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Hang  NJ/NYC 💌hwlfman@yahoo.com


I've been trying to think of a caption for this selfie but it's just a selfie lmao what else can u caption it

We attract what we put out. Do good and good will always come back to us.

Serving looks and ice cream

Love your buns

On the days when you find it hard to lift yourself up, have your walls remind you of how great you are. I filled up my work/vanity space with @desenio's posters to keep the positive vibe going everyday 🌿 (Use "hang25" for 25% off their posters. Valid Today - May 25th)

Vibrant like my soul

Can we start a kdrama thread on this post? Let's list our fav dramas so we can refer to these when trying to find a new one to watch 🤗

Whooooo is this nerd 🦉

I have so many pics from this day but it was the happiest I've been in a while. Love u sis

Painting your nails by yourself is a skill that I have zero mastery in. Bless @impressmanicure for making a press on gel mani that’s so easy to apply. Not only do they look beautiful but they are super reliable too. #imPRESSmoments #ad

Got that home cooked meal glow 😇 hope everyone has been enjoying their day. 2-piece set from @nunbangkok

Do u ever run into old relatives that throw shade like "wow u r so pretty now. u used to be so ugly." it's true but damn lol

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