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Hannah Rose  🐒💪🥤 NZIFBB Narlabs Athlete Waikato Overall Bikini Champ 17 Miss Bikini NZ 2017 🏆

Nobody wants to bling a hotline that’s been blung ✌️

Less than five weeks till New Zealand’s biggest international body building show ❤️💪🙌 Come see what the months of diet, training and cardio are all about 💯 With international competitors, both amateur and professional competing, the competition will be excitingly fierce 🤷‍♀️❤️💪 #nzifbb #ifbbproleague #ifbbproleaguesouthpacific

Despite getting busted taking a selfie... I’m glad I captured this wee moment, proud as punch surpassing 160kg and chasing 170 🙈❤️🍑 with calories reducing and cardio increasing I rely heavily on @narlabs supplements to ensure that my performance both inside and the outside the gym doesn’t suffer ❤️ #narlabs #nzifbb #xtremenutrition #5weeksout

Discipline certainly doesn’t sound very exciting... but the possibilities it creates most certainly are 🙌 Prep never hinders my life outside of the gym, (and nor should it) instead the discipline required translates into opportunities everywhere ❤️ #nzifbb #5weeksout

Facial expression aside 🙈😂... I am always one workout away from a better mood 🐒❤️ #believeme #sweatforsanity #nzifbb #thegluteguy #nzproam2018

Before cardio or training I always make sure I use @narlabs AMINO 3333- Essential Amino Acids. Essential being that these are aminos our bodies do not make; instead we must provide them through effective nutrition and supplementation. The majority of recent research on increasing protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown, has highlighted the importance of Essential Amino Acids. There are 9 Essential Amino Acids in total, and AMINO 3333 contains them all! Don’t let all that hard work go to waste... find them in store and online at @xtremenutrition.co.nz 💯❤️🙌

My favourite morning treat ❤️ I can’t go without my creamy ice coffee... so I make it prep friendly with @narlabs Isolate 🙌❤️ •Shot of coffee •Plenty of Ice • @Narlabs 100% Whey Isolate- Cookies and Cream • Water • Sweetener to taste 🙌🙌🙌 Blend it all up and it’s just as good as my favourite frappe ❤️ find @narlabs online or in store @xtremenutrition.co.nz 💯

I’d rather earn respect through hard work than trade respect for attention ❤️ #itlastslongertoo #longevity #nzifbb #keepitclassysandiego

I used to think it was about finding someone who swears they are your universe and reason for living, but I was so wrong. It’s about stability and respect, it’s offering the best parts of yourself to one another and being a team. About being complete on your own but being so much better together. There’s no competition or jealously, rather endless encouragement and motivation. It’s not for the likes or the comments, the 😍 and #couplegoals. It’s about the quiet moments, the inside jokes, secret smiles, and endless friendship ❤️🐒👨🏽‍⚕️

The trouble with most of us is we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism 🐒🙌 starting the week with a clear plan and improvements to be made ❤️ #nzifbb #nzproam

Saturday night calls for movies and kiwi yo 🎬🍦❤️ @kurtdell #sorrymolly 🐶

Don’t know how I would make it out the door to work in the mornings without @musclechow ❤️ make sure you place your order before 1pm to stay on track this week 💪🙌👌

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