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Hannah Pixie  Tattooer ❤✨ out to be love, truth & light where it's lacking. Love shakthi om - charity movement coming May 1st, 2017 ... loveshakthiom@gmail.com


Can't wait to see all the footage from this! Coming May- fingers crossed ❤ an epic adventure into culture and love in Kerala, India. Will hopefully coincide with the release of Shakthi Om . Com coming May 1st!!! Worldwide charity project here we gooooooooo ✨✨✨ #justwatchusmakemagick #joinusordiebitter #lovepeopledogoodstuff #spendtimewisely

Un petit papillon dans ce grand univers ✨🦋❤

Just because I know this deserves a shelf life of more than a meagre 24 hours. The full version is better. Dylan, the star of my story. The king of my universe and the dog of all dogs. Fuck the rest #sorrynotsorry #inspo #nofucks #evergiven

Now! That's what I call an armpit '17 - the home of lit pits ❤🔥 hahahaha happy 4/20 ppl be excellent to each other ✨ n party on 🤙

Aum Kring Kalakayei Namaha ! #kaliloveforever #nothingtofearbutfearitself

Small white girl meets powerful Indian woman from an orthodox background and exchanges Rastafarian influenced tattoo for all the good chats and company. Absolute mixing pot, in love with that diversity ❤ whatever religion or race you are from, whatever background- we can all agree Marley knew his shit right?! JAH LOVE JAH BLESS ANNA!! thank you xoxoxo it's allllllll the same trip ppl!! #keralacreatorsproject #wink #womeninink @fwdlife_magazine photo: @jinsabraham

It's been an insane 15 days - beautiful, hectic, completely overwhelming at times and just generally mind expanding. I've been filming and shooting for about 12 hours most days , sometimes up to 17 in constant 40 degree heat, so I think it's very fair just to quickly say- thank you homie. I don't know how you do what you do to and for me, but thank you. Ily and that's all there is to it really. It's been the experience of a lifetime in every respect & I wouldn't change it for the world (even the testing times, & in all honestly this completely unfamiliar experience has been a real challenge for me) I think you're fucking great. X#keralacreatorsproject #wink #womeninink @fwdlife_magazine photo: @jinsabraham

My little blessed tattoo machine, this Vishu!! Thank you so much for involving me in this gorgeous tradition xxxxxx #keralacreatorsproject #wink #womeninink @fwdlife_magazine photo: @jinsabraham

HAPPY (belated) VISHU INDIA!! Hope you had a sick one - I certainly did, & it was such a pleasure & honour to take part in your most wonderful traditions with such kind and welcoming people; eager to share their home, fireworks, breakfast and blessings with me!! One love ❤️✨❤ here's my sweaty little head after having the hectic but awesome experience of cooking for & serving a bustling vegetarian restaurant on New Year's Day in true traditional Kerala style. Can't wait to smash out some sambar when I get home, now I've been given all the top tips for the tastiest Indian vegan treats ✨✨✨ also very much looking forward to tryna cook you up your fave foods next time I get to kiss your face irl @theadventuresofjade ❤🌈#keralacreatorsproject #wink #womeninink @fwdlife_magazine photo: @jinsabraham

Everywhere I arrive beautiful women bless me - it's so loving & even with less than 5 minutes in your company - your smiling friendly faces and comforting hands serve as a reminder to me that the sisterhood is alive and well xoxoxox no need for judgemental looks - any air of separation at all. Just connection! Girls, try walking down the street and smiling (everyone should do this anyway at everyone, but especially to your fellow ladies) today- we are often raised to uphold ideals of unhealthy female competition being the norm and it's really weird. It's weird that it's often less common to lift our fellow females and support them at every opportunity than to gossip and bring one another down. I'm so grateful for all my old male friends for raising me to acknowledge and revere my more masculine and forceful side when necessary, but only over the last few years have I really felt that deep connection with more of my fellow females and I am so so grateful for that now. I understand how easily we can be pitted against each other - when in reality, all it would take is more love. More communication. Share more wisdom, instead of allowing ourselves to be silenced when our personal experiences, when shared, could be of such great help to our fellow sisters. Less separation, less competition. I made another beautiful female friend today that I had the pleasure of tattooing. Thank you Anna. Jah love jah bless! Just for you!!!

This guy is insane hahaha! Such a pleasure to meet you Joseph you absolute nutbar ✨🤙 50 years old, super duper clean eating vegan for the past 12 years, dubbed the Indian Bruce lee- holding the Guinness world record for the most push ups in one minute (& in one hour) he can do 105 push ups in 60 secs and he had a go for filming in front of me and I reckon we smashed 110!! Hahaha absolutely wild. We are nature - that's what he kept telling me. Our bodies thrive when we treat them that way. I trust you Jospeh- no HGH or steroids necessary just a hell of a lot of dedication and incredibly clean living. Such a jolly guy. Enjoy image no.2 of me trying (and failing miserably in a somewhat hilarious fashion) to bend one of his steel rods & finally image no.3 is simply to serve as a friendly reminder that yes, I may be a lil happy go lucky people pleasing kinda gal but GUESS WHO FOUND HER POWER whoooooopsie 💪💪💪 aka I'll never smack u no matter how much shit you wanna chat // I'll just allow you to destroy yourself energetically but my m8 Indian Bruce lee might tag in hahahaha

Loookin upppppppp (&ahead) 5eva ✨✨✨

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