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hoping your weekend is full of whatever is needed — whether that’s rest and relaxation, energy and adventure, socializing or service.

happy saturday! ✨

Four years ago today we grabbed a quick lunch in a small window of time during a very long day at church. Having not eaten in about 8 hours, I ordered as much food as Chipotle could fit into a single burrito bowl. In the midst of me stuffing my face, you stumbled over your words in the most adorable way, risked ruining our friendship forever, and asked me out on our first date. Later that same day, you scheduled our second one, too. I guess you had a feeling the first one would go well.

We started with nothing. Our relationship thrived on Redbox films, cheap homemade dinners, and snocones because that was all we could afford. Four years, a house, and a dog later, I’d still choose time at home with you over almost everything else.

Thanks for taking the leap four years ago. Life has never been the same. I love you. ❤️

If I could send each of you pretty flowers in real life, I would! This virtual bloom is the best I can do. ☺️

To the girls who are reading this — you are innately valuable even if no one tells you so today. Believe that. It’s true. Go buy yourself your favorite flowers. Play your favorite music. Treat yourself to a pedicure or a massage and make yourself your favorite dinner or dessert. Hang out with your best friends or your family. Enjoy your life and the love within it. You are a treasure.

To the guys who are reading this — ask. her. out. The worst she can say is no. Welcome the stumbling, the imperfection and the break-ups. What’s ahead will be worth what was left behind. Don’t play it cool. It’s ok to be nervous and intimidated — she’s worth that. (TRUTH BOMB: girls are nervous and self conscious, too!) It’s always better to take the risk than to look back and wish you had. You are worthy of loving someone and being loved in return. Don’t let the fear of failing hold you back.

Wives — your husband deserves to know that you value him and appreciate what he does for your household. Show/tell/serve/gift/spend time with him in his favorite ways today to remind him how much you appreciate and love him.

Husbands — I simply don’t know any female who would be put off by flowers or yummy treats or a sweet card today...I just don’t. She likely does a ton every week to keep you and yours alive and thriving. Show/tell/serve/gift/spend time with her in her favorite ways today to remind her how much you value and love her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!! 💐

#valentinesday #vday #loveoneanother

Today, I’m celebrating my Galentines. 💕

Before getting married, I underestimated the gravity that female friendships would have in my life forever.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without the class acts that surround me on every side. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue photography, join the music ministry at our church, enter into marriage, buy + renovate a house, get a dog, pursue a healthier lifestyle, or switch jobs if it weren’t for the many women in my life who went before, turned around, and shined their own light on my many shadowed, unfamiliar paths.

This one right here changed the game forever. She personally extended the opportunity to work with her and transition into a career that truly makes me a better human being; enables me to help others regardless of their age, gender, race, education level, or relationship status; allows time for friendship, family, and REST during evenings and weekends; has no income ceiling; provides the grace that will be SO needed during future seasons of pregnancy + post-partum life; and allows us to travel and enjoy our life.

Since last February, I’ve been blown away by the amount of inspiring women I’ve met and become friends/co-workers with; the vibrant physical + health victories I’ve personally experienced along with members of my family after working to detoxify our lives; the spark that has been re-ignited in me to keep learning, set bigger goals, and lean into challenging situations, pursuing service above all else; and the spiritual + emotional freedom I’ve experienced in letting go of a dependable income stream that, behind closed doors, was wrecking me in most ways.

The women in my life make me better every single day, and I thank God for giving me such incredible influences as friends and sisters for life.

Tag your galentines! 💕

#galentines #galentinesday #girlpower

I turn 27 today. That means I’m officially in my late 20’s and that is SO dang weird — because I still feel like I’m 12 on most days.

Life is all kinds of crazy and beautiful right now. It’s full of change and unknowns, as always, but I’m slowly learning to find fulfillment and joy in the midst of the ebbs and flows, the in-betweens, the daily grind.

Today, I’m celebrating my life. I’m drinking delicious coffee, watching the sunrise, enjoying a massage, listening to my favorite music and podcasts, buying a few gifts for others, reading a good book while I take yet another a bath, and going out to dinner with my man.

I have no idea what the future holds. I don’t know how, when, or if all of my many dreams and aspirations will ever come to pass.

I do know that I am so incredibly thankful for exactly where I am at this very moment in time. The dreams that have already come true are more than worth celebrating.

Here’s to 27! 💕

and just like that, it’s monday.

