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with recent events happening in america, i know this hashtag has been passed around on multiple feeds. #protecttranskids please stick up and fight against transphobia. march forwards not backwards ❣️

hva interessant er alle de parallel universes, hvordan alle at kan skje vil.

shutup, i love ya! ur my best friend

ive been forgetting to post because my life is in shambles

its not about reciprocation, its just all about me!

my life is consumed by sat notes & stress over concert tickets

boys will be good humans. in a world full of hate it is important to remember that people can come together all around the world to fight for what is right. support ur fellow women and admire the ones around u

give urself a round, u dont love urself 🔪

heres a quick thought: appreciate ur friends n good films and the people who want to be in your life & be warm and smile genuinely and adore the people around u and spread love and give LOTS of hugs! dear gus, ik u havent left yet but im going to miss you and i love u babes ok?

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boys kiss boys god smiles // girls kiss girls god smiles

everything is love 🏳️‍🌈