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J E S S🌻  twenty'something gal empowering women to create [freedom] through fitness🏃 co-founder of #TheHappyLifeClub ✨ 20min TESTGROUP🔥 apply👇

You can C H A N G E your life.
Did you know that??🙊
[2 years ago I was miserable being stuck at work m-f working until 9pm or later with an hour+ commute home. never being able to do errands. meaning I pilled them all into my one day off a week (usually Sunday) I was constantly stressed about the little things because I felt like I NEVER had time for the important things or myself and repeat the toxic cycle✋
I remember driving 1.5hrs to see Daniel at school when we did long distance, and only being able to stay 24hrs or LESS because I had zero wiggle room. Now I get to see him every single morning & every night.💕 These little things mean the absolute freaking world to me.
You might not have that 'tool' YET (keep reading cause im about to give it to you😍), but that's WHY you're supposed to try new things.

Don't be afraid. L E A N IN. Be willing to be open to possibilities so you can live the life you WANT + deserve.
If you want to be apart of something UPlifting, supportive and greater than your current direction, this is your SIGN✨
Come learn for FREE about what I do, how I do it and how you can too. No obligations or commitments - just an open invitation for YOU to be a fly on the wall if you'd like.🙋
Comment an emoji below if you've read this far, I appreciate you.🙏💕

"hey mom, now that you made me sit through your workout, is it time for my workout outside!?"

day 2 pushed me harder than I have in a long time. Atleast a year. but it was exactly what I needed.
I shared some raw moments I captured from today's workout in my stories if you want to see what this journey is all about.🙏💕

Being our messy, imperfect, authentic selves helps create a space where others feel safe to be themselves, too. Your vulnerability can be a gift to others, how badass is that?
| B.Oakman | ✨

'if it's hard... GOOD. if you find it hard, that means you're doing it right.'
@shaunt --
I hear all it all the time.
Working out is hard.
Eating healthy (balanced) is hard.
Waking up early is hard.
Staying positive is hard.
Being an entrepreneur is hard.
You shouldn't want easy.
Anything worth having in life is going to take some grit+guts. That's just the honest truth. If you're not willing to get through 20minutes of hard or a season in your life of hard to get to your goals, then you don't want them that bad. #toughlove💕

We can do hard things.

Go get em sista.💃 #DayOne #TheHappyLifeClub

May the next 6 weeks be a period of magnificent mind•body•soul transformation✨
The last 6 months were tough. Full transparency.
In denial of anxiety, deciding to come off BC not knowing a whole ton of side effects would come with that, a stressful move and just a lot of growth.
And this is where I'm at.
I'm ready for this.

20minutes a day. From home. Sweating for my goals. My happiness. My mental clarity.

Let's SLAY this sista's👯 #TheHappyLifeClub
#dayone #before

It's official, the Deeth sisters are ready to take on VEGASSSS🎉👯👛💄🥂🏜️
happy 21st to my baby sis who inherited all of the good looking genes😎

I'm not good enough.
Have you ever felt that way?💛
For as long as I can remember, I've always played the comparison game in absolutely everything I've done. And to be vulnerable, I've struggled with this for the last almost 3 years of running my business & navigating this twenty's adventure.

I spend the majority of my time cheering others on, lifting my team up, supporting, giving tough love to my clients, encouraging really anyone that I come across.

But I hardly ever give this same love to myself.

Crazy, right?
I'm here to tell you that not only is it okay to think YOU ARE AMAZING.
And worthy.
And the best at what sets your soul on fire.
It's necessary.

Because you're YOU.✨
Not her.
You.💛 And that; recognizing that you as a beautiful human being bring so much to every table you sit at, is what you hold on to. "She" might have the hair or legs you want, but YOU, my love have the humour, confidence, kindness that she envies.✨ Don't be afraid to lift yourself up.

