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God does this. He beckons for me to sit down in the writing chair. I’m slow and sluggish to obey. But when I get over myself, he preaches straight into my soul and I become more of myself than ever before.

There is a verse in Jeremiah 30 that reads,"The city will be rebuilt on her ruins.” That’s the line I am holding onto in 2019. The writer Jeremiah was giving the people hope that there would be a) healing and b) rebuilding in a place that felt desolate and ruined. He was declaring that every level of society would be renewed in the coming days, that people would live in towns built on mounds of rubble. It was in that moment, reading that verse at the start of this year, when God stopped me and basically showed me, "I am not discounting your ruins. I am not throwing away the parts of your story that left you feeling crumbled and defeated. I'm not hiding those parts or forgetting those parts-- I am actually using those. They are essential to the rebuilding process."
You would normally think the process of rebuilding something like a city or a house would involve clearing away all the old-- all the junk. But these words claim just the opposite. They actually claim we can rebuild upon the stuff that once destroyed us, that those very things become a part of the foundation.
It's 2019 and maybe it's not all about acting like nothing big or bad ever came our way in the past years. Maybe it's not about our fingertips hovering over the DELETE key for every messy part of our 2018 or 2017 story. Maybe we are meant to look back on those hard things and find the small glints of good in them: how they prepared us. How they grew us up. How they changed us. How they made us strong.
Because that's the thing about a house- you cannot build it on anything but a strong and solid foundation. And, if I have learned anything in my short life, it's that we get stronger through the parts of our stories we'd rather not share or highlight. It's in those parts of the story do we become unstoppable. Capable. Ready. Rebuilt.

We are starting off the year with 🔥

In need of a bible study to kick off your New Year?
It was the first day of 2018, tucked in a corner of the Omni before my next intercession shift, that God told me I was to make space in the next 3 months to sit with him and create a bible study. I felt completely unequipped but God kept assuring me, “If you make the time, I’ll do it.” He gave me the name: First, be a follower. He gave me the vision: a deep-dive study on following Jesus in a follower-obsessed world. He gave me the structure: 15 sections. No counting of days. This wasn’t about checking God off a list for the day, it was about making space to partner with him through the reading and parsing of his Word.
Sure enough, I put in the hours and he led me through the creative process. 6+ hours a day of studying his Word closely led to this 80+ page bible study. It’s been free on my website since the day I published it and it’s meant to be a resource for anyone who wants to go deeper with God and follow him ALL THE PLACES instead of spending your best energy following everyone else. It’s my gift to you so tag a friend who you want to go through this study with— the link to the study is in my profile!

May you take back all the space the enemy tried to steal from you last year 🖤 bring on the new, babe.

It’s a mood for 2019.

Here we go, here we go, here we go 🖤💃🏻

Y’all asked for it and I’m over the 🌘 happy to deliver if it means some people gonna tackle their fears and write the dang book in 2019.
I let this class recording out once a year, for one week only, at a half-price rate! Snag the materials and recording for only $57 this week and get writing. Link in profile.
My prayer for you as you write: may the fear be tackled & may the words flow. May you figure out what’s deep inside of you and may your words be a light in a dark world. 💡I love y’all so much.

2019 marks 10 years of writing on my blog. I can hardly believe it. I’m forever thankful for this avenue because it led me into all the things I’m most proud of today: book writing, speaking, teaching, creating things to make the lives of other people better and their devotion to God thicker. But I’m most proud of the long obedience in the same direction, the willingness to move forward and not quit.
You’ll be met with applause. Mark my words, if you start to share your words or your art or your talents with the world then you will eventually experience some applause. And that applause can become addicting. It can become the reason why you create or perform. It can drive you into a space that isn’t healthy as you delete Instagram posts that don’t get the affirmation you wanted or you start to believe how you’re measured is who you are. A lot of us have lived in this space. So many of us have produced the thing we thought would shake the world only to be met with disappointment and an ego check. It happens. And it’s not too late to come out of it. If you’re in this space today then borrow my prayer for you: God, make my ears deaf to the applause so I can focus on producing the work you need more of in this world.
After ten years I can tell you this: you will never regret the days you focus on cultivating your craft above the noise. The noise is sexy at first but it won’t complete you. You will never be filled enough by the affirmation of others so don’t make it about that. Set out to create because it would simply break your heart not to. This world needs more people who do things because they find the work beautiful and meaningful and necessary. You are brave to create, with or without the applause. Keep going. It was never about the applause anyway.

It’s okay if you’re feeling this. You’ve got more inside of you than you know. Tap in 🖤

Home for the holidays 🎄🎄🎄ready to fill this space with friends, home cooked meals, Bachelor viewing parties & guests. God has been so gracious and kind throughout our stepping towards a house and I can’t wait to pour my heart out into hospitality 🖤 out of town friends, please do us the favor of texting if you need a place to stay when visiting Atlanta- we are ready for you!

I cannot tell you the number of times this verse was a compass for me, a small flicker of hope for me in (what felt like) an endless desert of depression. I remember the first time I read this verse and wondering, has this been here all along? I remember tears streaming down my eyes saying up to God, “All I am hearing right now is obscurities. I’m so confused. I don’t know where you are.” Remember, love: he only speaks in promises. He does not whisper confusion into that brain of yours. He does not leave you abandoned at a fork in the road, fumbling to figure out which road to take. He’s good. All the time. Something switched on in my brain when I read these words and they’ve stayed with me ever since: my God doesn’t seek to confuse or manipulate. He only has good things for me. Those whispers that push me into anxiety? Those dark thoughts? Those aren’t him. He would never speak confusion into his child.
“He’s not a God of confusion.” How many friends of mine told me that during my depression? That statement became a mile marker for me, a reminder that God isn’t looking to confuse us or fog up our judgement. That’s not him. That’s not even a fraction of his nature.
If you’re stuck in the dark tonight— don’t lose hope. Maybe these words will be just a small breadcrumb of hope but it only takes one breadcrumb to remember there’s a path set before you. You’re not alone. There are breadcrumbs. Look ahead for them. Count this as a reminder that God is here and he is working. He’s leading you out the woods. Hold tight.

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