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Hannah Rose IFBB BIKINI PRO  IFBB Pro League Bikini Pro @narlabs❤️ Posing Coach💁🏻‍♀️ Nutrition Cert 🍎 Olympia Amateur China ‘18⭐️ Miss Bikini NZ ‘17🏆 Email or DM for Coaching 🌷

The more work you put in adds up, the dedication and education adds up and subsequent choices you make adds up.... the sum of all of this .... the better your genetics/circumstances/luck will appear 💯 This isn’t only true for the gym, it’s in work and all areas of life as well 🙌🙏❤️ #choosewisely #maketodaybetter #nzifbb #narlabs #xtremenutrition

I’ll admit I’m terrible at not taking my own advice.... I push and push my body but don’t give it the time and recovery it needs but this month I’ve made it a priority! Lots of rest, good food and foam rolling ❤️🙌💯 @sofiek.__ #nzifbb #ifbbbikini #recovery

Putting last night’s treats to use 🙌💯💪 a scoop of pre workout ((I like @narlabs Xcell))and some fasted training... so I can then enjoy my Sunday in the dry and warmth!! Over a month post show now and thanks to sensible nutrition (pre and post show ) we have maintained a healthy weight...for the first time ever 🐷🙈 I don’t believe in constantly posting throwbacks all the time, it’s not healthy for you or me... this is my current (heathy and strong) condition and I’m looking forward to sharing this next stage my journey with you 💛 #narlabs #xtremenutrition #nzifbb #ifbbbikini #ifbbbikinipro

Stop wishing... just start 💛 Just over 2.5 years ago I decided to change my lifestyle, to one centred around health and fitness...it was the best decision to date... my only regret is not starting sooner 🙌 I went from self conscious to self assured and I haven’t stopped growing #selflove 💯💛💪 if you find you too are wanting to take control of your future, or maybe just have questions please let me help you as you embark/continue on YOUR journey ❤️ simply comment below, hit me with a dm or send me an email 😘 #nzifbb #narlabs #xtremenutrition #ifbb #transformation #ididthat #embracechange #empowerment #ifbbbikini #ifbbpro

We must surround ourselves with people who add value, who are both motivated and motivating, who are disciplined in their actions, who are positive in their words and their thoughts, who are focused on their goals and support us in ours. Most importantly of all who constantly challenge us to be more, do more and share more. If you surround yourself with people that will never let you settle for less than you can be, you have a recipe for success in every sense of the word ❤️ my circle is small, but the light it exudes is bright, and for that I am thankful 🙏💛⭐️ #attitudeofgratitude #sundaymusings #youknowwhoyouare

That face when you finally nail it ❤️🙌😊 SWIPE RIGHT TO SEE THE DIFFERNCE IN 9 WEEKS.... it hasn’t been straightforward journey here, but the knowledge and experience I have gained is invaluable . From winning a pro card (in a another federation) and giving it back to pursue and now finally achieve my dream @ifbb_pro_league Professional Status. Each show has brought new learnings and lessons and this experience combined with my now finished nutrition cert I believe I have found a natural, wholistic and healthy formula to prep for stage. Girls, whether your goal is the stage or athletic performance or improving your quality of Iife I dearly want to share this with you all ❤️ I strongly believe that you can compete safely with long term health in mind and it should be accessible to everyone, so please dm me for more information ❤️ when the time comes to showcase your hard work, let me teach you not only, the art and skill of posing, but also the confidence and empowerment you need to shine on stage (because I learnt the hard way 🙈) 🙌🙌🙌 I would be honoured to help you go far beyond your goals and achieve your dreams ❤️❤️❤️ @nzifbb @narlabs #nzifbb #ifbbbikinipro #ifbbbikinipro #beyondbodies #prep #wholistichealth #wellbeing #pose #bikini #coach #precisionnutrition

