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Happinest  We are State and Federally Licensed Rehabilitators for Class II Wildlife in TN. Alix Parks, Raptor Specialist Sherry Teas, Songbird Specialist


In just one hour, our intake grew by four; a hatchling Killdeer, fledgling Mockingbird, fledgling Red-bellied Woodpecker and a baby Cottontail. The heat, window strike and predator attacks are a lot for these babies to overcome, but we will do our best.

Sleeping Ruby Throat #thosefeet

This Blue Jay came to us the day he hatched! His siblings didn't make it, and we almost lost him a couple times, but amazingly he finally started to thrive. Now he's enjoying freedom with another Jay the same age and they are visiting our feeder frequently 💙💙 #rehab&;release #secondchances

Georgie the juvie Barred Owl graduated to a large flight pen today!

It's still baby bird season❣️🐥 One more month before it begins to taper off...

It's way past my bedtime and normal intake hours, but this Cooper's Hawk needed my help. Not sure what is going on with it yet, but I suspect it's heat related or head trauma. It's hydrated and medicated now so we can go to bed. Hopefully, we will both be feeling better in the morning. Sweet dreams from the Nest 💤

Jerry Harvey volunteered again this morning, and today he got to hand feed Bartok breakfast. He said it was messy like mealtime at the old folk's home. Lol! #virginiaopossum #nonreleasable #educationambassador

Recent songbird releases: 15 juvenile Mourning Doves, two American Robins, one Brown Thrasher, four Eastern Bluebirds, two Rough-winged Swallows, three Barn Swallows, five European Starlings and a juvenile Crow!

This is the fourth Pileated Woodpecker that @davidaborn09 has banded, and the first for me! His broken wing has completely healed and he's ready for a big flight cage now!

Update on Bartok and Eugene! Both surgeries were successful and they are recovering at home 💕 Thank you Dr Dawkins!

Please say a little prayer for Bartok and Eugene. They are both having surgery at @clawsandpawsmobilevet today. Dr Dawkins is going to remove Eugene's eye and they will both be neutered to help make them more suitable for captivity and extend their lifespan, by reducing their chance of cancer down the road. #nonreleasable #educationanimal #virginiaopossum

Such a beautiful bird! She is showing much improvement this morning. #beltedkingfisher #windowstrike

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