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H A N N A H • joiner • crosby  If there's no sign of paint on me my day is incomplete. Documenting the vulnerable, creative & funny parts of life. #momblogger #motherhood #design

"If we only learn from people who agree with us, we will be small-minded leaders. And if we only experience faith with people who believe like us, we will have a small definition of God." - @reggiejoiner • When is the last time that you invited someone new to the table? #community #sunday #motherhood #parenthood

Just sitting on the floor with her realizing that my heart will forever live outside of me. Parenting is such a risk... to love someone at this extent with no guarantee of how long you get to hold onto them or if they will even love you back. But gosh what was life before this kind of love? #parenting #parenthood #momlife #motherhood

There’s no question where Miles gets his love of messes. Also, hi Thursday, where did you come from?! 😳I need a few more days in this week. Over here listening to everything I can about Enneagram. I test out as a 3 and I’m trying to investigate to see if I really am a 3... have you taken the Enneagram? What are you??? #enneagram #motherhood #parenthood #toddlerlife #momlife #artistlife

You know what’s draining (literally)? Trying to get stuff done on a nursing/pumping schedule. The second I get a free minute to dive into a project I feel super rushed because before too long I have to think about milk 🤦🏻‍♀️. The great thing is that pumping sessions give me time to instagram 🙌🏻. While I do feel completely drained I also feel incredibly fortunate to be a Mom AND get to keep my hands in some other things I love at the same time. I don’t believe there is one right way to do the mom thing... I know the ideal daily life looks different from family to family. For us, I need to spend a lot of time with my kids and I also need to spend a lot of time being creative in my career. That’s what I need to be the best version of myself in this season. There was a time when I was ashamed to admit that because it felt like I wasn’t making my kids a priority. I have found my perfect balance in both worlds and I’m loving every second. Thankful for the voices in my life that didn’t let me give up on my dreams for my family and career. But mostly, thankful for my husband who actually makes it all possible.

A perfect rainy day to work on #mothersday gifts for our favorite Grandmothers! We have a couple more steps to finish these but when we are done I will be sharing the project on my blog so you can try it at home with your littles. My biggest complaint about artwork for kids is that no one bothers to mix the right shades and instead use the paint color straight out of the container. A little extra effort makes your gift easy to frame and matches home decor. Also, swipe to see the cutest smile in the whole world.
#toddlerlife #parenthood #motherhood #diyhomedecor #diyproject

Sweet Neeva has already added more pink to my life than I thought possible. Mostly thanks to hand me downs (best gifts ever). I also catch myself wearing pink more often these days 🤷🏻‍♀️. I have to admit, I’m so excited to see her rolls in a swimsuit! I kind of want a matching one... have I gone crazy? Where should I look for cute baby girl bathing suits?! #4months #motherhood #family #parenthood #blogger

Sweet @jeffthedoodle has to be everywhere Neeva is. My kids will no doubt grow up as “dog people”. They have no other choice. What are you forcing upon your kids?! 😂#motherhood #4monthsold #goldendoodle #dogsofinstagram

Here’s the thing... I’m just kidding I hate it when people say that (and I’m totally guilty of it). We have had a bit of a rough week. I’m not ready to share why yet, because we are still waiting on some answers that might make it all go away anyway.
I do want to say that I am surprising myself with how much better I can deal with the uncertainties in life than even two years ago. ...Especially when I can’t dive into a glass of wine or bag of chips to distract my anxiety because hi day 24 of @whole30.

Sometimes it’s hard to give a really specific answer as to why counseling has helped me so much... but then I have these moments and I realize oh, wow, this is a different Hannah than the one I used to know.
The years of counseling pay off when life gets hard and confusing. It’s difficult to see the change right away... but you guys, not having all the answers isn’t totally freaking me out... and it’s nice. It’s nice to just be here, living in today, actually enjoying it, being okay with the unknown (and trust me it’s a scary unknown.) It’s nice to be able to see a different perspective than just the old fearful one I know all too well.
The only regret I have is not starting counseling sooner. If you’re on the fence or still making excuses I just want to encourage you to start. Life is so much better this way.
#counseling #mentalhealth #motherhood #parenting #artist #interiordesign

I mentioned last week on my stories that I have a new series of original paintings coming out that represent all the sweet rainbow babies out there. The originals will be different sizes and colors but I am going to offer prints on a few of the designs. This is one of them! If you want to stay updated on the release of the paintings and prints visit my profile link and sign up for my newsletters. Love you guys ❤️🌈#rainbowbaby #motherhood #parenthood #momlife

Weekends are just too fast. Lately it seems like anxiety starts settling in on Sunday afternoon in fear of the work week. Just me? Also how did this non physically affectionate mom get two snuggly kids? I don’t know but they are changing me. I did not make them sit together. Miles keeps begging to hold her, snuggle her, sleep with her, play with her... and she can’t get enough of him either. I’m swooning over their adoration of each other. #motherhood #momlife #thisistwo #toddlerandbaby #artist

Sometimes it’s okay to mix your donut PJs and your snow boarding polar bear PJs. Who made up the rule that PJs have to match anyway? I’m kind of tired of all the rules to be honest. I get that some rules are there to protect us, and I do respect those. But the ones that are there to control us or to benefit only a select group of people, those rules can go. Now I know you’re confused about whether or not this is a trivial post or a deep one, you can decide whatever you want it to be :) #rulebreaker #freedom #freespirited #motherhood #toddlerlife #momlife

“This is not hard. Do not tell us that this is hard.” @whole30
My first post about @Whole30 is up on my blog. #health #motherhood #parenthood #blogger #whole30

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