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Katie Kae  Graduate of Photojournalism from Columbia College Chicago. Bands | Concerts | Events | Nightlife | Portrait | Studio | Gimme a job.


My dad surprised me by sending me flowers.
My mom must've told him how much I was bitching about seeing all the people buying flowers yesterday lol.

Happy Birthday to my first cat baby, Jack. Born on Valentine's Day 12 years ago. ❤❤

I think this guy was compensating for something...

Today in "Things that scared the out of me"...

Cuddled with baby for a good 10minutes before he freaked out and nibbled my hand and then eacaped.

This dumbshit was smoking a blunt while driving on the LSD. Don't be this dumb shithead!

When you try to be cute with bae but he ain't havin it...

"Ok now you're just wasting good chicken!" Omg just getting into #eastsiders and @willam is giving me LIFE!!

#thunderbuddy for life

Timmy was Not happy that the vet stuck a thermometer up his butt..

Timmy's happy that his #coneofshame is off

Did my nails for a 80's themed birthday tonight!

cuddly cone kitty

A bit after a mini-meltdown because I found out my friends did a thing without me. I blamed myself. Because I am too weird, annoying and loud. I texted my mom and she helped break me out of it. Then Timothy came to comfort me and made me ok ish again. #thisiswhatanxietylookslike

Poor Timothy has the #coneofshame on again, this time his step brother bit him on his bad ear while we were visiting my mom. 😿🙀

Timothy's been an extra cuddle-puss today while my hairs Einstein-like and I'm growing a third eye..

I didn't get a cute pic of Timothy in his sweater before he licked it to death, oh well.

It's a #nightmarebeforechristmas Christmas

A Tim Burton Christmas is the best Christmas

Can you tell I've been gone all day?

It's not Christmas without #schwettyballs

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