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PSA: there are no rules. Nadia and Sern were married on a Thursday. She wore black. They brought only 7 of their closest friends. They had their first dance spontaneously on Royal St. to a trumpet player. Sern's friend drew the outline of Australia on his arm in permanent marker with the 'C' word underneath. They introduced me to negronis. And everyone signed the ceiling at the bar we went to after the ceremony. And it was the best day ever. That's how weddings should be - a reflection of who you are.

367 days ago, you flew down to New Orleans and asked me to cut your hair in my bathroom. Two days later, you asked me to be your girlfriend, which luckily turned out better than the haircut. It's been an incredible year, and despite the distance and challenges we've had along the way, we never stopped choosing each other. And I'm really proud of us for that. You've made me braver, calmer, and all around better. You've challenged and encouraged me and because of you, I've done more than I even knew I was capable of. One year down, across 7 states, and what feels like a million adventures. I can't wait for more. I love you @davidfiser Let's watch japanese reality shows forever k?

Remember when these two rays of sunshine took me down to the French Quarter on the back of Chris's motorcycle? All 3 of us, 1 bike. My proof is the next photo. #yesitookthatwhileweweremoving

tfw you just meet someone, but you feel like old friends within 20 seconds

Parading down the street never gets old, tbh.

The first time I got on an airplane was 4 years ago. Yes, at the age of 23. To put that into perspective for you, I was a college grad before I went anywhere further than Tennessee. Now, there's nothing I love more than seeing a place I haven't been. So, last week when I flew to Idaho to shoot a wedding, I extended my trip on a whim to explore Seattle. I was alone and figured I'd make make friends there, which I did. Here are 3 of them.

I promised Daren I'd say 'no' if anyone asked if he cried during his first look with Kaley. So, please don't ask me. I'm a terrible liar.

everyone's waiting for the eclipse like ^ #besidesthatoneperson #theresalwaysthatone

We made breakfast, then photos, and now Rachel's painting a portrait of me as I edit pictures of them. Um, this is a perfect day and it's only 1pm.

From back in February when we discovered that if we turned @davidfiser's long johns inside out, they made for the perfect retro future dance party outfit. Also, side note, if you want to make friends just carry around a bottle of whiskey and share. #yeahfieldtrip

TFW mom tells you you have to wear a bra. Fourth grade me relates to this so much. Anyone else remember that phase? 🙋

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