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hanna🌙  ☾ if you repost, credit me and do not edit my content! ☾ trades&reviews are closed | faq is posted! ☾ logo by @logogenie

monster goo👹
this was sent by @puppyloveslimes and it’s so pretty!!

hannyslimes cloud 🌙
from @memorial.slimes #memorialslimesproof THIS IS SO AMAZING ALICE IS A GOD

sprite slush🍋
Q- if you could only stay in one grade forever, which one would you stay in? KINDERGARTEN DEFINITELY.
this crunchy babe is from @snoopslimes #snoopslimespackage the icon herself 😍 sooooo crunchy and pretty

booble i’m posting again later 🤪🤪 Q- what’s your favorite type of weather?

peeta bread 🍞
Q- what’s the biggest and smallest lie you’ve ever told? 🤥
from @bookshelf.slimes #bookshelfslimesproof I remember when this was underrated till @slime_og said how good it is and it’s so hard to snatch now! thanks insta for deleting my caption #600thpost 😮

woohoo I got these all the time as a kid lol

bubblegum bash🍬
Q- comment an assumption about me and I’ll respond and tell you if it’s true!
yum yum yum sent by @sydneyy.slimes who is attending slimersturf! definitely hang with her if your going, I’m not :(

sour berry pop🍬
Q- sour or sweet candy? sour for me 🤪
from @glitter.slimes #glitterslimesproof this one is so so nice and thicc

Q- what’s your favorite one of this clickbait shit? did you notice that each has a hidden tiny charm in them? I didn’t realize till I saw this one.

Q- comment 1 truth and 1 lie and see if others can guess which is which! mine will be in the comments!
this one is my favorite for obvious reasons omg it’s grapes AND a koala??!!! ?!1 SOOo cute and two different colors of orbeez😍😍

Q- when do you do back to school and what grade are you going into? find a grade twin! senya year is here for me!!
jellyfish or octopus? octojelly? pusfish? HAHA
110% inspired by @parakeetslimes i could not cut these they’re way too cute 😭 EDIT: I got these at claire’s

peel the banana thickie🍌
peel peel the bananaaaa.
Q- what’s the most drastic way you’ve changed the way you look? I once cut my hair in the second grade up to my ears when it was past my butt and once i dye my hair pink and blue then it turned green and white :( going to amelia island today woohoo I haven’t tanned all summer oops and school starts next week kill me. this is a thick god sksks @slimeyoda #slimeyodaproof

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