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H A N N A H • joiner • crosby  If there's no sign of paint on me my day is incomplete.


Morning light.

My accidental color coordinating game is on point. Been up since 5:40am... couldn't sleep because I wanted to paint (#whatiswrongwithme??? ) Anyway, I can't wait to tell you guys about this custom piece. I haven't been inspired to write in a while and the idea behind this painting is full of so much that I care about that I can't wait to tell you. Hope you are all having a magical #Saturday !

Pretty much just watching the clock waiting for tomorrow so that I can finish up a few commissions & add them as print options to my shop! This print thing is fun. If you ordered or preordered one they all ship out this weekend 🙌🏻

I wish I was still doing this... However my outfit is still color coordinating the commissions I'm working on. A totally subconscious decision. #abstract

Mornings with @jeffthedoodle.

I catch myself in these moments... completely unaware that there is an outside world. Everything else fades, my job, my worries, my anxiety, the to do list that's waiting for me on the other side, and I'm left alone in the process of creating. It's one of the most magical feelings. It centers me. It reminds me that I have to take more of these moments and dive into them because they make me a better version of me. #artist

Ready for some new palettes because it's starting to feel like #SPRING ! Bring on the bright colors.

Yes you can have anything you want.

Patience is a virtue.

Three years ago today (but we are pretending like it's Friday when we have a babysitter) I made the best decision ever. We have almost been married as long as we dated 🙌🏻. I will never forget the advice we got during pre marital counseling "they key to a happy marriage is to give each other generous explanations." It seemed simple enough at the time, but come to find out this can be pretty difficult sometimes. I guess if it was easy then a lot more people would still be married.
Our best days have been when we both adopt this way of thinking. Not a pro over here by any means. Just happened to get some great advice from one and wanted to share.
Anyway, happy three years @trippcrosby. Thanks for choosing me. Thanks for giving me a life I couldn't have even dreamed of. I love you.

In order to enjoy the packaging process I've had to pretend like it's still part of the art.

Sweet boy shed a few rare tears this morning because... well I'm not really sure why, but then he had another rare moment in his teepee quietly staring out the window. I'm afraid this might be a sign of growing up and I want to freeze time so bad. I swear every single day I ask myself how he is mine.

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