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Hannah Pixie  Here for the laugh ❤️ Enjoy the love & enter the creatrix 🦋Tattooing, art & charity projects loveshakthiom@gmail.com


Boring post sorry !! 💀 but just another reason why I've turned comments off now for the most part. If anyone wants to get in contact regarding business, charity and tattooing enquiries please do email! But I am not on any other forms of social media other than Instagram- nor do I have any intention to use any in the near future! Xx any other accounts over whatever platforms aint me guys haha so plz don't be mistaken & sit talking to a potential 40 year old dude pretending to be a young English girl from his computer screen in buttsville, illinois. Peace ✌️❤️ always ✨

.... continued from last post! ❤️ I cannot take credit for bringing out a joy in you that already exists. What I'm trying to say I guess - is just because you might not be able to put into words a feeling we all share, what some talented wordsmith may be able, or paint the same masterpiece another may create - you have to understand that if it moves you in that way, that emotion already exists inside you. Something outside of you merely provoked it. Something you chose - to pay attention to. To connect to. The point is not to follow blindly - but to use that emotion created to inspire you, to find your own way of putting your own magic into the world. Don't just watch others, or even in some cases, attempt to replicate. DO U. I think the dawn of the internet age really brought about a complete overload of information. We are bombarded daily. w/ads, news, fake news, Facebook updates & Instagram pictures from a million different perspectives & different realities at any one time - is it any wonder why we don't know which information to consume anymore? Quality over quantity! We r so hungry all the time and used to this level of mental chaos now, it begs the question, do you ever really just sit and think long & hard about manifesting your own dream life, or do you lend more time to following what you believe is someone else's? Or more so, do you even know what you want? What your dream life is? Or are you already living it? 😉 good ones to ponder on I reckon, in a world of unlimited possibility ... ❤️✨🦋 love you. My email is always open! Even if it takes me a while I shalllllll get thru them! Always do xx and www.shakthiom.com is soon to be most epic-ly vamped up to 💯 so watch this space 👁

Stole this dope pic from a babe @baxby ❤️🦋 ive decided to turn my comments off - for no other reasons other than I genuinely don't have time to reply to everyone in the day, whether it be questions about shakthi om treats or tattoo dates or whatever else, & do all my own emails too! I like keep it personal - & honestly, I feel dead rude not acknowledging ppl. As you might have gathered from my personality over this thing, I'm quite a talkative person who loves to connect and share with ppl and I feel tight not responding, especially if someone shares something particularly heartfelt with me that I'd prefer to take more time to acknowledge if it were in person. Or maybe offer a perspective on something that you might not have considered before. Always good to gather different perspectives on things. So, while I don't want in any way to come across as ungrateful here, for all of the support the people who keep up with this account contribute to the charity projects we do & the art I create (of which I have a fuckload more exciting shit in the works) ❤️ i was thinking a lot tonight - and although i always completely appreciate the place where kindness and gratitude emanates from - i don't ever want to appear to enable anyone when they say I was the reason for their happiness. I mean this, because it was you. Thank you, honestly, but you got it flipped ! It's you who chooses to follow this page, or not as the case may be! And it's you who chooses, on the daily, what words and sights to draw inspiration from. It is you who sets the tone for your own day. The music you choose to listen to. The connections and conversations you choose to have. Idolism - in any form, is super unhealthy. I feel like I owe it to you to say that I have witnessed first hand, that shit destroy people. It destroys the people on the pedestal, and while you have them on one, you gotta ask yourself why the fuck you aren't on one too? Surely you, of anyone , deserve that?! It is only you at the end of the day! Even just to experience idolism to a small degree, while I am overjoyed that what I may post would be of benefit to you (that is the intention after all!) .. continued in next post! Xx

I think the Instagram story thing is sick, bcos I've never been able to manage having more than one social media at a time haha- But after sorting through all the shit on my phone today to make way for any sweet tadoooooos I might do over the next couple of weeks - I realised that there's so many memories I have on here that tbh, Id like to post properly just for my own recollection. This thing has always been my visual diary & using my story when it's so disposable & short lived - means I end up blinking and missing whole adventures with having such a beautifully chaotic schedule sometimes. ( I rly like doing stuff) Here's some snippets from my NY trip last month. You were wonderful and I wanna come back next year! Make more magic meet more wizards & such. Sorry if some of this isn't very interesting to you but I just want to record it somewhere. Even just the ways I felt right there & then. I don't even have a laptop anymore so this page is my hardrive haha ! xxxxx and thank you for enjoying my journeys with me. I patched the fuck outta that jumpsuit too , now I'm hand embroidering shit alllllll over it as a trial run for future shakthi om treatssssssssssaa 😉❤️✨🔥👅💯🦋

Unexpected day @ the moody coast ❤️we got wet today // but we definitely felt the rain 👁 I used to hate getting stuck in the rain, but sometimes it feels real different. In a really good way, I think sometimes we all have to stand in a downpour. Really feel it and don't resist - then comes the pure feeling of rejuvenation. Natures baptism ✨ Had to post these because it was hilarious, tried to take a photo of my lil rock pile whilst leaning back and ofc Dylan spots his opening- bounds straight in, jumps on my chest, smooshes my phone back into my face and plants a fat lick on my nose. & somehow I managed to capture the entire sequence of events perfectly from my perspective hahahhaa dat tongue doe 👅 as for balancing pebbles, would highly recommend v chill. Thank fuck for Dylan. Loml. That's all I have to say. My constant reminder, that's its all gravy. Rain or shine.

