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We wear hats of solidarity when one of us graduates 🎓 Said goodbye to a member of this crazy amazing work fam—enjoy your first day at the new gig @sarahrodco

You hold up half the sky my dear. #internationalwomensday #mylenavi

Just another bath photo 🛁

We call her our little boom boom cause she's got an explosive personality packed in that little body. 11 month mark is just around the corner 😱 #mylenavi

Here I am again...looking at old photos of Lena when I definitely should be sleeping. This was 2 months ago and I can't handle how she's going to be a year old soon. Where did the time go?! Nothing like a quickly growing baby to make you constantly reassess—is this working? Is she thriving? Am I making the right choices? Will I have regrets? Did she eat enough veggies? Is she going to be impacted by this? What REALLY matters in life right now? Just over here having some sort of parental, existential angst, lol, but also thankful for the privilege to be able to grapple with this stuff and choose accordingly. 🙌🏻 📷: @cmillerphotos

Reposting my husband's pic of our little babe in her Shamu suit! 🐳😍 I love her bunny sleeping pose—so cute. Also, she is WELL over 9 months and it's freaking me out cause she'll be 1 year soon. She can wave hello and bye, she says "niyah niyah" when I ask her to say mama. She tries to feed herself with a spoon and that's always hilarious 😝 She babbles incessantly and likes to go into her room by herself, open books and pretend to read—it's maybe the cutest thing ever. She knows what milk means and when she's not supposed to touch something. Still only has 2 teeth and has decided mom's oatmeal concoctions are the worst. She's still our happy babe and we still love being parents, sleepless nights and all (although the sleep department is getting better!) #ninemonths #mylenavi

A warm day of skiing is a good way to start year 28! I feel good about this one guys...one more year until I'm 29 forever 😜Barely had service and got bombarded with birthday wishes at the end of the day so I am REALLY feeling the love ☺️—thank you!! #goldenbirthday

It's just pretty so why not? #tahoe

Just watching her watch snow falling outside. I love this baby stage—she explores anything and everything, babbles nonstop and laughs all the time. 😩 just stop growing, ok?! #mylenavi

Day at Lake Tahoe yesterday with my mini baby J.

How AMAZINGLY MAGICAL is this photo by @rachelmc_cord?! Yes, I know...hurts the eyes it's too pretty. Follow her for more lovely photos—she always manages to find ridiculous light.

Just holding on to the last few days of December. I always get kind of sad post Christmas and right before the New Year—anyone else? It's most likely the big build up of anticipation for Christmas and then it comes and goes in a snap. When I was a teen, I wanted everything to move faster. I couldn't wait to check off all the milestones and now I can't catch a breath life is moving so fast. What makes time feel fast and slow? Here's to creating more space in 2017 for reflection and meditation.

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