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Hannah Johnson  Be prepared for a lot of baby, a lot of color and a lot of the central coast CA—preferably with a dose of humor and magic light.

Does she know how much I love her? Missing that squishy, tiny baby stage right now, but also liking her ever-growing ability to communicate. #mylenavi

Lena got to cheer on her uncle as he graduated today! So proud of my littlest-not-so-little brother. 👨‍🎓💕

This _ is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Gwen understands. Credit for the awesome banana pattern: @dawn.kim

Second and third kids are gonna get totally gipped for their first birthdays. Here's your blown out candle and a cupcake. Happy day, the end.
Oh yeah, I'm also going to deny this growing up to be a toddler thing for as long as possible. As long as she keeps the bald look she's basically under 1. #mylenavi #1stbabyrave

We celebrated our little 1 year old's birthday today with family and friends. Thanks so much to everyone for partying with us at Lena's BABY RAVE. Thanks for being a part of "our village" as we've navigated this whole new world of parenting. We couldn't manage life too well without a little bit of help and grace—so thank you, thank you, thank you! #mylenavi #lenaturnsone #1stbabyrave #mylenavi #cakesmash #cakesmashshoot

How fun is this cake?!?! My ridiculously talented friend made the most fun and tasty baby birthday cake we could ever hope for 🎂! Thank you @brynhobson for spending your time and talents to bake it—Lena loves her uncle Bryn 💓#mylenavi #lenaturnsone #cakesmash #cakesmashshoot

Miss Lena Violet is ONE today and we couldn't love her more.
All I can say is, this baby loves life. Everything is THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER! She is constantly on the move, loves attention and getting people to smile. She'll squirm and squirm one moment and want to cuddle the next. She talks, sings and dances every chance she gets. She's standing on her own unassisted and claps for herself after she does so, haha. I've never had so much laughter in my life on a daily basis—she's a total goof. Pretty darn thankful for this baby girl. She's our sunshine ☀️ Happy Birthday Lena. #mylenavi #lenaturnsone

Our little love is 1 today! 😭 It's been the best, most challenging, and most fun year of my life so far. My heart got super-sized chock full of baby love and I'm just so incredibly thankful for her—she's our boom boom, sunshine, honey badger, Luna, miss Leena, baby bat, pterodactyl, toot n' scoot and little love. #mylenavi

Good thing I'm distracted planning a birthday party because the nostalgia is really hitting hard this week. She was so tiny 😭 I don't regret a single photo of the thousands I took of her this past year. #mylenavi

Ive been waiting to use these ears for almost a year now 😂 AND she actually kept them on all day. Also...she's going to be 1 in 4 days 😩😱Love these two ☺️#mylenavi

I think of my small and mighty, southern grandma every Easter because she would fervidly sing this hymn every Easter morning which then got passed down to my mother. I got the hymn texted to me this morning: "Lo in the grave he lay
Jesus my savior
Waiting the coming day
Jesus my Lord
UP from the grave He A-ROSE!
With a mighty triumph o'er His foes
He arose a victor of the dark brigade
And He lives forever
As His saints proclaim
Hallelujah, Christ Arose!!!!

Day 05/100:

A rising tide lifts all boats. I remind myself of this when others achieve success in their life as well as when I have my own success. An excerpt of a poem I read fits my thoughts:

Pull the Next One Up: "When you get to the top of the mountain

Pull the next one up

Then there will be two of you

Roped together at the waist

Tired and proud, knowing the mountain,

Knowing the human force it took

To bring both of you there. [...]" -Marc Kelly Smith
#The100DayProject #100DaysOfNotHavingItAll

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