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Hannah King  Capturing the beauty in the ordinary moments of our days. Founder of @milkandhoneybakes & photography @hannahkingphoto Based in Bristol, England.

Snowy scenes from Monday at the reclamation yard.

I had forgotten how beautiful Spring sunrises look from our back garden. These tiny squares do not do it justice.

I should've thought to put this photo side by side with the last one I posted, taken in June 2016. Same children, same hairdryer, same bed, different house.

Does anyone else get supremely sleepy while having their hair brushed and dried? This doesn't happen often but I relish it when it does. I have to make a real effort not to start slurring my words and falling asleep though! I am so grateful for these slow mornings when we can take our time with getting dressed, and read countless books. I am really going to miss this when Ruby starts school in September. (Jude's current favourite books which get read at least three times each, every day: Spot's show & tell, Elephant Wellyphant, Never tickle a tiger, Handa's Surprise and Hungry Harry.)

Wintery scenes in March.

Another episode of #judesleepsmamareads from earlier this week. (Ruby was painting happily downstairs. Not so long ago, this reality of being able to leave her to play while I put Judd down for a nap felt like a world away, and so I do not take this for granted one bit.)

Today was the first day of 2018 where I have sat outside with no coat on and felt that beautiful warmth of the sun that says, 'Spring is almost here!' So I soaked it up (before the snow comes again - what in the world is happening with the weather?! 🤷‍♀️) while Ruby played with mud kitchens and jumped in muddy puddles at a community garden. I even closed my eyes and just enjoyed having my face totally bathed in sunlight. Jude sat defiantly on my lap, refusing to move an inch or put his wellies on, because I had made him wear his waterproof trousers. It's hard being almost two.

Our Thursday routine: naptime starts on the car journey home from swimming, right around the time when we're driving through Blackberry Hill & I love the quiet time to enjoy all of the beautiful buildings as I drive. We get home & I carry Jude up to his bed. This is one of the few times he reliably rests his head on my shoulder and there's something so lovely about how perfectly his head fits in that space. Inspired by @ourkiddo's beautiful self portraits, I had planned to try and take one with my DSLR with a long-forgotten remote timer but couldn't for the life of me get it to function normally. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you.

I love this space because I need words as well as pictures. If I just left this without a caption, I expect that in a year's time, I will have forgotten how stressed both Jude and I felt moments before I took this.
We were on our five hour journey from Kent to Bristol when we stopped at a service station, an hour away from home. Long car journeys in this season of life leave me stressed and reeling, quietly cursing and whisper-roaring that we will never go on a long journey again.

Moments before I took this photo, my skin was crawling with the feelings of stress and I literally wanted to pull my hair out. Jude was stressed to the point of unstrapping himself while we hurtled along the M4 at 70mph, while scream-crying, 'Mummy' on repeat for an hour. My feeling as I took this photo was one of relief at how wonderful the sun makes me feel and how happy both children were in this moment. Running up and down hills, grateful for the freedom, and giggling non stop. Sunshine, blue skies and hills to run up are wonderful tonics. I want to remember this season of life for what it truly is - both hard & holy.

I can still remember watching my Dad sketch when I was little & now he's sketching my children:

Dad: You're quite difficult to draw. You keep moving.
Ruby: No I'm not, I'm just sitting happily.

Swipe 👉🏻 to see a couple of other photos of #judesleepsmamareads from the last two years. I wish I'd done more of these photos.

Just a bit of casual standing on a chair to take some photos of my godson. 📷@berbace

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