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HANKidz  Transforming Children into Leaders

🔥 PROJECT Y IS BACK!🔥 Project Y 9.0 aims to unleash the individuals to live up to their fullest potential. We believe that everyone has something within us that is bigger than ourselves in this world.
If you want 🔹️Breakthroughs in life, 🔹️Want a clear and successful future, 🔹️Eager to build on your entrepreneur skills and 🔹️Passionate to build children's future 🔴 GOOD NEWS then you should come join us!

Drop me a dm right NOW if you'd like to know more 😏👉

HANKidz Live... 🎥 Parenting On Air is back!
Have you ever wondered how to get your kids to make their own bed? Or even clean up after themselves, be it toys, clothes, or books?
Have you wondered how to get your kids to take care of their own things without constantly having to nag them?

GOOD NEWS! Coach KC, a master of gamification will be sharing with you,
"3 Ways To Make Chores Fun For Your Child!". 💡 Gamification is a 21st century tool on how to make normal everyday activities and chores as fun and exciting as a game!✨ You will get tips and tricks on how to gamify chores for your children!

Block your date and time on 14th February (THURS) at 4pm! See you! 😁

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📣 HEY you, YES you! We're looking for people with a passion for life to join us. There will also be various trainings provided for your growth so what are you waiting for? Give us a call to find out more!

Call us at 03 6140 6189 (HANKidz Academy, Kota Damansara) OR drop your resume at cindy@hankidz.com

See you! 💡

Back from CNY celebration and it's now time to gear up our engine to turbo mode! This is a reminder for all of us to step up as a leader to lead the people in our lives 💡
How are you feeling on the first day of the week? Strong and passionate? Or rigorous and on-the-go?
#HANKidz #HANKidzLeadership #Leadership #JohnCMaxwell #MondayMotivation

Happy Chinese New Year!
May this year be full of love, joy and happiness to you! ❤

#HANKidz #HANKidzLeadership #ChineseNewYear #CNY


HANKidz LIVE... 🎥 Parenting On Air is making its appearance on our LIVE STORY for the first time!
Have you ever wondered how your kids can be independent?
Have you ever wondered how to train your kids to take charge of their lives?

GOOD NEWS! Our co-founder, Coach Olly will be sharing with you,
*"3 Essential Ways of Training Your Child to Step Up In Their Life, practiced by world class kids leadership coach".* Block your date and time on *31/1 (THURS) at 4pm*! See you! 😁

#TBT to one of our first Mirador's Guide classes this year! The children had an exciting class where they learned about the importance self-love ❤️ ➡️ The first step to being a great leader is to LOVE!
Do #follow us as we'll have a throwback party every Tuesday! 😊

#hankidz #hankidzleadership #children #leadership #throwbacktuesday

Every Wednesdays we have COCK night, which is short for "Coach Our Coach Klub". Where we sometimes invite guest entrepreneurs to share us their success stories, or our in-house coaches give us trainings, or we discuss/brainstorm upon certain matters. It is a night specially dedicated for our coaches' growth.
Few days ago, we were very lucky to have Uncle Lok Wah sharing with us the 6 THINKING HATS by EDWARD DE BONO. Was an eye opener as how this can make our meetings and brainstorming much more effective from that day onwards 💪
Before the session started, it was our very first coaches' open mic, where some of us took the stage to share a joke or two. Swipe left to find out what is the difference between Coach Zizi and Msia's profound Twin Tower 😏

#hankidz #hankidzleadership #COCKnight #wednesdaynights #6thinkinghats #edwarddebono #openmic #standupcomedy #twintower #yaycoachzizi

Happy Thaipusam to all of you from HANKidz!
Today is a good day to remind all of us the importance of being together with our loved ones, to spark love and light in each others world ❤️ #HANKidz #HANKidzLeadership #thaipusam

📣 HANKidz is now officially partnering with DIKA College, a pioneering college that provides Early Childhood Education (ECE) & Special Needs diploma and degree in Malaysia. 💓 Together, we will be building up more passionate educators, and thus creating a better future for the children. 🧒👦 Represented by - Founder of HANKidz, Coach Hanky & CEO of DIKA, Pua Chee Ling

Meet our team of fabulous and passionate coaches and teachers! 💃💃
We are here to build children up as they are the leaders of tomorrow💡

HANKidz IS NOW ON INSTAGRAM! We are very excited to start our journey with you on this platform. Do give us a follow and like to show your support!

Let us all inspire each other everyday ❤️ #HANKidz #HANKidzLeadership #HANKidzFamily #Leadership

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