possible ☺️
If you have any problems with your order. Please dont hesitate to contact us! We really hope you will enjoy our Christmas sticker freebies 😊😊😊
Have a wonderful day!!

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