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Hannah Pilkes  Actress-Comedian-Human Bean---->NEW episodes of Sorry Not Sorry! WATCH!


We are family. I got all my sisters (and brothers) and me! ☮️#womensmarchla

Music video, only my shoes aren’t tied.. #thesetwo❤️

Allison is definitely not having a breakdown #notmybirthday 😂

Remember Middle School?! GUYS Episode 1 of @middleschooltalentshow is OUT. Click the link in my bio to watch the episode from @scootermcgroder ! Tag everybody!!!

Well folks. Typically I don’t post things like this.. but it being the new year and all I felt compelled. For as long as can remember, I’ve struggled with social media. While I enjoyed so many parts of Vine, and the incredible ability to express oneself, I found myself comparing so often that it stripped a lot of the joy away for me. For many, this was not the case, but as I migrated over to Instagram, a similar pattern began for me. I was often only posting what I thought others would find funny, or what I thought they would view as the most attractive, and seldom was I actually checking in with myself. What I loved so much about making comedy videos initially was finding all those nutballs out there who appreciated my love of characters and absurdity. It was a real kinship. When not enough people “approved” of my comedy, I labeled it as “bad” or “not enough” and would immediately take videos down, or internally berate myself with negative self talk.. when the beautiful thing about comedy is that it’s so eclectic! I started posting photos where I vaguely looked like myself because they were the “hottest” or the most “aesthetically pleasing”, not the ones where I was genuinely experiencing joy. In the new year, I can’t promise I won’t struggle with comparison, and I can’t promise that I won’t be tempted to put up a vain picture when I finally learn how to contour (for god’s sakes can somebody teach me how to contour) but I do want to make an effort to be more present. I do want to put up the videos that make me laugh, and challenge myself to keep those videos up even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I do want to interact and learn from more of you wonderful guys and gals who I’m immensely grateful for. And I don’t want to use social media as a means of self punishment. We are all freaking magnificent in our own ways, and we don’t need an airbrushed photo or a viral video to prove it. If you, however, are feeling hot as hell and want to celebrate that on the internet MORE POWER TO YOU, I love it! But me, Hannah, ima do my damndest to be more me. So here’s Hannah, sans makeup, thanking the 4 of you that read to the end. Remember, #YOU are enough ❤️ Pickles out.

Winter, Eh?

Extremely sophisticated talk show

Until next time, London ❤️🇬🇧

In no way a cat person, but this kitten is the definition of a plump n precious lil piece-a pumpernickel peanut brittle

My Heroes 👑

My reflection is such a betch

Hey Ma. Just thought you should know that I’m a thuper model now.. Ok theeya later.

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