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Hannah Bower  Mamma to be 🤰🏼 @Ptulaactive-“Hannah” @vitalproteins 🎬YouTube: Hannah Bower 🐦Twitter: Hanzbananzz My Programs & Supplements👇🏽

OH BABY! The burn on this circuit sequence 🔥 #Bootyburn. #dontforgettodoubletap
Have you ever tried a ladder in abductions?...Holy Hell 3 sets of this and today my bum is so sore!😅 Circuit:
1 full rep, 1 pulse
2 full rep, 2 pulse
3 full rep, 3 pulse
....all the way to 5 and back down! This was my finisher...and my butt died.💀
When you pulse push your knees back as far as you can go to get full engagement!👌🏽 TAG your butt buddy!
#32weekspregnant #dueinjune

Annnndddd back to reality. 🤣
This glute activation and core sesh honestly is so killer. 😅
7-12 reps of each exercise.
Keeping your hips pressed up the entire set.👌🏽
Diaphragmatic breathing and core activation are a major players in this circuit for everyone not just pregnant Mamas! 🙏🏼
If you notice coning at anytime...stop, reactivate your transverse abdominus or modify the exercises by making the movements smaller!

Thanks for sticking along my mini break from the gym.
I took off about 2 Weeks off ( with a few workouts in there) just to give my body a rest and a mental break. Baby is a priority and i know a lot of you follow for my workout videos but just doing the best a Mama can do. So i appreciate you following this lil journey of mine ❤️

So long Kauai! Mahalo🌊🌴 Back to reality and workout videos! 🤣

Thank you @lunakaiphotography for taking us to some of the most breathtaking places. Sending prayers to the North Shore. 🙏🏼🖤

Truly soaking up this vacation. 💙🌅 #Thankful

Kauai has been storming the last couple of days...But today, the sun finally came out to play for a few hours!☀️🌊⛈
P.S this suit was super cute...until it got wet.😅🤣
#31weeks #dueinjune #babymoon

Honeymoon + Babymoon 💙

But seriously...Can I stay?😍 #almost8months

I have never felt more empowered and beautiful as a woman. ❤️GIVEAWAY BELOW!!
@leahmariacouture hand made my dress and is kindly offering to give away a gown! There are so many beautiful looks she does!
1. Must like these photos.
2. Must be following Me and @leahmariacouture
3. TAG 2 Friends
I’ll announce the winner in 48hrs on my story! ❤️ Photographer: @rachelveltriphoto. 🙏🏼❤️

💀 R.I.P. to my lower half.💀 SWIPE
Energy levels were much higher for this leg day and it felt fantastic.🙌🏽
Workout: Might want to save this one!
🥝3x30sec Elevated reverse lunge SS Sumo Squats- 3x12
🥗 3x15 each of back extension
🌮 3x10 squats ( I did 1 set pause) SS 3x20 single leg hip thrust
🍡3x10 curtsy pulses ss 3x20 hip thrusts w. Resistance( not shown)
🥦 2x30 abductions- finished with this!

Going past 90 degrees will activate your glutes the most however right now I don’t go deeper than 90 degrees on my squats because of my hip joints. They are super lax right now and it gets uncomfortable going further and puts uncomfortable pressure on my SPD. 👌🏽
Leggings are @ptulaactive 💙
#empoweringwomen #dueinjune #30weeks

Is this a Fairy Tale? ❤️ #winterwonderland
Cannot wait to see the rest. My gosh. 😭😍 .
Photo Details:
📸- @rachelveltriphoto
👗- @leahmariacouture
Rachel thank you for making this Winter Fairy Tale a dream. You are such a vibrant soul!
I’ll post a few more on my story!

Resistance bands are one of my favorite ways to work upper body. 😈
⭐️I also get asked quite often, “Why use a resistance band instead of adding more weight?”
🔥The answer is that weights rely on gravitational pull to be effective. Which is also a vertical plane of movement.
Weights also reach a certain point in the exercise where the load becomes easier.
🔥Resistance bands match the strength curve of the movement as they also don’t rely on gravitation pull for resistance.
As you progress through a movement the resistance band provides resistance the entire concentric/eccentric portion! Resistance bands also have a horizontal and multi direction resistance that weights cannot provide. ( great for lateral abductions or following through with a functional movement)
🐮Each slide has a super set in it!
🐮The bicep combo is my current fav for 💪🏽 biceps!
💙💙 whole outfit is from @ptulaactive! .
#30weekspregnant #7monthspregnant #dueinjune

SWIPE!! Oh how I miss challenging my body and doing crazy things.😊
I’ve gotta say this pregnancy has challenged me in a completely different way! He is so worth the change of pace💙
These videos are my motivation. I can’t wait to get back to this grind.
Having outside motivation is amazing but having internal motivation and finding that grit is what keeps you going. 🙏🏼🙌🏽
P.S all these videos are on my page as well if you want to see the entire video.
My child is going to be playing around with me I have a feeling. 😍
#onceagymnastalwaysagymnast #fitnessmotivation

I can’t thank you all enough on my last post 🙏🏼
This is what I did today: Stability work with proper breathing.🙌🏽
👉🏽2 min of each exercise with light weight ( it still burned far more than I thought it was going to😅) 👉🏽30 seconds between each exercise. 2 -3 rounds.
👉🏽I’m on the stability ball because it’s a great way to work core and stabilization! You see I’m on my tippy toes so my pelvis and core are doing a lot to keep me centered throughout the movements!
👉🏽NOTICE my breathing. I incorporated a “Belly Pump” with each rep. This is simply diaphragmatic breathing with core & pelvic floor activation.( see belly bump video for more info)
👉🏽 The belly pump is a must if you’re pregnant. It aids beautifully in delivery. Also if you don’t know the “tone” of your pelvic floor I suggest not intentionally activating it until you seek a pelvic floor therapist first. Why?- For example, if your tone is too “tight” contracting your pelvic floor during exercise will only cause more tightness and dysfunction. During labor we want to be able to lengthen our pelvic floor and if all we’ve trained it to do is “contract” it will make delivery more complicated 💙
Leggings are @ptulaactive. They will release soon...with lots of inventory!!

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