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Joe  How can you know your limits until you find them? Don't let sidewalks tell you where to be. We re-build our lives every day, lets do it well.

Work attire. Moved 4 yards of soil myself this past week and feeling it in my quads tooooo hard right now

New Years is one of my favorite days. It’s full of deeply cherished old traditions, building new ones as we go, and long memories and old stories. So grateful for this day of food and family.

Home is where the oil stays hot... wonton folding and talking smack with my suuper kooky dad is one of my favorite holiday rituals. #炸馄饨 #watmen #crispycrispy

Hunting for socks in Chicago like wuuut

“Everybody jump for this photo!” Jacobs gotta work on his timing but he gave it a good go. No such effort from the marathon finishers though... proud of my uncle and dad for crushing it today. My dad especially because his 12 hours of running around aloha stadium picking up recyclables only ended 24 hours before race time... #loldad #sorrynotsorry #watmen #leahi

Increasing levels of bonkers and blur as we went from 4pm to 3:47am working the recycling stations and reusable cup salvage at the Jack Johnson/Eagles concert today. Real talk live posting this right now. Woof... #plasticfreehawaii #khf #lolmydadtho
PS, shout out to John Cruz for bringing it with the island style. Great song and good vibes.

We love our pollinators. I had to pull this 12” mammoth sunflower so far to the side to catch this photo

Kalo kanu i ka ‘āina, great time with some fourth graders today. Wish these huli luck, the last ones were rescued by a custodian when the students let them dry out. Fingers crossed this moat/pu’e system will encourage the haumana to give them enough water!

Stoked to have had the opportunity to co-teach with @flyingflip who I casually missed by a month and a half five years ago at a rad urban farming program in Chicago. #tbt

Thinned my banana clump today to bring a stump out to Kamaile. Our students shredded them, hung them of the maringa tree to dry, and we’ll twist the fibers into kupe’e for winter fest in two weeks. Looking forward to family time this Christmas but maybe not the change of scenery... #winteriscoming #lonoikamahakihi #melekalikimaka

Gingerbread architecture submissions were graded on four criteria: aesthetic appeal, apocalypse realness, earthquake resilience, and candy. All entrants were winners.

Banana harvest part one. Extra grateful to be able to share these since the previous bunch was taken out of the yard just before it turned ripe... grateful for the friends who helped me get this bunch down since the stump was falling against the neighbors hedge. #unclesyardwork

Sometimes the party moves on top your car. What can you do? Thanks @btacadena for egging me into a late night today

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