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Hank Willis Thomas  Help!!? #forfreedoms #50stateinitiative #hankwillisthomas #loveoverrules

I love the women in my family. 📷 @debwillisphoto

This is my best. Sell your Hard times. 2009

“If the leader only knew...” 2014. Nazi germany was a site of several egregious atrocities. We went to war to stop inhumane oppression while ignoring masking similar atrocities at home. I made this work as a reminder of things that should have never happened. Lest we forget...History repeats itself. The cycle will continue until we stop pointing fingers and start looking ourselves in the mirror. Us is them. They Are Us. Children behind bars is nothing new in America. #japaneseinternment and the #juvenilejustice system are just a few examples. This can only happen in a society that believes that some people’s lives are worth less than others. This is a result of storytelling. We need to question everything we have been told about others and ourselves. We need to examine it and we need to tell new stories. We need a creative revolution. @forfreedoms is just one of many small creative gestures that I have made towards this goal. With your help the 2018 #forfreedoms #50stateinitiative will be the largest creative collaboration in our countries history. We need to be visionary, not reactionary. We need your help. Please support our @kickstarter campaigns, and reach out to us about hosting an exhibition, sponsoring a billboard, curating shows. Creativity is the key to our success in making America great again. Now that we know that you can get people to believe anything, let’s start making a world we want. Link in bio.

#Lalibela. These unbelievable churches were carved in stone below ground and in caves in #Ethiopia at the same time that #NotreDame was being built in France. Both in honor of the same ✡️✝️. They both have elaborate architecture, with arches, frescos, mezzanines, and sculptures. Both are testament to the power of faith. I am utterly in awe of what people can and will do together if they believe in something. I am also astounded by how little I know about African histories and #africanarchitecture. I have been to the continent over a dozen times and every time I return I realize how little I know and how well I have been lied to. Storytelling is such a powerful tool. It is too often used by people who want to discriminate, dehumanize, delegitimize, and disempower because they are afraid of losing their self-worth by acknowledging the value of others. As a creative person, I feel increasingly humbled by potential, and daunted by the responsibility that accompanies it. This is a wake-up call. 👁 #staywoke #dontbelievethehype 🇪🇹

Larger than Life, 2018. We love athletes and sports because the make us believe that anything is possible with the right person in the right place at the right time with the Right frame of mine. Fundamentally it’s about learning how to believe in ourselves and one another when the chips are down. #nba #wiltchamberlain 🏀

It’s live! 💥We’ve partnered with @kickstarter to launch 52 separate campaigns to fund a @forfreedoms billboard in every state (including D.C. and Puerto Rico). We can reach our goal if 300 people in every state pledge $10. We couldn’t do it without YOU to participate in the largest creative collaboration in our nation’s history! #50stateinitiative #forfreedoms #kickstarter 🤗🤯🙈 LINK IN BIO!

@eji_org #nationalmemorialforpeaceandjustice is what happens when the power of Creative thinking is applied to movements for policy change around entrenched issues. We embrace complexity and diversity. We don’t sweep things under the rug. We use love (not the easy kind) as a collective capacity tool for building a new Day. #raiseup #equaljusticeinitiative

Random acts of flyness! @terenceetc @naimaramchap proof-positive practice persistence & patience powerful partnerships payoff! @nytimes @hbo August 3rd! #taketheleap

@rashidjohnson understands hard work and the time it takes to think about how to do it correctly. @davidkordanskygallery 🧐👑🤭🤟🏾🙀 #rashidjohnson

After 15.5 years in prison, a bachelors degree magna cum laude ! Congrats @devonp2cp @bazdreisinger and all the Prison to College Pipeline crew! #p2cp 👨🏿‍🎓👨🏾‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓👨🏼‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓

Ceasar’s visa, 2012 @theringling

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