I’m cleaning all the things, washing all the clothes, and getting my planner in order for the week before jumping back in. I’m never more thankful for jobs that allows me to work mostly from home than I am on days like today — when I feel like I’ve been hit by a train while eating preteen sleepover food for four days 😂😂😂 make it a good one, y’all. ✨

bye bye, pretty mountain town. can’t imagine a better way to kick off birthday/galentines/valentines week than by making it home tonight in time for the grammy’s after such a beautiful adventure with friends. ✨

I set a personal goal for myself to make it down this mountain ONCE during this two-day trip. My first/last skiing experience was traumatic to say the least — Colorado greens don’t play, and giant ice cube mountains should be left alone. 😂

I came into this trip knowing I was going to need to be extra kind to myself, practice a lot on the easy slopes and have FUN even if what I accomplished was nothing to brag about.

Yesterday, I fell a bunch, got knocked over by a ski lift, and probably only dodged a concussion by a few inches.

Today, I got back up and forced myself — ever so slowly — down some slopes that scared me. I still fell, and I was still scared, but it made me better.

I met my goal of making it down the mountain in one piece yesterday. Today, I did it two more times — once, almost completely on my own.

I am still an amateur skier, but I had SO MUCH FUN this weekend, and I wouldn’t trade the bumps, bruises, or new memories for anything. ⛷

#redrivernm #skistories #greenmachine #exploremore #goingscared #getoutside

I did a few things that scared me today. I looked up at a very big mountain and decided it would not defeat me. I hopped on a 15 minute ski lift even though I’m scared of heights. I tried slopes that were steeper and more advanced than my comfort zone. I got knocked over by a ski lift and almost ran into a tree at full speed, but I did it. I skied for 5 hours. I was scared and decided to jump on in anyway, because hey — life is short.

When was the last time you did something scared?

#goingscared #skistories #redrivernm

Just saw the first few snowflakes on the way to a very different destination than the one pictured here.

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve done something NEW with my people, and I am SO excited for the snowy adventure ahead.

Don’t miss my stories this weekend. Embarrassing footage is 100% guaranteed. ✌🏻⛷🔥

in the summer of 2013, I spent too many of my days at the welcome desk of a modeling agency in Dallas. completely out of my element, approached daily by pretty women who were 4 inches taller and at least 20 pounds lighter than me, I sat...answering phones to help connect young beauties and dance moms with the next step on the way to their dreams.

I took that internship hoping I would gain some experience photographing models. In a span of about 8 miserable weeks, it happened once (because the boss was late and he needed someone to step in and handle it). I had too much time on my hands there — too much time to dwell on the uncomfortable season God had me in. I would often escape to the bathroom to close my eyes and take a break from reality. I can only remember breaking down once. who else has ever completely lost it in a corporate setting in the most pathetic way? 🙋🏼‍♀️

one day, I decided to write about what I was learning through my own experiences and the ones I was observing in the lives around me. it went a little something like this:

the young girls want to be older. the single girls want a boyfriend. the girls with boyfriends want to be engaged. the engaged girls want to be married. the married girls want a house. the girls with a house want a baby. the girls with babies want a night out and a sitter. the girls with empty nests want their babies back. the older girls want to be young again.

God did something in my heart that day. He showed me very clearly that no matter what season I end up in, it’s likely that my flesh will be bent to want something slightly different — it’s the age old story of God’s people witnessing His miracles, getting bored when the shine wears off, and immediately begging for one more. I made a choice that day to start finding joy in the smallest places and start appreciating each day for exactly what it is instead of comparing it to what I had expected it to be.

right now, I’m reading again about the freedom that comes from looking down at my feet, taking note of where I am in life, finding joy and gratitude regardless, and simply being willing to be used for good — here. (contd.)

wake up
skin care
get dressed
start kettle for coffee
let milo out + feed him
take supplements
drink water
make coffee + breakfast
enjoy both while reading and cuddling milo
diffuse happy oils
get to work

every successful person I read about or listen to has a very intentional morning routine (a lot of them wake up earlier than 6, too, but...baby steps) they don’t sleep in and expect themselves to naturally exhibit healthy behaviors. they intentionally set aside time to practice their healthy habits so they can give the work day their absolute best shot while still having energy and momentum to propel them back home again to love on and serve their families.

I’ve listed my own morning routine above. I never do it perfectly, but I’m practicing. sometimes I skip a step, but I’m practicing. my face is as squishy as a bulldog when I first wake up and turn on the bathroom light, but I’m practicing.

what is your favorite step in your morning routine?

#morningroutine #healthyhabits

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