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Hani Levi ♏️vegan🌱activist👊  "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue" ~ Barry Goldwater ~


Animals are abused,sick ,locked ,separated from their families and slaughtered but your feeling get hurt is so much worse! Poor you! 🖕🏻

My project “Tour de Truth” will soon be back on the Las Vegas strip. Please share the link in my bio to my gofundme ( donations were all used, the truck was already rented 8 times each time for 2 hours😊) thank you and keep spreading the truth ❤️ *the flickering is from the iPhone camera, the message on the truck screens is very clear

Captivity Kills. Please don’t support businesses that make profit on the back of animals suffering. ANIMALS BELONG IN NATURE

Today I participated in my first bear witness event and it was beyond heart breaking.These poor souls were brought to be slaughtered in Las Vegas from California this morning. “Organic free range ducks and chickens”.Some of them already dead by now. Hear their screams! Why would you choose to hurt them when there’s no need? Make the right moral decision and go vegan 🌱. @lasvegasanimalsave

TBT to when I sneaked backstage and video the condition that the animals of the popovich pet travel show were kept , after being tipped off .I filled a USDA complaint and he got cited. I still monitor him closely. The dogs and cats are kept now in a closed room next to the show with new carriers ,the pony and goats were retired from the show after this was aired. Animals are here with us not for us. This is not entertainment!

I was really lucky to start 2018 with rescuing a chicken from a slaughter house! She somehow manage to escape the kill floor to the street and I saw a post on Facebook saying there’s a chicken outside the slaughterhouse. The place was still open yet they didn’t notice her! I drove there as fast as I can thinking they might saw her since it’s been almost an hour, but luckily they hadn’t and she was just there at the corner :) I grabbed her and ran! I named her ginger and after spending a day with her so she can relax ( she was brought to Las Vegas from California in a truck and probably watch few of her friends being slaughtered after already spending her short life crammed in a cage and her beak was burned off), I took her to a local sanctuary today where she’ll be living the rest of her now happy life, with new friends ❤️ thank you @spunky_vegan @camillethecompassionator and @brother_ricardo for all your help, and please join/follow @lasvegasanimalsave

They always look so much taller in the movies.. Happy new year 🎊

A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.
Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. In order to maximize profits, female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little-to-no recovery time between litters. Puppy mill puppies, often as young as eight weeks of age, are sold to pet shops or directly to the public over the Internet, through newspaper ads and at swap meets and flea markets. Fact: Most pet stores get their “stock” from puppy mills and other sources that raise animals in unspeakably cruel conditions, and each purchase motivates these places to breed more. If your heart is set on a puppy or kitten, animal shelters have plenty of healthy and happy young animals to choose from. ADOPT DONT SHOP * picture from a disruption at petland.

You can’t buy love But you can ADOPT IT ❤️. Say no to puppy mills and pets store 🚫

Wanna go for a ride?

Some of the vegan food we had in Cabo San Lucas 😋


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