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Hannah Neese  No one is you, and that is your power. 📍 Nashville, TN ✉️ Neese.hannah@yahoo.com

NEW BLOG POST// showing you a fun way to decorate with mason jars around your home 🍃 •
I’ve teamed up with @BallCanning, @dominomag and @Target to talk about the many different uses of mason jars. Target has the best selection and I highly recommend you go check it out and GET CRAFTY. It feels good 🤓
#ManyUsesofMason #BallJars

three’s a crowd

About a year ago, I worked with a photographer who told me that I’d always need to angle my body just a little bit because I had wide hips. “You look much bigger when you’re standing facing the camera. Just turn even the slightest bit to the side and you’ll look smaller.”

For awhile, I was very aware of how I was positioned in each photo. I immediately deleted any photo that made my hips look “wider”... simply because I let one person get in my head. •
This person wasn’t trying to be crude or degrading at all. I believe they had good intentions. But the question is, why did I have to look smaller? Why did the width of my hips matter? They’re my hips. That’s it. I GOT WIDE CUTE HIPS.

And so here I am, reminding you that no matter what you’ve heard, you’re beautiful. No matter how you’re sitting, standing, or dressing, you’re beautiful. No matter your weight, scars, or differences... people’s opinions are just opinions. You are beautiful ❤️



Got to have lunch with my sweet @shealeighmills today here’s a picture of me

ON THE BLOG: Sharing a personal entry from my journal today about comparison and understanding that you are enough. // The real difficulty? Overcoming how you think about yourself. I hope my post helps you see yourself through a new set of eyes. God did not make one single mistake with you ⭐️


Kate Sanders vibes, anyone?

“ A hundred years from now? All new people.” - Anne Lamott •

Don’t waste your days giving into anything that will distract you from your purpose, your passion, your joy or end goal. •

This is your life. You got one shot. You’re in control of your happiness and view of life. It’s not that bad ☕️

When I was younger, the best part of my day was seeing my mom in the car pickup line. I loved the way she smiled as I walked toward her car, and how she genuinely cared about my day. She listens with an intent to understand, not to respond. She cares. She loves. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. -
She finds so much joy in the little things of life, and has taught me to never worry about the future. God is in control. He is not stressing in Heaven. This day is all we have. Enjoy it 🌺
To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! You run this world.

Hi my name is Hannah and I’m 5 episodes deep into the O.J. Simpson trial on Netflix 🎥 •

I like long walks on warm days, and overplaying songs until I hate them. ☀️ I enjoy eating too much cereal, and only reading half of every book I start. Sometimes, I cry for no reason! :-)

I don’t like when people judge someone for simply being themselves. Don’t be that person, man.

My boyfriend is cute and my best friend is in Germany and I miss her. 👫👭

happy saturday, none of you suck

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