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Ken  No kooks

Baja gas station. Photo and road trip with @richgerace 2013

#hotsnakes cover boy Gar Wood just can’t stay out of the tube. Late summer 2015 on a Santa Ana morning. One of Gars once every 5-year sessions. The man is truly talented. As a kid watching him surf, fish play guitar and just going about his business, Gar and his brother Ron were always the coolest people to everyone. Also, Go buy the new @hotsnakesband album Jehrico Sirens, it’s incredible.

@74_cuda at WIndansea going on a bomber a couple years ago. Spring is almost here.

Some kid of mine just got accepted to UC Santa Cruz! Tonight we celebrate! Love you @fruit.flavors

Dad shit.

San Diego was once a soulful little town filled with businesses that were cherished by locals. Did you know the idea for the Ironman started at a bar in Pacific Beach? Fact. #tugstavern

First it was surf kayaks making the line up more dangerous. Then came the windsurfers, the softboard hoards, kite boarders, SUP’ers and now surf foils. The one constant should be: pursue your dangerous ocean activities away from the crowds at any spot.

Baby girl isn’t feeling good. She must have got a splinter or cracked a tooth. She’s drooling, glands are swollen and she’s lethargic. Vet gave some meds but I haven’t seen a change yet. Poor kid. #bulathedog

Some of the accidental photos become favorites over time. This one had me for lunch. Two inches of water and 6 foot triple up = hammertime.

Ice cave. La Jolla Ca 2016

Gar Wood - John Reis. Who knew that growing up in Pacific Beach in the 1980s surfing and skateboarding as latch key kids that two of the guys we surf d with and watched in the best house party bands would become some of San Diego’s most respected musicians? We were all just beach rat kids trying to find our way through school and home life that was less than ideal. Proud to see them still succeeding with their unique and original angle on music all these years later. #hotsnakes #subpoprecords @hotsnakesband

Women's day. I have two young ones. A dog one. A mom one, an ex-one and a current one. I have dear friend ones, co-worker ones, teacher ones, fetish wrestler ones and yoga teacher ones.
You are the ones who actually control the world with your charm, brains, beauty and sexy.
How you deal with all of us idiot men is just amazing, you're so much better than us. Enjoy your day. #internationalwomensday

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