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H A N N A H • joiner • crosby  If there's no sign of paint on me my day is incomplete. Documenting the vulnerable, creative and funny parts of life.


I've been torn all day because on one hand I don't want to identify with all the "me too's" because I have spent so much of my adulthood recovering from being a me too. I'm also torn because the lies creep in and whisper to me "it's not a big deal, don't you see, it happens to everyone" just like they did when the me too started in 4th grade. It's a reminder that sexual abuse is so common; but reading about all of your hurt and pain is also a reminder that just because it's common doesn't make it weigh less. It's a reminder that my daughter is going to grow up around a lot of me too's. It's a heavy truth that statistically she will be a me too. That completely breaks my heart. It makes me angry. It also makes me feel the same shame I felt when I was told it was normal, or the next time when I was told it was my fault, or the next time when I was told I was making it up, or the last time when I was told to just be quiet and keep it secret.
Tripp asked me today why I didn't post #metoo yet... and the truth is I needed the nudge to remind me that it's ok to not be quiet anymore. So I'm here standing for my kids, because I am a me too and something has to change and change starts with awareness.

Reposting this from @_kristen_ivy ❤️ "My friend @hannahjoiner has always been intrigued with elephants. So, a few weeks ago, I found myself reading a little more about these animals for a little writing project and I came across some stories that pulled at my heart in a whole new way.
I never knew:
When a mother elephant has a miscarriage, scientists observe she often enters a period of despondency. She changes her behavior in such a way that even humans (an entirely different species) take notice, and say “something has happened.” But, in a matriarchal, elephant community, the grieving mother is not alone. Sisters, aunts, and others in the community have been known to surround her, stay beside her, and touch her trunk in what seem to be expressions of affection.
After reading this, I asked @hannahjoiner if she would make a new elephant painting. One for #infantlossawareness #pregnancyloss October 15th. This is a way to say to anyone who is grieving the loss of a child you were not given an opportunity to watch grow up, we stand with you. We see the pain, we hurt with you, we will always remember." Prints available @parentthephase
Original painting available at hannah crosby art.

Feeling overly appreciated and celebrated today after being showered by some of my sweet girlfriends. Neeva has so many amazing women to look up to already. Thank you @melissathorson3 and @jesskitchel for throwing the most beautiful shower for us. I feel so loved.

Happy Friday! Go make something this weekend. DIY info for this abstract piece over on the blog in case you need some inspiration. 😘#create #diy #diyart

I'm physically not feeling great today... so I'm just sitting here in this nursery reminding myself that soon enough I'll be staring at a sweet baby inside that crib. However, right now I see a dinosaur in the crib and it makes me even happier. See, Miles is only 20 months old but he knows that's Neeva's crib (he calls her Neevie) and he puts random things in there for her. He also knows that girls like dinosaurs too. He doesn't think they are just for boys because no one has tried to teach him yet that trucks and dinosaurs and science are for boys.. and I'm in awe of him and his purity and innocence to the rest of the world out there. He teaches me so much, like how to be here in this moment and see things that I wouldn't have seen if I didn't slow down and try to take it all in. I don't know if Neeva will actually like dinosaurs and I don't care either way. I'm just really excited to be a small part in raising the next generation to believe they can be who they are meant to be and they don't have to try and fit in some box that culture tells them is right. #liketoknowit #liketoknowithome #liketoknowitfamily

I made a fall wreath for our front door and posted about it on my blog 🙌🏻. It was so easy, and I made a mini one for the new nursery with the leftover. Everything you need to know in the post ❤️#fall #diy
DIY fall flower wreath http://liketk.it/2t0G1 @liketoknow.it #liketkit #liketoknowithome #liketoknowit

This last week I have been working on a really special project for @parentthephase on #infantlossawareness. More soon 💛.

When the world is hurting and there aren't the right words to say, try creating something. Art is a healing force. #DIY Abstract Art in my blog post today if you need some direction to get started. Happy Friday! #liketoknowit #liketoknowithome

Normally this little guy is an amazing sleeper but today he decided to get up at 5:30am. Nbd. We are just all pretending to be in good moods... 🤔somehow he's still the cutest thing I've ever seen. #liketoknowit #liketoknowithome
@liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.home @liketoknow.it.family

Pretty excited about the project I'm sharing on my blog tomorrow ❤️. Hint: you can do it too. #DIY

Truth is, I have so many projects to finish right now I feel a little bit paralyzed. I'm not managing my time well and pregnancy steals my usual creative energy. But every single project I'm working on right now is so important to me. I said yes to them all because I'm so excited about each of them individually. Apparently I need to work on my ability to communicate realistic delivery dates. I know this about myself. I also look around at my office/studio and it's no wonder I can't think, my space is a disaster. I need an assistant. #32weekspregnant #lifeofanartist #abstractartist #realtalk

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