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Happy Eid'l Fitr ❤❤❤ Alhamdulillah for everything. After all the hardships, Allah will soon grant relief. There's more and more to life that we all should be thankful for. Smile at life. Believe and trust the Ever-living. For no one is happier than those who believe in Allah.

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Eid Mubarak! 😍
Here's to sending happiness and love to all Muslims. Smile at life for happiness is contagious. Be the carrier in spreading joy. The beautiful world is seen only by optimists. Be of good cheer and expect Allah's refuge. Thank Allah of everything for indeed the way to Allah is the best way.


RAMADHAN, please please don't go!! 😢😢😢
Every Eid, I always and always have this kind of feeling. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me the chance to witness this year's Ramadhan. May Allah let us witness more and more Ramadhans to come. Every year, I always say goodbye to Ramadhan with tears unconsciously falling all over my face. That emotion of sadness though. It's all coming back to me now as I read my farewell sentiments to Ramadhan last year:

Farewell to our beloved guest, oh our dearest Ramadhan. 😢

Tears fell our eyes as we realize that you are ready to go. The time has gone by so quickly. It feels like just the other day that we welcomed you into our homes, into our lives. You brought with you the Qur'an, the Taraweeh, the Siyam, and the peace & tranquility. When you came, our bodies were starved, but our souls were filled. Most importantly, you brought with you a night which is better than a thousand months, you brought with you a gift which is so great that only on the Day of Judgement will we truly know its value.

Oh Ramadhan, how we hope and pray that we have gained maximum benefit from you. How we hope and pray that we did not waste our time on things other than the gifts that came from you. How we hope and pray that we have been forgiven during our time with you. Most of all, we hope and pray that on the day we will meet our Lord, our time with you will causes us to smile. Oh Ramadhan, you brought with you love and unity between the people of this Ummah. Because of you, our noble guest, we strived hard to help one another, to guide one another, to show kindness to one another and to love one another simply because we share the Kalimah of LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAH.
Oh Ramadhan, this Ummah will surely miss you! We hope and pray that this love and unity in this Ummah will continue and grow from strength to strength after you have gone.

Al Widaa Ya Ramadhan, may we meet again next year, in shaa Allah. 🙏


I could do miles and miles of afternoon walk everyday if I have these for a reward afterwards. 😍 Two sweets for me since I'm eating for two now.

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Afternoon walk. 👣


May 23, 2017
The start of Marawi City siege. Been one month since I'm away from the hometown I grew up in and the place I always call home. I am excruciatingly longing for that home. In shaa Allah, if Allah so will, our home Marawi City will rise against those who are wrecking havoc and terror in it. Very very soooooooooon! I really miss you, Marawi City. Wherever my feet may take me, I will always long for you. For indeed you are my haven. You are my home and home is where the heart is. In Allah's name, LOVE will prevail and HATE shall be defeated.

To all fellow Muslims in Marawi and those Muslims all around the world, let us be strong and trust Allah. For we are not broken, we are just being bent and being tested by Allah. Indeed, the more you are tested, the more Allah loves you. In shaa Allah, Allah's refuge is near. ❤❤❤ [Perhaps you may dislike something which is good for you, and like something which is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not. (2:216)] #BeStrongMarawi
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Cinephile be like ❤
Watching power point movie at home. 🎥

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My sweet escape🍫🍫
Can't get enough of you.
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Rereading YOU CAN BE THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD for the nth times. MashaaALLAH! This book is overloaded with such beautiful thoughts. I had this book for almost 3 years and it always inspires me. ❤Yes to your beautiful smile that sends a message of warmth & friendliness to others. ❤Yes to your kind words that establish friendships as permitted in Islam & dispel rancour. ❤Yes to acceptable charity that brings happiness to the poor & feeds the hungry. ❤Yes to sitting with the Qur'an, reciting it, pondering its meanings & acting upon them, and repenting & seeking forgiveness. ❤Yes to remembering Allah a great deal & praying for forgiveness, persisting in dua & offering sincere repentance. ❤Yes to raising your children in Islam, teaching them the Sunnah & guiding them to that which will benefit them. ❤Yes to modesty & hijab as enjoined by Allah, which is the means of self-protection. ❤Yes to the friendship of good women who fear Allah, love Islam & respect high values. ❤Yes to honouring one's parents, upholding ties of kinship, honouring one's neighbours & caring for orphans. ❤Yes to reading useful, interesting and beneficial books.

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