Successful people are successful because they BELIEVE in themselves more than anyone else.
Drop me a comment below giving yourSELF some love+encouragement!💕😍

hypothetically speaking...🙊
if I were to open up my platform to something special, near+dear to my heart, and something I've been wanting to dive into for a while now... say maybe... HOME DECOR.✨ Over the last couple years of having my own place to make a h o m e, I've become so in love with creating spaces (on a low budget😉) that give you good vibes & give practical use. Put me in a HomeSense and pick me up the next day plz.😍 Nothing would make me MORE than happy than to be able to share everything I've learned & help YOU guys with creating spaces you love, never want to leave, and more importantly call home.
WITHOUT breaking the bank.🙌 Now my question to you is... Would you be into this!? How would you prefer me to share!?😍 Podcast? Blog? Instagram? YouTube!?
I would LOOOOVE to hear your thoughts!

when you've had the Friday-est Tuesday eva💃
yep. I'm coming on IG to talk about having an amazing day. Because I've been working hard af. And I'm PROUD.✨ ~
Here are my TOP 3 tips to rocking your day:
1. Wake up 30-60mins earlier* than you normally do to pour into your cup. For me, this looks like meditating + journaling, working out, dog walk 🐾 and listening to a podcast or reading a few pages of a book.
Before anything else, before catering to the rest of the world; cater to YOUR needs.
2. Brain dump💭
Get out a piece of paper and write e v e r ything that is taking up space in your mind. Get it all out on paper. Then circle all the things that 10000% MUST get done today. Everything else can wait. If it gets done, ah-mazing. If it waits until tomorrow, atleast YOU are in a better position to check it off because you showed up for you first.✨
3. Be intentional about what you say YES and NO to.
This is something I've realllly worked on the last year. Here's the short story; you cannot do everything all the time. Believe me I wish it was easy to have a clean house, work out, eat healthy, go to all the appts, say yes to all the dinners/parties, working, commuting, picking up+dropping off kiddos, spend time with family, laundry, dishes... ALL the things.
If the dishes pile up so that you can get a workout in. LET IT HAPPEN.🙏
If your spouse has to get on board with a workout + home cooked meal in for date night so that you can focus on your goals... Do that.
If it doesn't FEEL good, the answer is no.

Even if it disappoints your boss, friend, sister, mom, husband/boyfriend, kids in the moment.
You are worth it.💕

Annnnd just like that... 7 days of 2019 are in the books.✨
Whether or not we choose to go after what we want OR sit back waiting for next week, the time passes anyways.💭 Those resolutions you swore by a week ago, are you crushing them? if yes, #PROUDOFYOU🤜🤛 if not, GIRL LET ME HELP YOU.🙏
These last few days, more than ever before... was a time to r e l e a s e any negative blocks, judgements or stories I've been holding onto & holding me back✨
Through my meditations + journaling, I let go.✌️#freeingaseff
I'd be lying if I said this last easy was easy; it was everything but that. I fully took on all of the loss, grief, heartache, new challenges & worked through it.

And now, IM READY.🔥 I've leveled up. I've perservered. I've grown.
Don't let the rest of your year slip through your fingers, are you coming with me?👯
#TheHappyLifeClub #LinkIsInTheBio #YouCanWorkoutWithUs 😘

today was one of a COUPLE workouts that I felt GREAT doing within the last 2-3 weeks.🔥 And I cannot believe how absolutely incredible the power of exercise is.
even after soooo many years of fitness being apart of my life; it still gives me the same benefits every. single. time I show up for it.✨ I went in to my workout DECIDING that it was going to be THE BEST.
I decided that today was going to be the day I break through this plateau of not loving it.
And it was just that. plus more.💛 it starts with your thoughts. the way you go about your daily life.
do you find yourself in a state of gratitude? even when life gets cray... are you appreciating the highs+lows and showing up no matter what?
do you find yourself dreading your workout? dreading getting up in the morning? feeling exhausted, feeling like you can't get everything done in a day?

you need to choose your workouts.
you need to choose your food intentionally.
you need to choose positive encouragement vs. negative influence.
you need to choose yourself.

none of it is going to come naturally. but if you make a conscious effort to choose what you want out of your day, out of your week, out of your month, out of your YEAR... you are 1000x more likely to succeed.

wake up and DECIDE how you want to feel. decide how your workout is going to make you feel. how you want to be treated. how you want to treat others.

its ALL YOURS to choose.💕 #MotivationMonday

Waking up not hating what I do or how I spend my time, is a blessing I'll never take for granted.💛

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