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Sometimes you can get a little too excited... Tag a friend like this 😂
Via @goatstigram

“This is my magical girl Velvet, and she isn’t a pet. She’s a rescue - she was found with ticks, flees and a broken tail inside a bathroom as a cub. She has been put into a rehabilitation process previously but her crooked tail and dependence on people kept her from becoming a fully wild girl.
But she is happy. She is beautiful. She can hunt. She is living her best life💋 Also I have worked with animals for 10 years therefore I can have this privilege to be so close to them! ❌ Respect all animals and do what’s best for them ✨ I want people to fall in love with cheetahs as much as I have.❤️”⠀⠀⠀⠀

Tag someone that should see this!👇
🎥 by @lisatorajaqueline

Karl is one lucky cat. @kevinsauzeat (The videographer for @fitforliving__ )took him home. I’ve asked for weekly updates and pictures to see how he’s getting on! 8 lives left....
By @rickisamhall

What an incredible transformation❤️
Credit: @rosalbaalvernia

Sound on😁
Credit: @ghost_the_samoyed follow them❤️

Here we repost one of our videos that has been shared widely online 🐧This blue penguin adult was rescued after being found with a significant head wound and suffering from severe exhaustion due to plastic netting entanglement. After treatment and recovery, it was successfully released 8 days later in its original habitat. It was observed for an hour post-release, and swam strongly out to sea, once past the initial breaking waves. Penguins generally appear wobbly on land, but are in their element under water. Ocean conditions are often rough along New Zealand's coast, with this blue penguin being used to such conditions. Blue penguins are the smallest penguin species in the world, hence the tiny size. The reason this individual was not released near a group of penguins, is that blue penguins are largely solitary at sea, as well as being nocturnal on land. Releases are the positive outcome wildlife rehabilitators hope for 👍🏼 Video: Ben Foster
Via @kaikourawildliferescue

A bakery in Turkey lent their heater to a stray dog to keep him warm in the cold winter ❤Thank you!

Tag your drinking partner. Cheers!🍷😂
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Disclaimer: Blanco does NOT and will never drink wine. This is just for fun, because she loves licking the outside of the glass. Never give your pet any type of alcohol to drink.

Still purrrfect❤️
Credit to @houndstoothstudio

*No birbs were harmed in the making of this video*
Credit: @lil.koa

This is Bob. He’s a single father of 8. Believes that the greatest gift he can give his children is believing in them. 13/10 best dad ever
(📸: @bob_marley_goldenretriever

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