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hanna 💫  ✨please DO NOT repost ✨shop temporarily closed

q- did your school have a walkout today? If so, did you participate?

fLoAm 🤯
hit paste in the comments!!!!
whatta disappointing crunch

gold nugget
Q- gold or silver?
oops almost didn’t post.

chewed up cosmo🌟
self promote/ promote your favorite slime accounts ON THIS POST ONLY!! I’ll check out some!!! hehehehe second half of my duo!! super fresh mint scented!!

cotton candy cereal🥛
Q- if there was a day that all laws were lifted (everything/anything is legal) what’s the first thing you would do?
the base is sooo glossy what. sorry guys wrong thumbnail.

robin’s eggs🥚
q- comment an emoji that matches the color of your pants/shorts/skirt/underwear/whatever you’re wearing!
scented strawberry shortcake bc I don’t have a blueberry scent:( tomorrow is already monday HOW. sorry bout the shaky camera again DARN.

chewed up wanda🌟
q- what’s you fav old nick show? (drake and josh, icarly, BTR, George Lopez, full house, etc.) this is wanda from my fairly odd parents duo she is scented like bubblegum! cosmo is also a chewed up bubblegum slime it he is green and smells minty fresh! sorry bout the shaky camera!!

starry night⭐️
Q- hot coffee or iced? both for me hehe.
I love this slime sm!!! it’s sooo soft. might reopen my shop on spring break?? idk tho

disco ball🔮
Q- r u on spring break?? mine’s not for two more weeks *cri*
this was kinda messy and it rlly hurts when you play with it hahaha
wya disco ball emoji:,(

triple chocolate ice cream🍦
I’m so happy it’s friday because ___________!
this smells amazing!!

starry night 🤩
Q- early bird or night owl? owl af🦉
sry ab my obnoxious dog
what should we scent her as??! lmk!!

winter candy apple sugar scrub🍎
Q- whats your fav b&bw scent? this is my fav lol from @slime_city_bitch_ ❤️ #slimecityproof

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