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Shears • Stylist • Barber  Pete Thomas • If you’d like to host a class in your salon, barbershop, or school, please call or email below � #hanzoedu #hanzonation

Hanzo Educator @ghostthebarber_ bringing the heat with this one! 💥Who will be using this image as their inspo pic at your next hair appt?? 📸💇🏼‍♀️🔥

Luxury lives in the finer details ✂️✂️✂️✂️
You can always count on a beautiful execution from Hanzo Educator @darrenreyeshair 😍If you're in SoCal and free on May 28th you can catch Darren's, "Tips and Tricks for Sexy Hair" class at 10:00 am at @euodiasalon. Tickets available on the site! 💥
#repost @tyalexander2 @hanzonation pt.1 🎥 @rozzyrikrael

The Keeper of the Beards ⚔️🤺🧔
I heard that "97% of women prefer men with beards...the other 3% do too." 😂 Fact or fiction? 🤪 Drop a comment 👇
Sculpted by @ericjedwards 🔥

When you’re already dying inside and you’re only half way through the consultation...

Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think 🎼

Hanzo Educator @Danielbacon1 at work inspiring the masses at @bauhaussalon_hauspa 📕🔥

@kaitlyn_hubert is throwin' sass around like confetti! 🎊🔥😍🙌Pretty rad right?
✂️Cut by Hanzo Educator @thehillbillybarber 📸@red_hanzo

Hot Damn! 🔥 Can you believe this beautiful bronze is a 4 MONTH FADE from the previous color?? 🤯When @preselypoe says she takes all precautions with her clients to ensure a beautiful fade out, you better believe it!
#theproofisinthepudding 🧁
ALSO, Happy Mothers Day to all the mama's out there! ❤️

We are so excited to launch Hanzo in Australia at @hairexpo in Sydney! Following the show we will be doing FREE evening cutting classes in salons, shops and schools in Perth and Sydney! Also, we are booking 1 hour showcase slots at shops during the day, so if you’d like us to stop in, let us know what date and time works best for you ASAP so you get the date and time that you want!

Tik tok Mr. Mail Man....tik tok!

A place for everything and everything in its place. ✂️Did you know we've got some seriously sexy holsters available that come in black, white, and tan? You're welcome! 💁‍♂️

Witchcraft 🧙🏼‍♀️🤯
#repost Hanzo National Educator @theplatinumgiraffe💲
I’m not gonna lie...I thought putting green on blonde would get me...well, GREEN. This hair has NOTHING else other than this green toner!! YUP! NO DEMI OR SEMI COLOR GLOSS....just this green toner 🧐🤓🤯
I am BEYOND stoked for this product and can’t wait to use more. Anyone know what this is?!

This shape and movement though! 🤯🤤
Hanzo Educator @collingmartin_hair slayin' The Bob as usual! 🔪🔥

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