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ツンデレ  Casually sharpens Keyblade Next con: Momo🍑 🐰B.net: HanaThong 🗝️Twitter: KeybladeQueen 💌: hannahhyrule@gmail ⬇LIVE 6pmEST


You leveled up, Overwatch! All this excitement for the anniversary! Happy birthday Overwatch 🐰💜 youve impacted us so much in just 1 short year. Now that's teamwork! Love, D.Va 💕
@xxstardustphotography did such a kick ass job omg I can't wait to start up my print shop/merch store 🎮💕

Logging on to collect all my Dva spray, icon skin and dance emote. Brb never coming back thanks Jeff Kaplan 💜🐰💜🐰💜🙏

This is a temporary post but holy shit I'm gonna do this cosplay for momo probably. I def have this outfit. PIN UP DVA THANK YOU OW GOD'S JEFF KAPLAN ILY 🐰💜🐰💜🐰💜🐰

The gangs all here 🙂💜💐
Totally gonna buy Overwatch and kingdom hearts figures at momo if they have them 🐰💜


The photographer left but I wasnt done. 🐰💜🙃
Shoot pics coming soon 😎

I'm going to own all these n00bs! 💕🐰💕
My shoot is today omg I can't wait!
Catch me at #Momocon next weekend 🍑💕 pls pls pls say hey

It's happened. Dva is finally me. Mom look are you proud 💜🐰💕
Holy shit tmr i get to finally do a Photoshoot with one of my Dva cosplays! Eeeep! Stay tuned!

Hope everyone has a naicu Monday even though Mondays suck 💧 I hope to see you all tonight in stream chat for media share Mondays! 💜

Momocon lineup!🍑💕 Looking for photographers shoot me there as well! Please DM me! I'll most likely be giving out stuff for my stream as well. Hope to see you guys there! Please say hi🍑💕🐰

Added my logo to a mouse pad for myself. Maybe I'll put them in the HannahHyrule store to come. Would you guys buy these?? 🐰💜😏

GEEGEEZ 🐰💕 I'm not sure what to play on stream after Ow ranked. I'd like a new adventure game/RPG. 💧Stalking Steam tonight.
Have some pics before I colored my gross roots the other day 😖

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