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Cheers to the weekend and to these beautiful woman who I'm lucky enough to call my friends 🥂 (PS it's kombucha guys 😉)
📸 @jennifertakesphotos ❤️

It’s funny, when I think about it, I feel like nothing’s changed, because everything’s evolved slowly, organically and gradually. but when I take a step back & think about where I was 8 months ago, I realize my whole worlds been flipped on its axis and reversed it’s spin. I made a video explaining it all (link in my bio) & just updating you all on my life, but for those of you who don’t have the time here’s a quick little synopsis.
-my adrenal fatigue has improved.
-Ive gained weight and my hormones have balanced out.
-my diet and approach to food is that I’m vegan and that’s enough labels for me :)
-I have energy to go for walks at times & some days even fun classes like boxing or BJJ
-I host community event’s around building authentic honest community at @juicetruck called @sundaysoulvice
-I moved out into a studio apartment
-I started a podcast called "A Beautiful Mess"
-I do some paid work on my Instagram with companies I love & respect, which helps pay rent :)
-I started working as the event/community organizer at @juicetruck -I’m almost done writing my book “A Beautiful Mess”
-I’m on the founding board of a Green Tech Non profit
-I’m back at school for the summer studying part time in a course called Ethical Leadership
-I feel much more grounded and rooted in my sense of self and spirituality.
-and… I have such a loving community of people and friends here who value and love me for who I am not what I do and what I look like. And It’s not that I didn’t have friends like that before, its just that before I wasn’t In the right place mentally to appreciate MYSELF for who I was and so I just projected my own insecurities onto them and thought that was how they perceived me too. But now I know my own worth, I know its not in what I can see and touch, but how I can feel and make others feel. Thank you to everyone here in Vancouver who’s inspired me, helped me, guided me, accepted me, and brought me into their community. I am truly so grateful. So many of you have helped me get to where I am here and most of you probably don’t even know how instrumental you were, but regardless, I want to thank you all.
📸 @jennifertakesphotos

Vegan margherita pizza from @virtuous_pie jazzed up with some veggie clusters from @hippiesnacksorganic for texture 😍. I'm someone who loves crunchy textures, that's why I love cereal, granola, chocolate covered nuts etc so much hehe. // PS editing a life update video at the moment, a lot has changed in my life and I'm excited to share it with you all. 🤗❤️ #sponsored #supportlocal

Sooo about 2 months ago I moved out into a new apartment studio and I finally uploaded an apartment tour video on my channel! Link in bio 💜 ever since moving out I've felt more grounded, independent, and empowered. Have also learnt a lot about adulting ahhah. // PS getting vegan pizza delivered to your place and eating in bed is truly one of the joys of life ahha.

Chocolate macadamia nut banana bread toast for my mammas birthday! Topped each slice with coconut yogurt from @so_delicious that I jazzed up with some superfood powders.
Pink= coconut yogurt & beet powder
Blue = coconut yogurt & blue majik
Yellow = coconut yogurt & turmeric powder
Green = coconut yogurt & spirulina
Black = coconut yogurt &r activated charcoal
White = coconut yogurt!
Other toppings include: cacao nibs, fruit, coconut, and SPRINKLES 🍬🔮💝🤗 hope you all had a delicious Monday xx

Yesterday I slept in, Made hot chocolate in 25 degree weather cuz why not. Spilt ketchup from my veggie dog down my shirt and got relish in my bra, missed two busses, forgot to pay my water bill so showered at a public pool using hand soap (legit true story, I apparently can't adult), laughed until I cried, cried until I laughed, told my dad I loved him, had the best ice cream sundae of my life, tried to eat some vegetables, became friends with a stranger standing outside the super hip record store by my apartment, spent a solids 45 mins playing with a fidget spinner, ate a banana bread birthday cake with my mom, drove for hours listening to Elton John and Macklemore (random I know), became besties with a 4 year old who let me decide her barbies outfit, watched treasure planet aka most underrated Disney movie of all time, talked about being aliens with a friend, learnt how to say I love you in a new language, watched the sunset, stayed up till 3 playing settlers of catan, and felt more love in my ittybitty heart than I ever have in my 21 years here on earth.
PS this photo was from the other day when I didn't look/ feel like death warmed over. Seriously the bags under my eyes make me look like a panda 😂🐼 #soworthit

It's official folks, I've found my fav place in Vancouver for acai bowls... @heykokomo. My friend and the chef at Kokomo @marksingson has made all my acai dreams come true. It's thick, sweet, topped with fruit, mint, toasted coconut, raw granola that's sweet chocolatey and crunchy, and PRO TIP: ask them to add @cocowhip to the bowls as well! Plus the wonderful woman Katie behind Kokomo is just such a kind lovely soul. Watch my stories for a look at the space and the vibes there 💜Everyone in Vancouver please get ur butt over there asap 🤤. .
#acailover #vancouvervegan #vancouverblogger

Made the yummiest vegan stack of waffles a few days ago...Well made is a stretch since I bought frozen ones and just toasted them 😂 but I did assemble the stack and add fruit, @hippiesnacksorganic granola, tahini, Ben and jerrys ice cream, chocolate & sprinkles🍓🍫🥝. Basically put all things good and sweet and creamy and pretty in this world on, between, or around the waffles and boy was it good 👅.
I remember I used to buy this @hippiesnacksorganic maple quinoa granola all the time when I made my own smoothie or muesli bowls, and now getting to work with this incredible local company has been such a dream come true. #suportlocal #madeinbc #sponsored

Sunny summer days in Vancouver 💦☀️ = 🍦. This is the vegan peach sorbet on a GF waffle cone, with sprinkles cause why the heck not. 💖 what's your fav ice cream flavour? I usually love anything chocolate or artificial fruit tasting 😂 but seriously I love the fake fruity flavours 🙈🍉 #veganicecream

Raw vegan deliciously messy ice cream sandwiches 👅🍦🍪💦 can you guys guess what was used to create these colours? They're all healthy plant based sources 🌱.
And thank you for everyone who read my last post. It's always scary sharing a bit of my heart so publicly but you're responses always make it worth it 💜.
Much loveeee

#ABeautifulMessBook coming soon.
Thank you to all of you who loved and supported me when I didn't have the strength to do so for myself. I hope this little snippet of vulnerability can help us all remember the power that words hold and to ensure the words we utter to others and to ourselves are kind, uplifting grace giving words of love.

I have 2 questions for all you Vancouverites! Since coming back home to Vancouver 8 months ago, I've been loving getting to know the vegan community here more and I need your help 🙈
1. Who is your favourite blogger in Vancouver?
2. What's your favourite place in Vancouver for acai bowls?!
#vancouvervegan #acaibowl #vancouverblogger

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