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Hanis Lim.  +65 // Achieving bliss.

Color coodinating with Fayzan game strong. So funny he always get mad when i called him a Mommy’s Boy but secretly clings onto me like a koala bear when he thinks nobody is watching. 😝

Tick tock, there goes the clock. If only we have the power to control time. Wouldn’t it be nice to hold precious moments like this a little bit longer?

A year ago, i was on a mission to seek inner peace but right now i’m on the roll to achieve the highest level of bliss.

Look forward to Fayzan’s phone call after school every single day because there’s always something new for us to rant about. It’s only midweek and i’m counting down to the weekend so we can spend more quality time together (obviously doing revision or homework doesn’t count). 😝

Dear self, expect nothing and you’ll feel more at ease. What you’ve seen or even heard are nothing but repetitive scenarios because whenever things happen, you always wish and hope with all your might that it’d be different. So stop, let it all go and never dwell on things that are not worthy. You only have one shot in life and this is it. With God’s willing, may He ease my journey.

Blessed to have another weekend well-spent with beloved family. Time to wash up and hit the sheets in this lovely cold weather! 💫

Obviously zero mood on a Monday. I might as well have a “Don’t disturb” signage on the front and back of my dress.

Grow hair grow. Don’t take too long now. 🌺

Back at it again with my little bestfriend and buddy for life. ♥️

Here’s to the strongest woman i’ve come to know since we were still this two cheeky teens having sleepovers and bitching about boys, etc.. Fast forward to more than ten years later, i’ve seen how you’ve endured whatever circumstances thrown at you with such grace and i truly feel honoured to see you living at your peak now as well. Patience is indeed a virtue and for that, you’re blessed with a humble beginning together with Adam. Remember to be good to each other. Enjoy this new phase and may your marriage be blessed with happiness and everlasting love till Jannah. In shaa Allah amin. You deserve this happily ever after too. ♥️ #AA23ZR

Alhamdulilah syukur, my dearest homegirl’s solemnization ceremony went smoothly earlier. Here’s one shot for the road! The beautiful bride and her fellow maidens. ♥️ #AA23ZR

So, is this how we do the “Salam Sis” pose? 😝

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