Trying to fit in the frame like 🙋🏻‍♀️🙈😂 but jokes aside I am beyond grateful for the unconditional support I have and continue to receive from @narlabs 🙌 unconditional meaning they have never asked for anything in return ever... no discount codes or commission tracking, not even to sell product (or myself in the process 🙄) #dontdiscountyourself #knowyourworth They have supplied me with everything and anything I needed to be to work towards becoming my best, and in return I share honestly and truthfully with you what I believe works ❤️🙌💯 now is no time to sit back and relax....it’s time to put in the work towards next goal #gotimegrowtime 💪 *****************************************************@narlabs available online or exclusively in NZ at @xtremenutrition.co.nz and in store ❤️ ******************************************************#narlabs #xtremenutrition #nzifbb #ifbbbikini #ifbbpro

NZIFBB Athletes 🙌❤️💪Another amazing oppourtunity to make the most of ❤️ go to the @nzifbb and comment why you should be the new athlete ambassador 💯🙌💪 #Repost @nzifbb
Great announcement.
Attention all NZIFBB members !! You are definitely worth more than just getting a discount in return of promoting a brand👌👌.
Every Active member of the NZIFBB will now be getting a 15% discount on any purchase from our main sponsor @xtremenutrition.co.nz 💪.
Simply email the NZIFBB at nzifbb@gmail.com providing your membership number and receive a code that will save you 15% on all your favourite products excluding of the daily deals 💪💪.
You can use that code to buy online or in any of the 10 locations of @xtremenutrition.co.nz in NZ.
This offer is strictly to all our active members to help them lower the cost of getting ready to shows.
Feel free to tag your friends from the NZIFBB 💪💪.
We are also looking at sponsoring few athletes with supplements and more👌👌
#nzifbb #xtremenutrition #prep #bodybuilding #mensphysique #classicphysique #figure #bikini #nz #fitness #supplements #save #money

I want to be first and foremost an ATHLETE... with such a large focus and time spent training on aesthetics I don’t want to lose my athletic ability or love for being active. I’ve always enjoyed dance, sports and being active, so whilst I take some time off from prep I’ve started adding some variety to my training, and taking a more wholistic approach including running again. I enjoy having goals away from purely how I look in the mirror and feeling strong and fit.... and it feels good 🙌💪💯 #10kcomeatme #wholistichealth #iamanathlete #narlabs #xtremenutrition #nzifbb #enrichment #ifbbbikini

Maybe it wasn’t competing that ruined your “life, health ect ect....” maybe it was your coach? 🔑 Please always think critically and don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice when it comes to what you put into your body, and what you put it through. Trust me is entirely possible to compete naturally, safely and healthily and ultimately find success both on and off stage ❤️💯🔑 #nomagicpill #healthiswealth #alwaysreadthelabel #longtermhealth #nzifbb #ifbbbikini

You might be eligible for a refund on your diet plan... but there is no refund on your health #foodforthought 💛 For the first time ever I can say with confidence I am ‘reverse dieting’ effectively. There’s no trade secret or magic solution... Simply put whilst I sacrificed a lot getting ready for my last show, my health and metabolism wasn’t included. Slow, steady and sustainable prep methods have resulted in not only favourable results on stage, but a happy mind, body and soul on the other side too 🙌 Competiting doesn’t have to cost you your long term health, you just need to invest wisely at the start to ensure a ROI that’s worthwhile 💯🙌💪 #healthiswealth #nzifbb #wholistichealth #fitness #xtremenutrition #narlabs #ifbbbikini #longtermhealth

“Let your actions speak louder than your words” was a phrase I grew up hearing over and over... however only recently though gave I understood its importance. So this is me... hood up, head phones in, ‘fresh’ as 5am allows game face on... we’re here to work 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m not here to spin or sell a dream (no constant #throwback )... but I’ll happily share my work and progress(and struggles) towards my goals 💪💯❤️ #narlabs #nzifbb #xtremenutrition #ifbbproleague #ifbbbikini

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