I'm a lil late, but I was completely bewildered when I first heard about the tragic loss of such a huge influence on my younger developing self. I don't know whether we have these assigned identities & life paths that tie us together, whether it's fate or laws of magnetism. All I know is that from the 1st moment I heard linkin park, my identity was chosen. My chosen identity was rooted in music. From blasting hybrid theory back to back w/meteora on long late night drives down south w/my mum as a pre teen, screaming our lungs out & connecting on a level we'd never before. To turn up the music until everything else fell away, losing all inhibition & to be ALLOWED to be so wild & free. I craved heavy, passionate music. As I grew up I found myself surrounded by likeminded friends - & still at the end of every barn party, nu metal would come out and we'd all lose our minds in one room full of insane energy. This band spans over 10 years for me, & some of the fondest memories I have are tied to the people I shared a deep love of this music with. I know there's something deep in all of us, that is stirred & somewhat entwined w/another when you have lost yourself with and in front of them to music. Anyway, tbh it's been a wild week & all I know is listening to hybrid theory right now, w/headphones under the night sky - I feel that exact same energy as the first time. Music got me through some really weird times. I'm sure it has a lot of us- so tonight I just want to say thank you ❤️writing it makes your intention a hella lot more powerful, so thanks to Chester Bennington & linkin park for writing great music that stirred something up inside me. But beyond that, it's the memories we attach to these bands. There's a few people I hope see this, who've known me well enough at various intervals over the last 10 years. I'm really grateful for you, for all of it. All the times & all the places we yelled & moshed. Nothing really makes sense a lot of the time and the world is a complete circus but we're all in this together right. Just lost little human beans floating around trying to be happy, and we all had some fucking good times xx so here's to some more ❤️

Me, myself and this sleepy/disrespectful lil bastard will be back in you soon for the laugh 🇬🇧 ❤️had to post this because yes, that's my new painting he's asleep on and yes, he has run of the whole rest of the bloody house Hahaha. Y MUST U NAP THERE #takingliberties

Little corner of the super early stages of my painting - one of the biggest ones I'll have done ! A lotttttt of work to come on this one. Rest of the pics are the 24 hours prior just because that's what makes me tick and I hope you enjoy it too. The purple flowers r 4 my love back in Yorkshire. C u soon homegirl xxxx

Number two!! Smush Continued from my last post !! Watching real artists work sucks when they're in your house allllll the time -cos it makes you realise how far you still have to go hahaha. forever and ever and the progression never stops apparently 🙃🙃🙃🙃 just depends how hard you wanna push your mind! So enjoy a sneak preview from the one & only black metal af @rafeldelalande 🔥💀👹

So as I mentioned in my previous post, my content this month has been pretty chill due to a much needed staycation in my fave place to create. Standing somewhat still for a lil bit (with my fur baby) has been lit and I've been able to cook all the good food, start all the coolest lil handmade projects I've always wanted to try my hand at (in prep for making absolute future love infused gold to share with you all) - & aside from that I've also watched this guy relentlessly paint, tattoo & build machines/create magic madness on the daily. Time off doesn't exactlyyyy exist when you love what you do I guess! Haha. So I wanted to share what I've watched the two dudes I spend most of my my time with, create over the last few days. The hours and hours these people spend on their art for the pure love of it - inspires me and I hope will you too. They have a lot of years on me in this game but I couldn't be more stoked to get to work around people who are talented & don't suck - because you really don't always get the two. Xxxx hahaha for starters here's some photos of freehand madness from the man I share my life with. His only Internet page is www.guyletatooer.com for anyone who asked✌️accept no imitations // feel & feed the soul!!

This picture was taken 100 years ago in Antarctica - has anyone here ever been? I'm on a staycation at home RN 💯 loving life with all the running round the planet I often start to distract myself with - but I do really really want to go here I reckon. Any tips ? I've got a feeling there's some hectic magic over there hahaha. For the rest of the year - so far I know I'll be back visiting in the UK , Hong Kong , Nepal and Australia for sure ! Will be advertising for tattoo bookings for the rest of this year, in the coming week so plz keep your eye out for more info if you want in 😉❤️✨✌️

THAT RITE THERE WOULD B A MF POSTER ❤️✨ only 5 A1 posters left over on www.shakthiom.com - link in my bio! all proceeds from the shirts we made in NY & these will be donated to AMA animal rescue, Brooklyn ✌️⚡️🙃 under half of the tie dye tees are left across all sizes - and just under half the A3 posters remaining as it stands ! Thank you // love you all & plz excuse my messy living room floor but I had an epic paint sesh last night which am v excited to show you all and not v prepared to finish or clean up yet ✨✨✨✨✨🔥 SORRY 4 the repost forgot to add all the bloody pictures n then caused Dylan to pull this face at me & I had to pull it @ myself - which I also had to share

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