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Hannah Campas  🌞 🌻 Oregonian 🌲⚡️

Thanks valentines!! ❤️ @natalie.kincaid @alex_macs

Fire 🔥
Fire 🔥
You know there's a fire
You started a fire
Burnin' in my heart
My desire caught fire baby
From just one tiny spark ⚡️

Happy Birthday Auntie Momo. ❤️we all love you so much

When the snowpocalypse takes out the car port and your car is safe 🙏

Studying for my CNA test tomorrow...wish me luck! 😳

Tonight we are celebrating the life of a dog...my dog...the oldest dog ever living. Jack. He is being put down tomorrow and his ashes are going to be spread on his favorite trail. My family will all miss him, he has been in my life for almost my whole life. Just remember, all dogs go to heaven. ❤️

Walking out of my last final!!!

So hard to studying when there is fresh snow outside... 😥❄️❄️❄️❄️

When your meditation space is prettier than you...

We voted...How about you?

I was using my essential oils to day that my auntie Agatha got me and thinking about how much I miss the Wallens! We need to all see each other soon, the boys are getting so big 😘😭

Camping with these cuties ❤️