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Hanji stands back-to-back with Levi, her eyes wide. "Levi, there's too many!" She whispers, looking around.
Levi turns around, gripping Hanji's shoulders. "We will get out of this, okay?" He snaps, narrowing his eyes. His eyes then soften as he sees her eyes water, and Levi sighs. He wraps his arms around her, and she lays her head on his chest.
Tears stroll down her cheeks as she closes her eyes. "Please...don't let this be the end." She whispers, and Levi pats her head.
The titans get closer and closer, but then all at once the surrounding titans collapse. Hanji looks up, her eyes wide once more. She sees Erwin and his squad, killing off the titans. "Oi, looks like this isn't the end." Levi chuckles, wiping away her tears with his finger. Hanji smiles softly, and quickly hugs him again.
"I'm glad." She says simply, and gets out her weapons. Now, they had a chance to survive this battle.

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~|Goodbye To Everything..part 5|~
<<Hanji's POV>>
Me and Levi stand side-by-side, surrounded by the titans. I grip my weapons, sighing. Eren blocked the hole in the wall...but Historia, Ymir, and Armin died. What would happen now..? How would Levi and I get out of this..?
I shake my head, cursing under my breath. "There's too many, Levi." I mutter, standing still.
He goes silent for a moment, then sighs heavily. "There's no way out, either." He whispers, turning around. I also turn around, facing him.
A tear trickles down my face, and I smile softly. "We helped himanity, right?" I ask, and Levi smiles back. He lifts his hand, wiping away my tear. "Of course we did..." He says, and looks up at the sky. "We leave this to the brat and his girlfriend now..." Levi mutters, and I crack another smile. "Don't forget Erwin. They'll do fine without us." I say, hugging Levi.
He hugs me back, and I stare at the ground. "I love you, shortie." I whisper, watching as more titans surround us.
"And I love you, shitty glasses." He says, grinning.

Hanji hugs Levi, smiling. He quickly puts his hood on, and looks straight ahead, showing no emotion. Hanji pets his head, and laughs a bit. "you're so kawaii!" She says, hugging him tightly. A small blush covers his face, and he looks away. "Eh...whatever." He mutters.
Hanji then buries her head in his shoulder, a soft smile on her lips. "Oi...you okay...?" Levi asks, still staring straight ahead.
"Of course I am, just a bit tired." She says, laughing softly.
"Then go to sleep." He suggests, rolling his eyes. "It's okay...I'm fine right here." She says, smiling again.
"Okay..whatever, titan freak." He says, cracking a smile. "Haha, shut up, shorty." She laughs, hugging him even tighter.

After a while, she falls asleep. "Eh..took her long enough to pass out." Levi mutters, and tries to get up, but Hanji was still hugging him. He smiles softly, shaking his head. "You sure are weird, shitty glasses..." He whispers, closing his eyes.

Oh no, a wild titan appeared!
It uses eat
Very effective
What will you do?
Kill it,
Catch it?
Hanji; LETS CATCH IT >^<
Levi;...kill it.
/I think admin is out of it/

This is so cute >0<

~|Goodbye to everything...part 4|~
<<Hanji's POV>>
I slay another titan, and Ymir does too. I stretch a bit, and then hear another titan collapse...but that couldn't be right...Armin was next to me, and Ymir was next to him...
I turn around, and see Levi. I smile, "Was your mission a success?" I ask, landing safely on a roof.
He nods, "I sent Mikasa and Eren back." He answers.

We continue to slay titans, and then I hear a startled scream. I turn around, and see Armin clutched in a titans hands.
I quickly kill the beast, but it was too late. Armin was gone.
I cover my mouth, my eyes wide. Shaking my head, I get up. Levi stands by me, Ymir still attacking the titans. "That's the second soldier...but we must continue, Hanji..this is are job." He says, patting my back. I nod slowly, and look at him. "We must defeat them, for the fallen ones." I say, and quickly go back to defeating the titans. <<Levi's POV>>
I watch as Hanji zips away, and I follow her. Then I hear another shout. "DAMN YOU, YOU SHITTY BEASTS!" Ymir, who was struggling to get away, yells.
I kill the titan, but Ymir had already lost the bottom half of her body. "Can you regenerate?" I ask, holding her hand.
Hanji comes up to me, her eyes round. "..not in time...this is the end for me, huh?" She says, chuckling.
I sigh, cursing under my breath. "At least I'll be with Historia again." Ymir says, and she dies, a smile on her face. -
( there's gonna either be...one or two more parts ouo but wow that was bad ;^; I don't even think anyone is reading this XD BUT WHATEVER •^• )

Part 3
--> part 2 is the picture before this --->
The whole comic is longer but I only saved some of it ^__^

Part 2
---> part 1 is the picture before this --->

Hanji, you caught the flowers! You're gonna get married next ^U^
And look at Mikasa in the background XD
Poor her ;^; she wanted the flowers >^<
And that person who said "who's she gonna marry? Titans?" t(*^*t) no, she gonna marry Levi, of course +^+

~|Lets get married someday...|~ Hanji sits at her desk, working on her reports. She freezes every once and awhile, then quickly jots something down. "Oi, shitty glasses." Levi, who was sitting on the couch across from her desk, says.
Hanji looks up, and raises an eyebrow. "Yeah, shorty?" She asks.

Levi goes silent for a moment, then looks Hanji right in the eye. "Let's get married someday." He mutters, showing no emotion on his face.
Hanji stares at him in shock, a small blush on her cheeks. "A..are you serious?" She whispers, her eyes wide. Levi cracks a small smile, "More serious then I have ever been." He whispers.
(Found this on tumblr and I almost fangirled to death >^< so I had to write something for it \(•-•)z #levi #hanji #levihan )

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