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Hanna Way  wife, mama bear, breakfast-lover, beanie-maker | @forestandfernco | central coast of CA. | contact via hannaoliviaway@gmail.com | thewayfam.co


these two! they are so much fun. i’m trying to get back in the swing of hiking regularly, so today was goooood for my heart. but bad for my back. also i had to stop and eat a granola bar on the way back to the car cause #outofshape 🤷🏼‍♀️ #momlife #forestwayhikes

this photo was taken a year ago and it makes my heart hurt. it makes me reminisce on a much easier time, a time when I could throw him on my back and hike it out when we were having an off day. we butt heads, me and him, and it seems that happens so often lately. I’m learning how to help him, how to connect with him, while our challenges seem to be constantly evolving. our pastor recently said in a sermon that parenting - loving and serving and teaching these little humans - is full-time ministry. and hearing that brought so much validation to my struggle. There is thankfulness to be found in every tiny little thing - so today, I’m thankful for my boy and his endless questions and for the fact that I was chosen to be his mom, and there’s no mistake in that.

four months of this sunshine girl ✨

my sister got married yesterday to the sweetest guy! it was such a fun day and i am stoked to finally have a brother!!!!

flower time 🌿🌷💐 my baby sister gets married tomorrow!!!

tiny best buds (he can’t resist squishing her cheeks, neither can I!!!!!) #forestandfernlu

half of our family hike this morning had us thinking we are crazy for trying to do a real hike with two kiddos. the other half was real nice 👌🏼 #forestwayhikes

as i was snuggling in bed with them early this morning, and as Forest was asking me for another snack and Fern was squirming around, about to wake up, I felt despair and exhaustion and completely unprepared for the day ahead. I got the feeling that I used to get, the anxious I-don’t-think-I-can-do-this feeling that used to make me want to stay in bed all day and not face any of my responsibilities or needs. its a dark and lonely place, and also not really an option for me, so I stopped and took a deep breath and prayed for strength and patience to love them well today - to draw them close despite my feelings of inadequacy, and to seek the best in them and appreciate each part. they are the light of my life but sometimes, in the thick of it, I need to be reminded of that. we watched some cartoons and did some puzzles and went on a walk and talked alllll about the Guardians of the Galaxy and how they’re friends with the Avengers. little things are big things, and I’m thankful for this happy blurry photo and a redeemed day. 👌🏼

ooooof. my heart.

bringing Fern Lu into the world and into our fam was the best part of 2017! this year made it even more clear to me that family is the most important thing. Time spent loving them is never wasted, no matter how mundane some days may feel. what a precious gift these humans are to me!!! and what a joy and honor it is to get to raise these sweet babies with my best friend. As forest would put it - “mmmm i yuv mine fami-yee!” #thewayfam

living our best lives, tbh. #liveforcomfort #cozytownUSA

four years ago was the best day but not the only best day, we’ve had a few best days since then. today we are celebrating with roller coasters and crepes and no babies 👏🏼 #ogwayfam (📸: @elliekoleen 💕)

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