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Hannah King  Capturing the beauty in the ordinary moments of our days. Founder of @milkandhoneybakes & photography @hannahkingphoto Based in Bristol, England.

Park trips at 4.50pm in Autumn can sometimes be an extremely good idea and other times, extremely bad. Jude is a little like clockwork in how frequently he requests to go to the park at this time (after declining my suggestions of a park trip an hour earlier). Yesterday, I took a deep breath, said yes to the pre-dinner park trip and prayed that we wouldn't all fall apart (emotionally, physically, mentally...) I ended up being so glad I had said yes. The children played beautifully with one another, no-one fell over and no-one cried or complained, and we all benefitted from the fresh air and Autumn beauty. Ruby suggested we go on a leaf hunt and Jude was happy to be roaming free. Small victories that feel huge at that time of day when sanity hangs in the balance.

35 weeks pregnant // I have to say that normally, photos taken at a jaunty angle annoy me a little, but given that this photo was taken by my 4 year old daughter on my DSLR, I have to say that I love her ability to wrangle my big old camera without dropping it & frame any kind of photo at the same time! I was attending a 50th birthday party & Ruby was pretty delighted at helping me get dressed up for the evening.

All of our newborn clothes have been washed and my birth centre bag is almost packed. Might have to make a last minute change to where I give birth, due to midwife shortages, but I'm ready to roll with whatever plan makes the most sense on the day, whether that's home birth, birth centre or hospital. Time will tell. Finally starting pregnancy Pilates & yoga, just a few weeks shy of my due date, but figure better late than never!

Grey skies & rainbow umbrellas

Ruby & Rosa: getting in some newborn baby practice this morning 😍

One from yesterday which was unseasonably hot so it only seemed fitting to get one last wear out of this summer maternity dress and embraced ice cream in the afternoon sun. ☀️☀️☀️

We attempted a family photo but Ruby was more keen on chasing dogs (if you zoom in you can spot her in her yellow galloshes)! Ah well. That's the reality of posed family photos, isn't it? 📷by @berbace

Scenes from the weekend in London on our last foray away from Bristol before Baby Kinglet arrives.

Jude Benjamin // 2 years 5 months
Dear Jude,
Here's this month's summary:
You love pouring activities - yesterday you spent a good forty minutes scooping spices into water jugs and pouring one into the other.
Current favourite Bible story is Jonah & the whale.
Jack & the Flum Flum Tree
Oi Frog
Your Special Gift

We've talked a lot about birthdays this month, with lots of family birthdays approaching, and Grandad Gerald's 70th birthday which we celebrated with him in Southbourne. You were very excited that his cake was going to have a rainbow inside it, and talked about it all week before and all week after the party. Whenever we talk about whose birthday is next, you say, 'I'm called Jude and I'm in May.' You still LOVE Under Pressure & Radio Gaga by Queen, but thankfully your music knowledge repertoire is growing and you've also discovered Adele's album '25' this month - a very welcome break from Queen in my humble opinion.
One of my favourite things I've noticed in you this month is your thoughtfulness in asking questions and gratitude at mealtimes ('thank you for cooking, Mummy!') You frequently ask, 'how was yours day?' 'Did you have a good time?' This thoughtfulness at the age of two has taken me by surprise. You are amazing and I love you.
Love Mama

Doing life together with Mrs @hannahpoulson since 2004, long before we had a beautiful bunch of children to raise. Jude's face (delighted to be eating raw gingerbread dough) and Ruby's style choices in this photo make me all kinds of happy.

Dear Jude, if you would like to slow down to your Mama's pace for a little while until I am no longer pregnant & can run again, that would be extremely helpful and save my sanity slightly. You cover a lot of ground in this park, very, very quickly and I would really love not to lose you (again). What do you reckon? Love Mama.

Wow, I haven't posted a photo since last weekend! It seems fairly fitting that this photo should follow my last post where I talked about how I crave solitude & value time to myself in the morning before my children wake. If they happen to wake earlier than normal, this is what ends up happening: I try and catch ten minutes to myself to read, pray & drink coffee before John leaves for work, and they follow. On this particular morning, I managed to choose gratitude for the fact that my children want to be near me and read me, rather than frustration that I couldn't have any time alone.

One more photo from a beautiful weekend in Southbourne. It occurred to me that all of the photos I have of my pregnancy with #kingletnumberthree are self portraits of me by myself, no evidence of any other family members. One reason for this is the practicality of setting up a self portrait with two kiddos is quite the challenge, but there's also this: Motherhood has made me crave both solitude and company in a way that I didn't before having children. Sometimes motherhood can feel incredibly lonely and the paradox that runs alongside this is that I really value opportunities to have time alone. I am very grateful that in this particular season, my children's sleep habits make it easy for me to have an hour or so of time to myself in the mornings. This wasn't the case yesterday morning, but because we were with family, I was able to escape for a morning walk to the beach on my own, which never fails to refresh me.

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