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Snippet of my talk at @tedxrobina about my final work at @rcaied A huge thank you to @tunteeya.yamaoka for making this happen, @felipe_goto for my customized dress, fashion designer @l.arca.l and IEDers @barneykass and @katrin__ho and Kumi Oda for being my amazing collaborators for this project to happen. Not to forget @thibautevrard and @teddictive for always being so emotionally and physically helpful to make this installation happen! Also @welshtomdotcom for pushing me to create this labyrinth and picking me up when you saw I needed it. #rca #ied #tedxtalks #tedxrobina #australia #japan #uk #tck #design #unknow #kenyahara #imagination


A huge thank you to every single person that made @tedxrobina happen. A huge thank you to @tunteeya.yamaoka and Tanja who showed me how powerful women can be! Thank you to @felipe_goto for his talent and designing and producing my dress all in one day. The support before and after the talk has been incredible and more than I could have ever dreamed of. Many lessons learned, many tears and laughs, and there was so much love. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this stage and I hope I was able to motivate someone to creatively change the way we understand, exchange and gain new and real information through design, by having the courage to “unknow” something. Love you all.

Very interesting talk on technology by Arina Tsukada, @nosigner Eisuke Tachikawa and Tsukasa Takenaka. Made me think of a lot of things, back to decomputation classes and its connection to evolutionary thinking, and the strength we have as human beings of the ability to imagine. So glad I got to hear this before my talk! @designart_tokyo

Thank you @tedxrobina ! See you soon.

#Repost @tedxrobina ・・・
“Creative change is being able to imagine beyond what you think you already know, that will ultimately lead you to discover something completely new and real. Experiencing design can create this bridge without a language barrier, connecting us universally on an emotional level.”- Hangna Koh, Experience Designer #ted #tedtalks #tedxtalks #tedxrobina #design #innovation #tck #identity #culture

FBI ‘ing the shit out of PR 👩🏻‍✈️ photo by my fav @lee_ni_yen y’all follow @nosigner

Too many goodbyes its getting stupid but everything happens not for a reason but because time will tell.

I reckon its real rare to find someone you find a close friend after a short amount of time but this girl @an_emie has got me in tears after sayin goodbye. See you soon hopefully girl ❤️

Last vid: How I make sure my models are okay on shoot. Crawl next to them, ask if theyre okay. Hungry? *laughs and does nothing* JKSSS. 😈voice VS 😇voice

Mum and her illustrations of our beloved dog. Thank you for always being so freakin supportive. Love you!

H <> T : English • T <> Y : Korean • Y <> H : Japanese 🤯 @teddictive @yaha_kim

She approves 👩🏻‍🎓

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