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Marti  🌈color🦄happiness😸mexico🌶 My abstract work on Instagram: @martimcginnis

Fanciful, colorful burros adorn this high quality soft eco-jersey wrap skirt. Details here: http://www.happyart.com/product/joyful-burros-on-black-wrap-skirt-or-shawl/

Hand painting a vestment for a reverend. I snapped a photo on my iPad then sketched the idea on the image. Now I’m making it real on the fine linen. #ilovebeinganartist

Just finished these for a #quinceañera. (Big party for a girl turning 15)

Prepping some new panels. Sure wish I could pet Luna right now, lol. #whitedog #studiofun

#spirithorse detail from latest piece in finishing this weekend!

Finishing up maybe my favorite painting ever! Here’s a sneak peek. 😃🐕❤️ #doggosmile #ilovemakingart

Sending out more paintings! Yep, I ship internationally at no charge!! What’s for sale? http://martimcginnis.com/available #charmedsurrealism #happyart #artfrommexico

In the chaos of ordinary life it can be easy to fall victim to the noise. To be unable to find balance. To become lost. In thought. In coping.
And in this loss motivation disappeared. Joy dissolves. Equilibrium is jeopardized. Becoming ungrounded can lead to drifting. Up and away or down, down, down.
And so it is good to find or create a reliable support that can help you avoid the worst of it and stay buoyant in your life.
As creatures that represent the mythic if real life, horses serve an important role in helping those who might be lost stay grounded. As earthly beings who maintain life by consuming grass that grows straight up from the surface, horses know stability. As beings of great speed and impulse they are as close to birds as one can be without wings.
#staygrounded #horsessetusfree #blackhorse #epona

She must learn to live with the big black dog.
The demanding canine that teaches her to understand —in ways she otherwise knows she would not be able to grasp— the darkest pains life has to offer.
But it is knowing if these that allows her to be a more compassionate soul.
It is knowing of these that helps her know how to recognize happiness.
It is understanding the dark dog that gives her the right to tame the winged horse. The horse who carries her high up into the heavens beyond earth’s suffering. The Pegasus of her creativity and brightest dreams.
And with these as her tools she shares what she knows about how to quell the darkness and hold on to the light.
#pegasus #blackdog #creatinghappiness
Godspeed #katespade #anthonybourdain #robinwilliams

#palomino joy inspired by a trip to the @canadavirgen ranch.

Bought a leather bag while I was in Italy and added a bit of whimsy to it to make it mine. #italianleatherbag #firenzebag #blackhorse

Pony in the Tuscan sun. Concept for sculpture. Inspired by the Jardin de Tarrochi in #Capalbio, Italy. #nikkidesantphalle

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