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Hannah King  Capturing the beauty in the ordinary moments of our days. Founder of @milkandhoneybakes & photography @hannahkingphoto Based in Bristol, England.

French ice cream is 👌🏻

There have been many wonderful memories made on our two-week holiday in France. But another side to that reality is that Jude has really struggled with being away from home. He has asked to go home on a daily basis and been more unhappy than usual. His reaction to this holiday has made me think a lot about how adaptable to change we can expect children to be, and it's easy to think they'll love being on holiday because of all the adventures. But perhaps sometimes the simplicity and consistency of home is more desirable for young children than all that a holiday offers.

The tide rolled back to reveal the wonders of life under the sea, including thousands of limpets, sea snails and tiny, beautiful hermit crabs (Ruby and Uncle Andrew are inspecting these in the background of this photo).

Jumping with delight at the cairn she built with Uncle Andrew.

#montessori_on • Theme of Less is More • Less is More•
During this two week holiday in France, daily life has felt beautifully simple. The only toys we brought with us were some art supplies & a couple of cars. We have spent many hours outdoors each day, exploring the beaches & woodland areas, and this feels like one of the richest ways to spend their childhood. There is never a sense of needing anything more than what is right in front of us & so much learning takes place when they interact with the natural world. •
I feel like I have discovered this hashtag at just the right time. My firstborn will start school in September, and while my dream would be for her to attend a Montessori school, we don't have one in our city. In a nutshell, my plan is to continue with Montessori learning at home alongside the education she'll receive from a Steiner Academy. Accountability is invaluable for me (in every aspect of life) and so discovering that @montessorionmars has started a community to encourage people with an interest in Montessori education to share thoughts & reflections feels very timely, because it's this kind of thing that can help me stay accountable in how I am continuing Ruby's Montessori education.

'Me collecting pine cones, throw them in the sea. Twenty two and one pine cones.' Jude ~ 2 yrs 3 months.

Tandemming for the win.

Tree climbing forest explorers. Collecting leaves, pine cones & shells, throwing sticks, finding ants nests, getting lost. All in a morning's adventures.

Ending yet another afternoon with a bike ride & beach trip, complete with a swim in the cold sea.

Just one more photo of the squelchy seaweed, because I love how much they loved it. Hearing them chat to each other, declaring their delight for what they had found & helping one another when they got stuck made my Mama heart very happy. '
R: Jude! Look at this limpet! It's stuck on the rock!'
J: 'wow. That's 'mazing.'
'R: Jude, can you help me stand up?'
J: 'course me can.'
R: 'Thank you!'
J: 'you welcome.'

It is very rare that I attempt to get a photo of all four of us. Jude's reaction is exemplary of why posed photos are not fun: 'No! Me not going to be in photo.' At least this captures the reality of that!

One of the things I love the most about the beach is being able to see for miles with no buildings interrupting the view.

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