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Monica Solorio-Snow ✂️  illustrator | stitcher | maker | cyclist | unicorn rancher | Sonoma County, California 🌴☀️ 🚴‍♀️🦄🍄🌈✂️🍿✨


Ello, dumplin' . Papa dumpling, mama dumpling, and baby dumpling. #dumplingpincushion by @alchemytea is addicting!! (fabrics by @lecien_fabrics, sizes achieved by enlarging and reducing pattern)

I want to be a location specialist for quilt photo shoots. That's a thing, right? 🚴 #russianrivervalley #WestsideRoad

Riding my bike around Santa Rosa, and for a brief moment I thought I was in Portland. ❤👊💥✨🌹#santarosa #california #sonomacounty

Tonight's walk at the park was bedazzled by the sunset. Gahhhhh.

Makin' babies. I reduced the #dumplingpincushion pattern by @alchemytea. Next one is going to be expanded. I see a family of these sweet little dumplings about to happen!

Dying over the cuteness of @alchemytea's #dumplingpincushion pattern results! I saw the dumplings popping up in my IG feed, and I pretty much dropped everything and bought the pattern and made it. Gahhhhhhhh so cute and so fun! Haha my Tom-Tom #sewyummyfabric is being punny.

My razzle has been dazzled.

Traders Joe's is pure evil. We are all doomed.

A little someone-someone waiting at the top of the stairs. My punchline du jour: #ronswansonquilt is well hung.

Moving joys - the guest room / Little Bavaria is finally done. Just needs guests, now. And a cow.

Kindness matters. It really, really matters. When fellow #PMQG member @julineb found out I moved to the town her cousin lives in (AND is the mayor of!), she told her cousin about my move - and the next thing I know there's a Welcome basket at my front door. OHMYGOSH! Honestly, the basket could have been filled with nothing and I would have been just as touched. I'm in a new town, getting my bearings, and just starting to meet people and neighbors. Such a simple act of kindness yet it's soooo big. I'm going to make it my mission that if I see someone new in my neighborhood I'm going to extend a warm welcome, too. Totally paying it forward, I want someone else to feel the same joy of welcoming as I have. I'm a puddle of mush and joy, and it's proof that kindness matters. (Which means I'm totally going to order @makervalley's Kindness Matters by @justaddsunshineinc t-shirt.)

When you travel with @elizabethagh and you're waiting on the tarmac to take off, and before the flight crew warns you to turn off all devices - you quickly shop at target.com. Elizabeth beat me to the punch and put this unicorn lamp in her cart and gave me a travel prezzie (and one for herself, too, so we're lamp twinsies). It was shiny gold (because dah, it's a power unicorn), and I just spray painted it red to go in my new work-in-progress sewing room's color scheme of red, grey, and white.

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