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HG Life Coaching  You are either fighting for your dreams or fighting for your excuses. We help you fight for your dream. 👏 NEW BLOG: How our secrets our killing us ⬇️

Truth is: we all have secrets. But these secrets we are holding onto are damaging ALL of our relationships. And the worst damage that’s done is to ourselves. Ask yourself - why am I keeping secrets? Is it to protect someone? Is it because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? Secrets create barriers. Let’s break down these barriers with the help of this week’s blog: [ link in bio ]

Love ain't easy. Let’s talk about it. NYC! @thevoid_nyc is hosting a conversation on love, sex, and relationships with @elizabeth.huntsman (creative executive at @bumble) and our very own @laurenzander22 TOMORROW! RSVP for this FREE event with the link in our bio! (Space is limited).

How would you feel if someone constantly talked down to you? Find out where you are as a parent, friend, or colleague on our 1 vs. 2 scale. We dive into this new coaching in this week’s blog: [ link in bio ]

Does anyone else ever just type “k” to make someone take notice? Time to quit the bulls*&% and learn how to speak to others as equals. Read this week’s blog to find out how to spark the change: [ link in bio ]

Did you ever notice that who you are often changes depending on who you’re with: your boss, your parents, your kids, or your partner? Ready to dig deeper into sorting through these versions of yourself? Check out this week’s blog: [ link in bio ]

Who’s joining us at The Feel Good Summit in June?!
HG co-founder and Chairwoman Lauren Zander will join other thought leaders and teachers at the Feel Good Summit, hosted by @markhymanmd. Her masterclass, Design Your Life, Face Your Fears will teach you to dream in more areas of your life than you ever let yourself imagine, offer tools to help manage your mind, and show you the secret sauce to happiness.
Register now! link in bio!

Are you the type of person that can make another person feel inferior just by opening your mouth? What if we told you that you can change the way you talk to people and still be a leader? Try some new coaching from our fearless HGC President, Beth Weissenberger: [ link in bio ]

TODAY! Lauren Zander will be LIVE on Facebook with the one and only @markhymanmd! Mark is a family physician, an eight-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in his field. Tune in on Mark Hyman’s FB page as these two discuss epigenetics and our emotional DNA!

❗ NEW COACHING ALERT❗ “You see, there truly is a state that we live in in which we are either being a 1 or a 2 with how we are in the world, see the world, and interact with others.” HGC President, Beth Weissenberger breaks down what it really means to be a #1 in life in this week’s blog: #linkinbio

Do you notice when you tell your life story that you talk as if you have NOTHING to do with it? Like you are not in control of what happens (or doesn't happen!) to you. So who IS in charge? (Spoiler alert: you.). “If we believe that we have nothing to do with what works or doesn’t work in our lives, we don’t have to do anything about it.” ← Why we really act like we are not in control. Read this week’s blog to learn how to write your autobiography: [ link in bio ]

Giving thanks is a first step to honoring your lineage, and @elenabrower offers hers masterfully in this beautiful thank you letter to her mother: #linkinbio

“The reason we prefer sad stories to the great and powerful ones is way sneakier than than it is tragically sad. If we really had to write a bio that claimed we were amazing, we’d have to be responsible for being amazing again, again, and again.” HG Senior Coach, Marnie Handel Nir shows us how to rewrite our negative narrative in this week’s blog: #linkinbio

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