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ツンデレ  Casually sharpens Keyblade Next con: Momo🍑 🐰B.net: HanaThong 🗝️Twitter: KeybladeQueen 💌Let's shoot: hannahhyrule@gmail ⬇LIVE 6pmEST


Boopin and boppin. Streaming without stoppin 💜🎮🐰

New Dva gun/phone charger! Now I can be Dva and not have my phone die at cons tbh. And take sick selfies in front of Meka chan 💜🐰💜
I ordered this from a FB page (Parallèle Paraíso) for a limited time. But I'm 99% positive there's other sites with em. It took about 1.5 months to get here 😩 #werth

So I can now add Twitch affiliate to my list of accomplishments 😀💜 I got invited to become an affiliate which means I get a sub button and can start working on sub rewards for you guys! AHHHH IM SO HYPE!

2 uploads in one day!? 😱 Yes of course. I didn't all weekend and I missed you guys 💧💕

When you get pics back from a con and you and your bestie look 2intense 😩💕🐰🐍 @kaisen.h

I found this glasses case at the Dr and nearly had a heart attack 💕👓

Try and keep up! 🐰💕
Gun isn't done yet but yayy! first time trying it all on for yesterday's #CosplayFriday 💕

So much cosplay progress for Momo I'm so excite! 💕😏🐰🗝️

When you're me taking a Selfie 💕🐰📷
#TryandKeepUp !

Its Monday but that's okay, at least it feels nice out 💜☀️
Also the Blackwatch skins look so gud omg Genji dad is best

Ugh the weekend is over and I cry every time 💧

My friends are my power! 🗝️
Gotta adjust the side pockets bc holy shit they're large and style wig and BOOM! Yay! Fem Sora is DONE FOR MOMO! Shoes are last 💕

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