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You know those positive, bright people in your life? Show them how grateful you are for them by tagging them below and letting them know they feel like sunshine ☀️

A little bit of worrying can actually be helpful, but many of us take our worrying to an extreme. Are you continually ruminating over something? Think about that thing right now. Now make a conscious effort to let it go. Stop holding on to what doesn't serve you. Release and take a deep breath. 💗Tag a friend who might be needing this message right now!

Energy is powerful. What are you ruminating on (maybe even subconsciously) that might be better if left behind? 💗

Comment with your fave emoji if you've been known to make your own rules 💯lll HAPPSTERS SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY: Cat says "Ignore the rules and do what's needed; generally people will be so confused that they won't argue."

Saturday Goals: Less computers, more nature 🍃

There are good days, there are bad days and then there are Puppy Fridays. Tag your friends and wish them a happy Puppy Friday 🐶. They deserve it!

Believe in yourself. You are going in the right direction. You will never feel fully ready. Take the leap that's pulling at you. Success is waiting for you on the other side of that leap.

Double tap if you've ever felt this way 😂. I saw a version of this on Pinterest, but am not sure the original author. Please DM me or comment if you know 😘

Beautiful words via my friend @liveinthedetails: Right now, this is just today...And right now, you're caught somewhere in the middle of your journey. So far from where you're going-- so far from where you've been. You've lived in the middle for awhile-- always pulled back and forth between a past you don't belong in and a future you're not ready for. But today, something just feels different. Something within you. You wake up, and in the quiet mornings that used to haunt you-- you suddenly feel peace. Your eyes and your heart are clear. Your body feels relaxed-- and your shoulders no longer feel the weight of the world on them. It's different. You don't feel the past pulling you back. And making you question. It's almost as if, suddenly, you are whole. Ready. Ready to walk forward towards that future you never felt quite ready for. But deserve. And want. And are going to chase like hell. So yes. Today is just today-- a non-spectacular, regular old Saturday. To everyone else. But for you? Darling, for you-- this is the day that started it all. This is the day that will be the measuring point for every single day after. And you know it. You can feel it. By this time next year, absolutely everything will be different. Everything. ♥

S U N D A Y S P O T L I G H T : Laurie Davis Edwards has some wise words for us today. She says: "Life lesson: Happiness comes from the inside. Others can add to it, but only you can create it." Drop an emoji if you agree 💗

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Sending everyone going through hard times, whether they be natural disasters or otherwise, so much love and positive thoughts today. 💗I'm hoping this adorable pup can make your day a tiny bit brighter 🐶 #puppyfriday

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