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Don't let the heels fool you. She's 4'11 of absolute fury and feistiness. You mess w/ me, you mess w/ her. #terribletwos

Last night w/ my best friends #LIT

Even though they're really good at performing their sisterly duties by being utterly annoying. They're still the bestesest sisters God can ever bless me with ❌⭕️#sisterhood #hoodsisters 💁🏻

😂 I'd be the first one to say " Yaasss! I'll BIDYO it!!" The #Mannequinchallenge just incidentally happened at last night's birthday celebration of our birth father lol 😂 I adore my beautiful, silly, obnoxious, gullible, YOOOOGE family. ❤️❤️❤️

Blame it on Jesus, hashtag blessed 🙏🏽 #parktivities

What does Mario wear? 👾 Denim👖 Denim 👖 Denim 👖 😂

Yass. Was actually able to wear clothing that has sleeves, long to be exact🕴🤗

Plus gratuity👌🏼#selfawareness

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