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Hani Levi ♏️vegan🌱activist👊  "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue" . @vegansriseup

SPREAD LOVE NOT BLOOD. GO VEGAN 🌱 ❤️ protest organized by @animalactionlv

Use your mouth to kiss animals, not eat them. 💋

Their affection is timeless,Their devotion is ageless, Their love is forever ❤️ Adopt a senior dog , LOVE doesn’t keep track of years. (We adopted Saba from @cmdr_strong about 6 months ago, he’s approximately 14 years old 🐶)

A young child can tell you more about dinosaurs , than he can about an elephant or a dolphin. Captivity is unnecessary for entertainment education or any other reason.Teach your children compassion.

On Tuesday morning I went to speak against the new pet stores law that was presented at Clark county. At first I was a bit upset seeing just two people that came to speak about the law, that when presented seems like all of our elected officials fully supporting it, understanding it doesn’t hurt the current pet stores but believe it’s a step at the right direction, but after I talked and said that any law that just targets pet stores and not backyard breeders is not good enough and they actually listened,I couldn’t be happier! When I headed back to my seat they started a whole discussion agreeing that the backyard breeders need to be targeted as well and asked for more information and decided to postpone the law!! They asked for an estimate of how much it will cost to have more animal control officers and how to educate the public as well, then a new law will be presented! Hopefully it will be one that actually benefits the pets in shelters, and the city of Las Vegas that yesterday voted for the new pet store regulations, will follow with a law against backyard breeders as well. This actions just proves how important it is to go and speak for animals even if it’s just a few people since you never know what the outcome will be! Please take the time to email/call our Clark County elected officials thanking them for postponing the pet store law in order to include backyard breeders and ask them to come out with a budget for that at ccdista@ClarkCountyNV.gov
(702) 455-3500 also I want to thank my favorite girl @camillethecompassionator for being there and speak against the development of 39,000 acres in Nevada that will hurt the wildlife in those areas..

Imagine desperately needing to move, yet you were confined to a cage where you had to live in your own urine and feces, never experiencing simple pleasures beyond fear and pain.Most farm animals experience that and worse tortures. Being sentient beings, they are aware of their needs and wants, they fight for their lives to the end. At @lasvegasanimalsave we witnessing hens eating their own feces, their dead friends who didn’t make it , and we hear their screams when they’re taken into the slaughterhouse for their last horrific moment on earth. We will always be there and speak on their behalf since they have no one else. THEIR SUFFERING WILL NOT BE IGNORED. - this local slaughterhouse sell the hens dead bodies to @wholefoods where they are sold as a humanly slaughtered,free range ,organic chickens

Happy fur father day @anthony.valdivia ❤️🐶

I see so many posts about kids bullying other kids just because they are different in their appearance, it’s so wrong and as should ,many people speak against it, yet how many of those people make the connection that you don’t need to judge any being based on their looks? How many parents are outraged after their kids or someone else’s kid is being bullied for his appearance ,actually teach their children not to choose a pet for his appearance from a pet store? How many of them tell their kids,hey, let’s adopt a dog that no ones want due to his look/ disability etc, because that how it should be ,and those kids will learn not to judge anyone for his looks? This is where it starts, don’t be a hypocrite, no animals should be bought because they look cute ,while pets die in shelters just because they can’t find a home.PARENTS TEACH YOUR CHILDREN COMPASSION! *and no person or an animal should also be bullied and killed for out taste buds while there’s no need to eat animals for our survival.

The most fun you can have in Albuquerque New Mexico, is to pose with statues..

After passing the puppy mill ordinance about two years ago, where pet stores were supposed to start selling pets from shelters starting January 2018, the law was repealed this past November. A few weeks ago it was discovered that congresswoman Michele Fiore that repealed the ordinance received a “donation” in the amount of $40000 from the petland store lobbyist, along with congressmen Steve Seroka that supported the repeal (and was the deciding vote ), he received from petland store owner a donation in the amount of $10000. What a disgrace! If you work for a pet store and make commissions from selling pets and work for a corrupted owner, you should be ashamed of yourself and get a respectful job! Video from a disruption at petland last Saturday organized by @happigurl2016

THE ONLY THING WE NEED FROM ANIMALS IS FORGIVENESS.Bearing witness today with @lasvegasanimalsave at the slaughterhouse.

YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MAKE YOU AN ETHICAL PERSON, YOUR ACTIONS DO. If you speak against discrimination, violence, abuse and pro equality yet you’re not vegan, you’re a hypocrite. Be moral Be vegan 🌱 thank you @animalactionlv for organizing and @wild_likeadaydream for the pic

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