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HANNA ÖBERG  TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS ↗️ •Gymshark Athlete •Women's Best •Workout Guides @fitoeberg 🎥 YouTube; Hanna Oeberg 👇🏼 SHOP NEW GYMSHARK

Love to slay in the gym with him! 🙏🏼
I’m thinking of uploading a kettlebell ab workout tomorrow.. what y’all think? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Currently in Dublin with the team loading up for an amazing weekend 😍🇮🇪 YEYH!! @gymshark

YAAAS time to flyyyy ✈️ DUBLIN HERE WE COME!! Gymshark pop up store #liftdublin
Too excited 😩💙 Hope to see many of you guys there!!

BOOTY/LEG kettlebell Circuit 🙋🏻‍♀️ SWIPE!! & Don’t forget to double tap ❤️ How often do you guys use kettlebells?
I honestly don’t do it that often.. but the last week I got feeling and put together a smashing CIRCUIT that I really liked! Recorded it today cuz I wanted to share it with you guys! LET ME KNOW THAT YOU THOUGHT 😍
CIRCUIT OF 4 rounds
🔻4 exercises
🔻30sec work /exercise
🔻1min rest between rounds
1️⃣ Kettlebell swings (I know my swings isn’t perfect.. 😌 I’m working on it! And hey, don’t forget the squeeze!!)
2️⃣ Kettlebell Sumo Squats
3️⃣ Kettlebell Reversed lunges into Side lunges
4️⃣ Kettlebell RD w/twist (extra stretch in your hammies when swinging a bit forward.)
TAG YOUR FRIENDS who likes kettlebells!
(We really need a kettlebell emoji lol!)
🎶Song: Mind on it - Yungen

Hey hey hey.. you ready for some swimwear shoppin’ guys?!🙌🏼
TODAY at 7pm BST, 20:00 svensk tid, 11am LA time @gymshark is dropping the SWIMWEAR COLLECTION!!👙🌴☀️
I’m going live here on instagram somewhere around 1 hour-30min before the drop for those of you who wanna pop some questions! 🤗

On my YouTube you’ll find a TRY ON and review of the pieces. This is the CHARGE SPORTS BIKINI. I wear size S in the top & XS in the bottoms. Find all my sizes in my YouTube video!
💕 COMMISSION LINK in my bio! If you use my link when shopping at Gymshark I get a lil bonus! So THANK YOU if using it! LOVE U.
Happy shopping!!

Let’s talk squats YAS!!! 🍑 Swipe for my 4 FAVE different squat exercises AND don’t forget to double tap ❤️
SO.. squats. Some love them. Some hate them.. I personally like to “spice” them up a bit by adding some extra to it!
Here’s my all time FAVES:
1️⃣ Side step into sumo squat
3set x 10reps /leg

2️⃣ “Normal” Squats
3set x 10reps | OR set of 15,12,10,8,6reps (gain the weights as you go!!)
3️⃣ Squat into Reversed lunges
3set x 10reps /leg

4️⃣ Front squats
3-4set x 10-12reps

TAG YOUR FRIENDS and squats along 🍑🤗
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YEYH!! We just booked a trip to Greece 🇬🇷
Longing for a vacay and to stroll around in a bikini every single day!!
@womensbest GIVEAWAY has come to an end guys! THANK YOU ALL for joining 💕 I wish I could give every single one of you a gift, but I have to pick 3 winners!
Send me a DM.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks again for entering the giveaway!! There will be more sooon! PROMISE 💕
Wearing: @437swimwear

Just look at these 2 😩... I CAN’T!!

Hey hey it’s upper body Fridaaaay!! 🔥 Face says it all....!! Hah.
SWIPE for 3 supersets, save & don’t forget to double tap 💚

Smashed a back session today and wanted to add some arm exercises into it! So here’s 3 burning superset you can do for back, upper back/shoulders, triceps and biceps!

3set /superset x 10-15reps /exercises
Rest time: 1min between supersets
(Superset = 2 exercises in 1 set)

Narrow grip straight arm pull down
Triceps overhead extensions

Standing rope rows
Biceps curls

Lying face pull
Triceps push down

🎶Song: No way - Crazy Cousinz

I am beyond excited for the Gymshark
Pop-up Store in Dublin next weekend!!!! Yeyh! Hope to give out lots and lots of hugs!! 😍🤗❤️
ALSO.. who’s excited about @gymsharkwomen Swimsuit Collection dropping on Monday 16th of July. 7pm BST (20:00 svensk tid)? 👙
Wah wah wah!!!
📷 @fotobakken

FIRE those OBLIQUES up🔥 SWIPE for my FAVES and don’t forget to double tap ❤️
⚠️ HEADS UP!! REMEMBER that we CANNOT spot reduce fat on your bodies!! No one can! It all comes down to your NUTRITION when we are talking about results!
We can strengthen our muscles but for anything to happen your nutrition has to work!!
⚠️ These exercises will help you target your obliques BUT you will also activate core/abs when performing them! Just so we’re clear!

Do them in a circuit of 3 rounds x 30sec work/exercise OR one by one.
1️⃣ Standing Side Twists 3set x 15-20reps /side
2️⃣ Standing Side Crunches 3set x 15-20reps /side
3️⃣ Elbow to Knee Crunches 3set x 15-20reps /Side
4️⃣ Side Sit-ups 3set x 12-15reps /side

Please also comment a 💛 so I know that you read the caption and understand what I mean! XX.

I can’t really get over my new hair.. I’m sorry but imma keep bugging u about it, lol 😅🙌🏼 It’s just so long and gorgeous omg!!!!
Also shoutout to my friends at @fitjeans for making the most comfy jeans out there, YAS!

YAS for leg finisher circuits 💦🙏🏼
SWIPE for my 3 faves and don’t forget to hit ❤️ and bring me some loooove!

So it’s simple, finish your leg or booty sess up with this circuit and you’re DONE for the day! Wow. This one had me sweating like crazy!
🔻1min work /exercise
🔻3 exercises total
🔻3 rounds
🔻1min rest between rounds

1️⃣ Squats into Reversed lunges
2️⃣ Stiff legged deadlifts
3️⃣ Sumo squats

Wanna hit the WHOLE BODY?
🎥 FULL BODY workout on my YouTube channel!

🎶Song: Turn it up - Janet Jones

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