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Hannah Miller  Team USA Figure Skater Michigan State University VSCO: hannymill

Always thankful to have you as my biggest competitor and greatest role model. Keep doing awesome things sis. Here’s to 20 💫 Happy Birthday, I love you xoxo

thx for being a photographer @avrieherrera22

Counting down the days until I move onto campus with you... oh and Kenzie too. 🤪

First time to a Lugnuts game since 8th grade... now I’m going every Thursday 😉

How’d I get so lucky!? I’m so grateful to have three sisters that motivate me daily and keep me laughing. Love you three forever xoxo

Lemme take you on my water moped
#charlevoixmichigan #puremichigan

First time in 5 years I’ve spent The Fourth of July with my entire family ❤️ #charlevoixmichigan #grateful #lakecharlevoix

Loved exploring Electric Forest 🤟🏼💥🎡🌚 #electricforest

Let’s talk about self-love... I believe that to truly live, we must love who we are and be in love with the life we are living. In the past, I lost touch with feelings of love, happiness, and joy. I did not love who I was or the path my life had taken. For a long time, I let the circumstances of my life control my happiness. Eventually, I realized that I needed to make changes.... big changes. I adjusted where I was living, who I was spending time with, and how I was treating myself. This resulted in my ability to rediscover self-love and happiness. From my experiences, I learned the importance of adjusting life in accordance to what each of us needs.
Because... Unhappiness is not permanent.
Self-love is never gone forever.
Change is essential.
We must.... Find love in those around us.
Live with joy, fearlessness, and passion.
Redevelop love with ourself.


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