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My house is gone
My clothes are gone
All of my belongings
All my furniture
We’re okay.
We’re safe. And everything will be okay.
Thank you to my boyfriend, James for literally being my family’s rock. @italiassassin
If you’d like to see the video of going up Skyline I’m going to put it on my page.
If anyone needs help, I want to help

Happy Halloween!
Hope it’s spoopy 👻
And thank you to @noctirnal for the pictures!
(You should book him!)
PC: @noctirnal

Man crush Monday

Hello, our video is up if you want to go check it out :) Link in bio

Happy national boyfriend to the man that I call mine.
This man is the best. There's no doubt about it. On our first anniversary together we saw beauty and the beast a week prior and so he hand made me my own rose. He surprised me by getting a custom done hat with my initials on it. I didn't have the prom I dreamed about so he planned a prom for us and called it James prom, he made me dinner, we danced, we played FIFA and he got me tickets to see my favorite composer in concert. When he gave me the tickets I cried, I'm usually not one to get really emotional when given a gift but this is the best gift I've ever received besides him. He treats me like a princess. He will always be my Italian Hero!
I love you
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Go check out the channel @jay.n.han !! We are super excited to see you all on the spectacular adventure! Welcome to the world of Jay n Han

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I went to my first @browniesandlemonade show

i'm home sick
but I'm very proud of him
go wildcats

dadme and momikin
We went to a Scum and Villainy Cantina awhile back
#scumandvillany #scumandvillainycantina #starwarscantina #starwars

I went to medieval times last week

Wishing that it will rain soon ☔️

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