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πŸ“LDN. Warning :Painfully Blunt  1β˜… For all mankind, shut down 2β˜… F*ck off, really 3β˜… Mediocre.. at best πŸ™„ 4β˜… Almost f*cking nailed it 5β˜… Orgasmic

In a nutshell : Perfect Pre Party
Must have : Its not about the food
Avoid : Expecting traditional authentic food
Notes : If it's your dates first time there, πŸ’―chance of getting laid πŸ’
Picture : Pumpkin Tofu

In a nutshell : Disappointed at @theworlds50best Best : Lobster with Shitake
Worst : Lack of engagement and excitement in staff
Notes : Boring & slow. Staff needs to be given an electric charge πŸ”Œ Good food but just no where close to being in the @theworlds50best Picture : Eggs with truffle

In a nutshell : Lower end,wannabe @frenchiecoventgarden Must have : Is there even one ? πŸ™„
Avoid : Lardo with caramelised walnuts.
Notes : Needs more acid, seasoning and balance. However, great atmosphere.
Picture : Artichoke, buttermilk and coconut

In a nutshell : Good Indian grill but with a lack of finesse.
Must have : Keema naan & Halwa desert
Avoid : Soggy IPA squid; Crispy Lamb chop is 50% fat
Notes : You won't be disappointed but it's just not good enough. Dry as a desert tandoor chicken. How can it be crispy chicken if half of it is not rendered fat?
Picture : Dexter-dripping keema naan 😍

In a nutshell : Too aggressive and unbalanced flavours.
Must have : Bhel Puri
Avoid : Butter Crab, makes your throat itch
Notes : Hoppers, Gunpowder, Dishoom are miles superior. Cuisine this complex requires balance over creativity πŸ™πŸΌ
Picture : Samphire Pakora πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

In a nutshell : Rude staff, bleah vibe, punchless and lost food
To be excited for : The bread and The venison & bone marrow tartar, potato ice cream and caviar
Dread this one : The sweetbread
Notes : Unimpressive, get the shorter menu - don't extend your boredom
Picture : Pigeon with beets

β˜…β˜…β˜… 1/2
In a nutshell : Exactly what it promises - fantastic home food
Must have : Chilli rolls & any sharing platter πŸ™Œ
Avoid : Ordering extra dishes with your sharing platter
Notes : Great value for buck, just remember to ask the waiter how to eat before digging in
Picture : Eritrean heaven πŸ’―

In a nutshell : More of a grill than a taqueria
Must have : Grilled goat & Deep dish cookie dessert
Avoid : Beef fat tacos
Notes : Get 100g of everything, go after 9pm
Picture : Carnivorous πŸ–

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… (burrata & pizza)
β˜…β˜… (the rest of the menu)
In a nutshell : Burrata and pizza heaven
Must have : Burrata pizza
Avoid : Everything but the burrata and pizza
Notes : Don't let the empty seats deceive you
Picture : Calzone

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