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Hannah Miller  I skate sometimes

you have strength in infinite ways
Happy 17th Giz
I love you forever

the kindest soul I know
Happy 17th Bitty
I love you forever

This is 2 years ago. I look happy but the smile is only a cover up. The truth is, I hated my body. I know... it seems foolish. For a year I let someone constantly tell me I wasn’t thin enough and as a result I began to believe it. When this picture was taken, I truly thought I was too large and too weak to be a great athlete because that was what I was constantly told. My negative body image was the start of a downward spiral of self-destruction. After making a change and spending time rebuilding my confidence, I now love my body again. I view myself as strong, beautiful, and perfectly me. We are all unique and perfect in our own way. DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise. This is just a bit of my story. I have so much to say about self love. Most importantly, I’m here to listen, chat, and support any of you. 💋

Sis came home to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day☘️☘️☘️

I’m really enjoying having the time to choreograph during my off-season... here’s a snippet of the beginning of my little sister’s program we are working on. 💃🏼 @braedyn_miller

I can’t help but allow my successes of this season to be clouded by my long program performance at US Championships. That performance did not reflect all that I learned and overcame in the past year. Honestly, the past two weeks have been very difficult for me in trying to digest what happened. I appreciate the endless support I receive and all the good comments. I’m now putting that performance in the past and looking forward to this season. #WeGetUp #uschamps18

I always love skating at the annual Redwing vs. MSU alumni game. It is a great event organized by my dad, @kmiller0808. This year’s benefits are Cristo Rey Community Center and Volunteers of America. #volunteersofamerica #redwings #msuhockey

Switching careers to snowboarding #roadtopyeongchang

Unforgettable moments from 2017.
Here’s to an even crazier 2018

the world is far too big to stay in one place

📍Chicago, IL

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